Solved! I cant decide which one to buy


Aug 26, 2015
I'm gonna buy a Laptop for my daily stuff and also a bit programming, with Microsoft Visual Studio, and cant decide between 2 Laptops.

-Hp Envy 13

-Asus Zenbook S

Difference is Hp has i7 8550U CPU and Geforce MX150 GPU and Asus has i5 8250U and UHD Graphics 620.

I heard and read that Hp support is so bad. People were advicing not to buy Hp products. But i also dont want to pay more money on a device hat has worse specs.

Will CPU and GPU make that much difference that i should buy Hp or should i go with Asus?

Many thanks in Advance :)
For just daily tasks and no gaming, nothing wrong with the ASUS. Basically what I am writing this on.

I don't do anything hugely complex, but I do have Visual Studio on here.