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  1. sakib1022

    Question MacBook Air 2017 vs MacBook Pro 2015: Which one to choose?

    I want to buy my first MacBook. Currently, I am on a tight budget. 2 MacBooks are in my range. One is MacBook Air 2017 i5 13inch vs MacBook Pro 2015 i5 13 inch. I am an undergrad computer science student. I primarily need a laptop for programming. Which one would be a wiser choice overall?
  2. haoumalik

    Question Need help finding a solution to this exercise. please

    Write a C program which performs the multiplication of a single -dimensional array by a given value alpha (an integer) and returns the average value of the resulting array. The array's size and its integer elements as well as alpha are provided by a user via the keyboard. The initial array. the...
  3. L

    Solved! How do I program my Genie Direct Tv remote to operate my new Element Tv? I just need the code

    Remote programming. I need the code to program my Genine Direct TV remote in order to operate my Element Tv
  4. B

    Solved! Laptop for engineering (help)

    Hello! So im studying mechatronics engineering and i use programs like solidworks, autocad, etc. i do some programming and of course, excel, word and more. Ive read a lot and for what i see the things i need for a laptop i will be using for years is i7 (more of the hq or h type. ive seen that...
  5. J

    Solved! Is the Dell Latitude 7490 any good?

    Hi, I need a laptop since I'm going to be studying Computer Science in a while. I got a very good deal on the Dell Latitude 7490, here are it's exact specs: Intel Kaby Lake R Core i7-8650U Quad Core 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM 512GB M.2 PCI-e SSD 14" FHD IPS Display Intel HD 620 Graphics Backlit...
  6. V

    Solved! Lenovo Flex 3 or HP Notebook - 14s-cf0012tx

    My company wanna buy me a laptop, which one is better for programming while also can used for gaming? hp notebook 14s have this specification: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor (1.8 GHz base frequency, up to 4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 8 MB cache, 4 cores) Windows 10 Home Single...
  7. T

    Solved! What laptop for programming and maybe gaming

    Hi! So, since I am in computing school, there is lots of programming. I also like to play games. Though I do have a PC with GTX 1070 and i5 2400, I need a portable PC, that I can bring to school. So I was thinking about buying HP Omen (2018) 15" with 1050. What do you guys think about it and...
  8. C

    Laptop for programming in latest unreal engine

    I'm looking to get into programming in the latest Unreal Engine. My current laptop does not have a graphics card that can support. Things I'm looking for in a laptop 1. Video card that can support Unreal Engine 2. At least 17" screen 3. SSD 4. Backlit Keyboard 5. Mechanical Keyboard I'd like...
  9. Y

    Choosing between Dell XPS 13 or HP ENVY x360

    Hey guys, just needed some help on choosing between Dell XPS 13 9360 or HP ENVY x360. Im a computer science student so was wondering to get a laptop that would last me for 3-4 years. I was planning to buy the dell second hand for £550 or get the HP for £650 brand new. The specs for the dell...
  10. H

    laptop for software development for less than 700

    Hi, could you recommend a laptop for programming in different programming languages? with these characteristics as much as possible ■ minimum 8 GB RAM ■ portable ■ intel core i5 or ryzen 5 ■ storage ssd I will not play games. I'll buy it at Best Buy. I found these models are good...
  11. V

    Solved! Laptop with i5 5200u or i7 3520m?

    Hello! I want to buy a laptop mainly for programming. I will also like to watch videos and browse smoothly and play games (like cs and not so high end games). So here are the laptops I am trying to compare: 1. HP EliteBook 2570p Intel i7 3520M 2,9GHz (up to 3.6), 4MB Cache Intel HD Graphics 4000...
  12. J

    Solved! Is this laptop good enough for schoolwork and programming?

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of buying this laptop to take to school and to use for programming when I am away from my main PC. However, I am slightly concerned about the components and if they will hold up. The SSD is only 128GB and I'm not sure if there is another slot to add an additional HDD...
  13. O

    Advice Needed: Buying a Laptop

    Hello poeple, Lets have a discussion :) So I need to buy a laptop for uni. I was hoping someone could give me some advice? Min Specs are: an SSD, 8gbRam and an i5 This is what I have found...
  14. J

    Solved! 13.3 in Laptop for programming student carrying an external 15.6 in monitor

    Hi, I am a computergame development student and I'm out for a new laptop and I'd like some advice. I have found an HP ENVY 13-ah0015 (Intel Core i7-8550U, 13.3 in FHD screen, 512 GB SSD, 8 GB LPDDR3-2133 SDRAM, Intel UHD Graphics 620, very lightweight@1.3kg and good battery life). I'm also...
  15. L

    Solved! Laptop recommendation for programming?

    Hi all, I am planning to teach myself web development and I will be starting a masters degree which would include some java and python programming (as per module descriptions). I believe there will be no graphics intensive tasks I would need to do. Hence, I am considering buying a mid-range...
  16. M

    Solved! nested switch case example in c programming (please help)

    Write a C code that ask the user to enter his ID, if the ID is valid it will ask the user to enter his password, if the password is correct the program will print the user name, if the password is incorrect the program will print Incorrect Password. In case of not existing ID, the program will...
  17. T

    Laptop for Gaming & Programming?

    ey Guys thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your time. I started my university in September and studying Computer Science. I am looking to purchase a Laptop but not sure what exactly to look for. If you could point out some laptops which are great for gaming and programming would be...
  18. J

    Solved! I cant decide which one to buy

    Hello, I'm gonna buy a Laptop for my daily stuff and also a bit programming, with Microsoft Visual Studio, and cant decide between 2 Laptops. -Hp Envy 13 -Asus Zenbook S...
  19. A

    Solved! HTML/CSS problem, Can someone find my mistake?

    I have just began coding in HTML and I am getting ready for my first exam but I have already found a problem. I can not align side div to the left side, two divs are acting as one even tho I have chosen different classes. Also I do not now how to move up Contacts and About tab a bit. Here it is...
  20. F

    Room Management Software (Programming Changes)

    Hello geniuses, My main area of expertise is in Networking and Hardware Support so I’ve never been much of a coder or programmer. I’m trying to get some insight on how involved of a project I’m facing in hopes to help one of my friends out with his hotel business. Here’s what I have – A very...
  21. W

    Solved! They have a Philips model number dvp3962 / 37 DVD player and remote en-31607e how can I

    Programming my DVD player with an elite remote for my TV that I have for my TV to use it for both model number on my Philips DVD player is a DVP 3692 - 37 and the amount of her my remote control for my Andis is a en-31607e how do I do this please tell me as soon as possible cuz I needed to do...
  22. D

    Laptop isn't using my gtx 950m

    Hello guys, I've a problem, which has wasted my day :( I want play last chaos with my gtx 950m but my laptop is always talking my intel hd 530m. I did try everything, and couldn't find a solution, yet. Everything on this...
  23. N

    Is macbook pro good for coding and programming?

    is macbook pro good enough for coding and programing?
  24. F

    Good budget laptop for college programming?

    My budget is roughly <350$. I want a reliable laptop that would be good for programming. Gaming on it doesn’t matter for me I want it to be mainly focused on programming.
  25. J

    Steps for emements remote to work Phillips Blu ray

    Needs steps for programming elements remote to Phillips Blu Ray
  26. J

    Digital TV and internet content

    Have a MOHU antennae and have programming to select. As for internet access... What additional programming can be had if the television has an internet connection? Paid and free. Guidance sought
  27. B

    is Acer Swift 3 Ryzen 5 any good for gaming?

    I'm looking for a laptop for around £500-£700 for college, programming and gaming and I found the Acer Swift 3 Ryzen 5 for £649. I don't expect it to run the latest AAA games at max, I have a PC for that, but I would like to know what games this laptop would be able to run and if there are any...
  28. S

    Is this processor good for programming on a laptop?

    The Processor is Intel Core i3-5005U 4th Gen 2.0Ghz. i'd mainly be using C# and java
  29. R

    Proprietary tablet programming

    Have a Android tablet that is blocked from accessing wifi...can't transfer files from my sd card unless it's from an sd card bought from the provider of the can I bypass this or unlock it?
  30. E

    Need advice about virtual machines

    I just purchased a laptop with the following specs: IPS FHD GTX 1060 6GB VRAM i7-8750H 2.2 GHz base speed on 6 cores 16 GB DDR4 Memory 256 GB SSD + 2 TB 5400 rpm HDD Windows 10 Pro I got it for my Computer Information System classes, specifically to run multiple virtual machines, running...
  31. S

    Good laptops for programming

    Good lap for programming
  32. L

    Wich laptop suites me!

    Hello, I am searching cheap laptop for: 1- browsing 2- watching movie. (720p) 3- programming ( only) Preferred HP or dell ( any other recommend are welcome ) 2nd or 3rd ,and would that affect ? Or make a difference to me ? Although I got dell e6440 4th gen, 8 gb ram Guide me...
  33. H

    Thinkpad E480 vs. ProBook 440 G5

    I started my ICT studies at University and I need a laptop for programming (C,C++, Javascript) and basic school stuff. I've already picked two laptops which have everything I want but I can't decide because I've no experience in Lenovo or HP laptops. Both are 900 euros, 3 year warranty, 8gb DDR4...
  34. ExtreamChaozZ

    C++ Coding Help

    Hiya, I have been having trouble trying to work this error out, im not very good at programming so any advice would be great. The error occurred due to me merging scripts for the witcher 3 as im modding it. I fixed all other errors that popped up with a script merger but this last error has...
  35. A

    Why does C not have run time errors?

    Disclaimer: I am a total noob in C, and don't have all too much experience in computer science in general (about 1 year). I come from a background in Java and Python, and when I started learning C, I noticed something I found odd. Why does C not give run time errors, even if I intentionally add...
  36. R

    Need New Laptop

    [Moderator note: moved post to Laptop General Discussion.] So I previously owned a very powerful laptop that clocked at like 4.0 and had an nvidia gpu etc. but sadly it was very old and just stopped working, pretty sure the motherboard is fried. So I am in need of a new cheap laptop, maybe even...
  37. tworaccoons

    Laptop display choice for reading, programming, graphic design

    [Moderator note: moved post to Laptop General Discussion.] I usually build my desktops, but can't do this for a laptop. So i'm looking at new laptop for travel. Best price gives a choice between 1920 x 1080 @ 120hz versus 3840 x 2160 @ 60 hz, what's better for reading, programming & graphic...
  38. F

    No remote Bravia TV programming setup freezes

    This is what i encounter when turnng on a bravia 46ex500 tv. no remote using controls on tv. Solid red standby light I press power,light turns green no blinks for code stays solid.I try setup buttons unresponsive now all buttons dead and will not turn off must remove power at wall socket... Must...
  39. A

    how to convert alphabts to numbers

    Ex: input is black A=1,b=2-----------z=26 so by these values if b=2 l=12then their difference 10 so means j should printed between b and l. The output should be bjkabcgk
  40. A

    Looking for a new laptop

    I'm looking for a laptop to take to university for programming/video editing/photo editing(Photoshop)/3D Rendering (Blender) and an amazing display for watching movies/YouTube videos my budget is 2,400$
  41. M

    Reading game files through notepad is commonly impossible, why?

    You know, you got the newest game, and you are curious how the code looks like, and you use notepad to check out the game files, but then you see huge characters saying "NULL NULL NULL" in a weird font in black. I'v always though it's encryption, or it's just compiled. But, is there anyway to...
  42. L

    Hello guys im new to coding with a question thats been bugging me

    How would I make php work in a 1 page website?
  43. M

    Solved! choosing midrange Windows laptop for running physics simulations, touch screen for notetaking, and in-system programming

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy a decent affordable and portable PC laptop for running Matlab/python simulations, some multitasking, and programming simple embedded systems. My biggest concerns are battery life, processing speed, and the ability to take touchscreen notes on the fly in Onenote...
  44. woahwoahwilly

    Programming: Which engine should I use? (UE4/SOURCE/UNITY)

    I am 13 years old, and handling 3 games. One i already now what engine to use, but the other I need to figure out. Which engine should I use for programming? I don't know much on programming (not at all actually) but I know a friend who does know a lot and was willing to help. Games in detail...
  45. A

    Help with school project (netbeans)

    So i'm being forced to take a class of programming in school idk why but I am. Thing is that even if I don't like it I still know how to do everything we've seen and have been getting good grades until now that we got a project coming up and I've tried with what we've seen in classes but I don't...
  46. H

    which one is better if I want to do mild games like csgo and fortnite pubg , and mainly amateur programming

    . or...
  47. T

    What is the best daily routine to learn C#?

    besides that i want to know: -what is a good book for a beginner -the time it will take me i also have some more questions: -what kind of programs can i make in c#? -can i make remote controlled stuff in c#? i thought about this: downloading a max 140 lines of code program and messing with...
  48. A

    How to use a Java library?

    So I got into Java and I know all the stuff about classes, interfaces, methods, abstract methods, modifiers, control statements, variables, etc. I got IntelliJ and started a new project to test out and explore LWJGL and how to use it. I downloaded the library, and copied and pasted the sample...
  49. A

    Java string declarations

    Just out of curiosity, why can we declare Strings in Java like: String str = "Cake"; If String is a class, and to make an object with all other classes we need to write something like: Object muffin = new Object();
  50. B

    Programming Hot Keys

    I just got a Windows 10 Asus Zen AiO. How do I program hot keys on the wireless Asus MD-5110 keyboard? Example, F10 can mute sound when pressed with the FN key. I want to add Calculator to F9 (which doesn't have a symbol on it). How do I do that?
  51. A

    What can you do with Java I/O library?

    So I'm reading a book on Java, and I'm stuck on the Chapter about IO. So I understand that Java was two streams; the character and byte stream, but I don't understand when to use character stream and when to use byte streams. Also, what if I wanted to make a Java program what can process...
  52. A

    What do programmers learn during the career?

    I'm trying to learn computer programming so I can get a job in the industry when I'm older. I was looking at Java's version history, and so many thing have changed over the years. Do programmers have to relearn stuff everytime a new version comes out? Could you have to relearn a language...
  53. B

    Low budget gaming Loptop

    Hey guys I am looking for a cheao gaming loptop and i found one but i don't know how it will perform then i need you to guide me through this. at first i need to run android studio fluently because my current loptop which is surface 3 can't even run it and i really want that at first then i want...
  54. G

    Help me choose a laptop for everyday usage

    Greetings all! I am enrolling at a programming college at the end of the summer. I need a new laptop. It will be used mostly for internet browsing, some coding (the most intense app will be probably android studio), and some light graphics design (photoshop, illustrator). I thought about...
  55. Shlutka

    Need a ~$500 Laptop for Solidworks

    The laptop will be used almost exclusively for solidworks, programming (eclipse), and browsing the internet. Needs: SSD, 1080p Display. Looking for the best bang/buck option in terms of speed. Thanks! Update: Found this, wondering what you guys think Assuming this is my best option, should...
  56. N

    Laptop recommendation for programming

    Hey everyone Looking for advice on a laptop. Trying to teach myself programming in Python & r. Looking for a powerful enough laptop to make the experience buttery smooth. Hoping to spend around $2000. Am in Canada, so that's Canadian dollars. Besides performance, smaller and lighter is...
  57. S

    What news/sports programming can I get on my smart tv

    I want to drop expensive cable tv. TOO much I don't use. I want Fox News and some sports. What can I get on my smart tv with just my wireless internet connections.
  58. L

    Could you please help me write a cpp code for an assignment I have in school for juice

    It's for a program I had to write which is calculating the total cost of juice orders ... Apple($4)pineapple($6) and orange juice ($8)with extra ice if needed by customers ($1)
  59. B

    How do I replace two a's in a string with an '*'

    Hey guys so for my assignment I have to replace two a's with an '*' from a string of unknown input length in C. The challenge is I am only allowed to use the getchar() and the putchar() function. With an array it would have been easier but I am not even allowed to use that. I am just allowed to...
  60. E

    (form filled) Chromebook under 300CAD with specs that can run android studio

    *not looking to run the emulator 1.) Budget - 300CAD tax not included 2.) Size - 13inch max 3.) Resolution - not a priority 4.) Portable or Desktop Replacement - Portable 5.) Battery life - 3hours minimum? 6.) Games or no games - No games 7.) Tasks - Android Studio and Web browsing 8.) Storage...