Solved! I need a 2in1 laptop for typing documents


Sep 5, 2015
I know this is a bit long, but I did my best to answer all the questions from the sticky'ed post.

I’m typing a novel which I need a 2in1 laptop for, which I’ll be loading Microsoft Word on to. This will be my secondary method of typing my story for when I’m away from my main computer in my apartment. I need one with a responsive keyboard and functional screen. I bought a used tablet last year, with a keyboard that attached through Bluetooth and the keyboard lag was terrible, and after 3 months half the screen stopped working.

Since this will just be used as my secondary method for typing, it doesn’t need much storage space, only about 64GB or so. Though a 2in1 that is small and portable are definitely nice, about a 12 inch screen with 1920x1080 would be equally nice. As I mentioned Microsoft Word will be the primary app, though being able to watch some Youtube videos and occasionally playing a game such as GTA San Andreas from the Google Play Store would be a bonus, but not necessary.

Having the 2in1 so that I can type or lean back while holding it to proof read what I’ve written. My budget caps at $900 USD, which appears to be the mid range with laptops. I’d like it to have at least one USB slot, so I can transfer documents and files through USB drive as I’m not very fond of cloud storage. (That’s weird, I know). Other aspects, about a 10 hour battery life would be nice and I’d like the laptop to last a few years at least, longer would be great.

Also I live in Michigan and I’m not too picky about the brands or where I get from, as long as it’s a reputable brand from an equally reputable company. I’m not a fan of Dell, while my tablet last year was by Google which I’ve read a lot of horror stories about from others.

I think that about summaries my specs. One last thing to mention, I did look at the sister site but that left me with more questions. So I wanted to ask for recommendations here.



If you want to use the google play store, get a Chromebook.

I bought my daughter a Chromebook Plus or Pro and it's is a good device, nice screen, nice construction. Only catch is that games will be limited to what is available in the Play store, nothing made only for Windows. Probably not a big loss to you from the sound of things though.

There are models with USB C and standard USB ports, those may be the ones to check on if you want to use normal USB flash drives for storage.

I got mine used for a bit over $200 but at $500 for a good quality convertable system it's not too bad of a price new. the Samsung ones are probably the best models to get outside of the Google Pixel, but the Pixel is a lot more money.
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