Nov 13, 2018
Hello poeple,
Lets have a discussion :)
So I need to buy a laptop for uni. I was hoping someone could give me some advice?
Min Specs are: an SSD, 8gbRam and an i5
This is what I have found:

What do you guys think is better? I don't care much for the touchscreen on the Yoga Laptop. (its a nice addition, but I dont think I will use it much)
So, what speaks for the Ideapad, given that it does not have the touchscreen, but still costs the same?
I cant see any differences in the spec sheets besides the touchscreen, which confuses me :p
Why does lenovo have an Ideapad Series and a Yoga Series with such similar prices and specs?
Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help!

Pricing is based on the retailer also not just Lenovo. If you want to compare prices for the models you can check with Lenovo site directly. Price does not always track with features, rebates, age of product, promotions, etc.. all affect the price.