Solved! Laptop for engineering (help)

Apr 12, 2018
So im studying mechatronics engineering and i use programs like solidworks, autocad, etc. i do some programming and of course, excel, word and more. Ive read a lot and for what i see the things i need for a laptop i will be using for years is i7 (more of the hq or h type. ive seen that the differences between those and the u type is quite much but most laptop have U), 16gb of ram (idk if 8 isnt too much or if i can just upgrade it later) 15.6'' , ssd (i rather this one because i think i can get an extra hard drive i can carry, but 1tb hdd+ssd would be perfect) and of course to be lightweight cause ill be carrying it all the time. i cant spend any more than 1200 dollars.
The thing is that i only found these
dell g3 (but is too heavy and has bad screen reviews)
asus the vivobook pro n580vd and n580gd (but ive read a lot of bad reviews about asus and has a lot of bad reviews about the screen)
lenovo ideapad 330 (but the doesnt have backlight keyboard)
lenovo ideapad 720s (this one so far is the one that has it all, even tho there are some ports missing, but is out of stock in the lenovo site)
If any of you can find any other with the specs and price i would appreciate it. if not, what do you think of these? are they any good? will they last?
Thank you in advance.