DisplayPort from Thinkpad x250 to external Philips HDMI Not Working

Sep 17, 2018

I have a 2+ year old Thinkpad x250 which I've connected to an external Philips 24" monitor, using a VGA to HDMI cable - VGA from the laptop to a HDMI port on the Philips. This connection is used purely as an extender from my laptop.

This has been working perfectly till last week when I decided to replace the VGA-HDMI cable with a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI version. I thought I might as well utilise the DisplayPort on my laptop since it's there.

When the 2 devices were connected, the Philips couldn't be detected even with Display Settings on Windows 10. I had to reinstall the monitor drivers and reboot, then all was good - till I shut the lid on my x250. Upon opening up the lid, the Philips had disappeared from the extender profile and I had to repeat the setup process to get it to be detected again.

Though this was really inconvenient, I put up with this for 2 more days before this whole process failed permanently. Nothing I did could get the Philips detected. What was more surprising was that going back to the old VGA-HDMI cable now didn't work either. I repeated this whole cabling circus act with another good monitor and got nothing as well. The only connection that would work now is a VGA-VGA cable and I'm in a worse (video) position than when I first bought my x250!

I'm hoping someone out there may have seen this before and can give me some clues with troubleshooting. Thanks for whatever advice you can give me.


Oct 16, 2017
What happens when you hold sown the windows key and press P a few times, does it cycle through a couple options like duplicate screen or extend desktop etc?
Sep 17, 2018

Yes, I do get a list of options to choose what I would like to do with the projection. On my Thinkpad x250, I use the F7 function key to do that. It doesn't matter which option I choose - I can't get the external monitor to be recognised.
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