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    Solved! Laptop for engineering (help)

    Hello! So im studying mechatronics engineering and i use programs like solidworks, autocad, etc. i do some programming and of course, excel, word and more. Ive read a lot and for what i see the things i need for a laptop i will be using for years is i7 (more of the hq or h type. ive seen that...
  2. A

    Solved! 1.1 ghz for autocad 2019

    I have a laptop with 1.1 GHz pentium with 16 G DDR4, 1 TB SSD. My question is it will support autocad 2019 for only 2D. Thank you
  3. O

    How to get rid of 360 chinese program

    A few days ago, I had to download autocad for a project I had to finish at home. I had to torrent it as my company autocad was restricted on my home pc. Anyways, I downloaded a version that had lots of viruses which I was able to delete, however there was a remnant chinese program pop-up that...
  4. C

    Solved! Best Dac/Amp under $100 cad for the Ath-M40x

    I usually play first person games like csgo, overwatch, etc and listen to electronic music. With the M40x i just feel like im missing somethibg, hope you understand what I mean.
  5. K

    Specc for laptop / workstation for Cad and 3D software

    Laptop for Cad/magi CAD and revit and naviesworks 3D . What kind off specc do i need that dose not use nivida Quatro. What kind of cpu should i go for and Gpu ? Price range around 25000 K Swedish krons (2500 dollors)
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    Solved! Laptop for Revit,AutoCad, etc.

    Daughter needs a touch screen laptop. 16-32 gb ram, 6-8 gb dedicated graphic card, 15 inc. Windows,
  7. K

    Solved! Buying Laptop for Autocad/ study/ general purpose

    I am going to buy a Laptop for my niece who is a student in the Bachelor of Architecture. Buying Laptop for study/ general purpose for the Architectural student (Bachelor of Architecture) with the latest version of Auto Cad. Can anyone advise with competitive and reasonable price options, please?
  8. P

    Solved! best laptop for interior designers

    I wanna buy laptop for interior designing. Following are the softwares i am used to: 1.Auto CAD 2. 3ds Max 3.Corona Render I saw Asus ROG GL503GE-EN041T model.......and i am little bit confused on that model.......would you help me in this...should i go for this model......or any other laptops...
  9. M

    Solved! Best budget gaming laptop that I could also use for college?

    My budget is no higher than CAD$1500, and I’m looking for something that weighs below 7lbs
  10. S

    CAD Inventory Management (3D space with info on each obj)

    Okay, this is a bit problematic for me to find an answer, so I'll try to write it down as accurate as possible. I need a program that can both visualize 3D objects(including ground, walls, general objects) and can allocate some ID, information tag to it. It's a bit childish, but I want to use...
  11. R

    Looking for a Laptop for less than $400 CAD

    Hey, first time poster, and looking for some advice, I'm looking for a laptop for school stuff and streaming. Not going to be doing anything super intensive, just taking notes, light coding, maybe playing around in audacity or, browsing social media, and streaming Netflix or YouTube...
  12. A

    What is the Best Laptop Under $320?

    Hi, I am looking for the best and the thinest laptop under $400 CAD ($320 USD) with the better specs (CPU and Graphics) for this price. Thanks.
  13. A

    AutoCad 2018 Laptop Help

    AutoCad 2018 laptop, which would you choose Dell G3,HP Omen 15, Lenovo Legion Y530 All with the same configuration i7 8750H, 16Gb Ram,128ssd+1Tb HDD. 15.6" Screen ,1920 X 1080 , GTX1050Ti 4Mb Video card Any opinions????
  14. R

    Is it Possible to install CAD softwares?

    Dear all, I have the following specs for my laptop: HP Intel core I5 8 gen 8GB Ram 1TB harddisc Integrated Graphics (2 GB they say)
  15. B

    I need to find an old DELL desk top computer with Windows XP Professonal 32 bit

    I need to install my AutoCad and it requires 32 bit My old computer crashed
  16. P

    I need to know if a gaming computer's GPU will handle Inventor & cad work

    HP Elitebook 8740w Overheating
  17. O

    Is G3779-7927BLK-PUS good for CAD, rendering etc.

    I am a student learning architecture, I came upon this laptop - Dell - 17.3" Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - 1TB Hard Drive + 128GB Solid State Drive, I like the 17inch screen because I am not that much on the move, is this suitable for CAD, do I need more...
  18. B

    What is the best laptop for AutoCad (3D) and Photoshop

    What is the best laptop for AutoCad (3D) and Photoshop? I'd like to stay around $1,500-2,000 if possible
  19. S

    looking for a new portable workstation for EDA/CAD -- HP vs Dell vs Lenovo

    Looking for portable laptop that will serve as my primary workstation for Cad tools. Was looking at Dell, Lenovo, msi and hp (leaning more Dell and lonovo). Anyhow need the following: 4k display 32G ram 512G ssd 1T+ second drive I7 (latest Gen) Thunderbolt port Either 15 or 17 monitor...
  20. 7

    Looking to buy a laptop for architectural purpose

    Hi, my self Nikhil Aggarwal i am architect, please suggest me a laptop which handles autocad and some basic 3d softwares smoothly and i am also little gamer mostly i've played gta v my budget is 55-65 k indian rupees. But pls avoid that laptops which is easily gets overheated and much noisy.
  21. Chandler B

    Need Help Making Decision Regarding Laptop and College

    I need some help in my current PC situation. I am going to college next fall for engineering. I just got an Acer Predator 17 1060 as a gift. The laptop is fast enough for my gaming and 3D CAD but it is extremely heavy and bulky. I am currently weighing my options. I want to either get another...
  22. G

    3D Cad and Photoshop laptop

    Hello all. I need help. I am between these two configurations. My primary usage will be Autocad 2D - 3D, Photoshop, and beginner level 3dsMax. Maybe gaming time to time but not priority. Which one do you recommend. Option 1 = $1432 refurbished. Dell precision 7510 at Dell outlet. Processor...
  23. P

    mobile workstation or gamer workstation for CAD software?

    mobile workstation (inte xeon, nvidia quadro) or gamer workstation (general cpu and gpu) for autocad & revit? i dont need a specific answer just for most cases what is preferred.
  24. C

    Will hp probook 640 g1 will run autocad

    Hii i am planning to buy the hp probook 640 g1 for the auto cad work can anyone tell that this laptop can run auto cad software Specs for hp probook 640 g1 : Please see the specs and suggest me

    Budget Laptop for solidworks, Autodesk...and some gaming!!

    I am looking for a budget laptop which will be used for solidworks and maybe some gaming also... I am currently doing college while staying in the college hostel so pls.. don't suggest a powerful desktop-nimble laptop combo cause that's not gonna happen!!
  26. T

    I need a laptop for autocad

    This isn't for me and I'm not all that familiar with cad, but i downloaded autocad 2018 and ran the cadalyst benchmark test on my desktop (6600k/1060 6gb/16gb ram) and it seems to breeze right through with no problems even with a dozen background programs running. here's a picture of it, is...
  27. M

    Upgrade my laptop or bootcamp my mac ?

    I have an hp laptop with following specs Core i5 5200U 4 gigs tam Nvidia GT 940 m and Macbook pro 2016 with i5, 8 gigs of ram and pcie ssd 256 gigs I'm an engineering student and I have to work on softwares like solidworks, catia and ANSYS. As these softwares are not available on mac, what...
  28. D

    Solved! What are some good video cameras that I can use as webcams at home and not much else?

    the logitech c920 is at a great price right now. 100 cad. So if I explore my options I can get that. But I feel like I'd like to spend 250-350 cad on a camera so I can do some high quality youtube. Do you feel like the extra premium I'd be paying would just go to stabalization and internal...
  29. L

    Best configuration laptop

    I am looking for a laptop which needs to support softwares & working on Autocad, Lumion, Revit, Google Sketch up, photoshop, etc for studies in architecture studies
  30. C

    What can you do if sim cad say is locked

    Can you helped me about this number [removed].it sim cad say your sim cad has been locked .enter your puck to continue .contact your service provider for details
  31. T

    Help choosing Laptop

    My son bought the following laptop and didn't have a clue what he was buying, only that the price was right! At $399 CAD he felt it was a good deal as it was reduced by a $100 for boxing week sale...
  32. BlueFireZ

    Best headphones under $200 CAD?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on this site and whoa it has changed. Well, to get straight to the point, I'm basically looking for a new pair of headphones because I recently broke my M40x's, which were great and lasted me 3 solid years (I dropped them one too many times). I was...
  33. C

    MSI vs HP GTX 1060 laptops

    Hi this is my first post on here, I'm looking for a new laptop to serve my CAD needs for my course whilst also being able to play games, I have a budget of around £1200. I have narrowed my options down to the following: MSI GP72MVR 7RFX HP OMEN 17-w203na I'm mostly unsure about the trade-off...
  34. W

    Help, looking for slim laptop to be used for cad - catia v5

    Hello! I'm looking for a laptop that is relatively thin and it should be capable of running Catia V5 without any problem as that is the program I will use in my university courses. I have a budget limit at around 900 USD. I appreciate all help I can get as I have never used CAD program before...
  35. K

    Looking for a laptops (budget- $1500 to $2100)

    Hi, I am a working professional in CAD/CAM and robotics programming. I am looking for a more reliable laptop which can run software's like catia v5 r21, nx9, mastercam 2018, Inropa 2.0 etc. I am not a person who does gaming. So primary usage is for CAD/CAM and robotics. Kindly suggest me a...
  36. J

    budget workstation as well as media consumption laptop

    can you suggestme a laptop with dedicated graphics what i can use for auto cad and design as well as other media consumption . Please remember my budget is only 800 . thank you
  37. M

    i cant open any folder or file even the my computer icon

    I was deleting and old version of Auto cad file directly from c drive and accidentally i deleted some program file and i cant open any thing as if everything got corrupted
  38. D

    autocad working on Asus transformer 3 pro

    I want to know about working of autocad , 3d modelling softwares , solid works with Asus transformer 3 pro
  39. J

    Need help finding laptop (600-900$ range)

    I'm going into engineering and I want a laptop that will actually be able to handle CAD programs (mine barely scrapes by with Inventor alone at the moment). I also do some photo editing (mainly in Lightroom), and a lot of internet surfing and researching. I was looking into laptops with a...
  40. Z

    i3 5005U for engineer student

    Hey I found a laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD) with these specs: - i3 5005U (2 GHz) - 4 GB RAM - GeForce 920MX (2 GB) - FHD(1920/1080) and 15,6" - 256 GB SSD -FreeDos(I have a CD of Windows 7 Ultimate) I found it at 410 EUR (or 481 USD) My bugdet is 400-500 EUR (or 470-580 USD) (I live in...
  41. nathansnider6

    Need help, is this laptop open box from newegg a good buy? anyone would recommend this product? I only have around 700 cad to spend on a laptop would you recommend this?
  42. S

    gaming laptop for 1k cad

    Hey guys, just wanted some help to figure what is the best gaming laptop I can find for 1000$ cad tx included, I'll mostly be playing MMORPGs, fps, and mobas. (bdo, LoL,doom,gta5) I don't mind much about it being chunky/heavy, I just want it to be able to play the games I've listed with decent...
  43. X

    Looking for a Laptop for Graphical Design, School, & Gaming.

    I am looking for a laptop for 3 main things. I need to be able to edit video and run 3d modeling and visualization software. 3ds Max & Solidworks & All adobes. I also need it to be able to play video games, I need it to have good battery life, and bring it to school. The only computer I have...
  44. C

    What laptop faster than Dell e5420 latitude

    We have Dell Latitude E5420 14" LED Notebook Core i5 2.50GHz 4GB DDR3 with Win10 thats maybe 6 years old and looks raggedy and seems slow. What would be a cheap, faster replacement, laptop or netbook. Maybe a refurbished not over $400.
  45. L

    Downloading model in SketchUp, SketchUp becomes really slow

    Hi, So Im very new to SketchUp. Every time I download a model from their 3D Warehouse, SketchUp becomes really slow. Is there anything I can do to keep things running smooth? Is there any features I should turn off? Or could it be my setup? I mostly use my computer for gaming. Currently I have...
  46. S

    laptop under 850USD for CAD (jun 2017) !!

    During my search for such a laptop i came across these 1.) HP Pavilion 15-bc067nr (799$) i7 6700HQ, 16 GB ram, 1Tb+128ssd, 4GB GTX 960m, IPS &backlit 2.) Acer Aspire VX5591G5652 (799$) i5 7300HQ, 8 GB ram, 256ssd, 4 GB GTX 1050, backlit 3.) MSI GL62M 7RD058 (849$) i5 7300HQ, 8 GB ram...
  47. P

    Good Headphones for $120 cad

    I like to listen to Metal/rock or classical or EDM. I currently have logitech g230 and like them but the cord sucks. What do you recommend. I like the over hear Thank you!
  48. K

    Dell E7450 vs E3470?

    Hi! I want to buy a used laptop for working with CAD softwares. E7450: i5-5300U / HD 5500 E3470: i5-6200U / HD 520 I've check the difference at
  49. G

    Can I plug this mic into my phone?

    I have a CAD U37 Microphone and i was wondering if I could use a USB to 3.5mm adapter to make my phone recognize this mic?
  50. D

    nvidia pascal for cad work

    Hello I'm an architecture student and I'm looking for a laptop for my cad work and general everyday use and I have a budget of up to 1200$ I'm currently thinking on getting the dell ispirion 7567 with the i7 cpu
  51. A

    Solved! HELP Finding the best Laptop

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop that suits all my needs but I have a maximum budget of around 1000 dollars/euros (I live in Europe). Firstly a brief introduction, I'll be going to university next year, but I'm not sure whether to study mechanical or electronic engineering, so, I don't actually...
  52. A

    Trouble choosing between two options

    I have a budget of around 2500 CAD. Would have preferred to spend it on a desktop but as a student with no form of permanent residence it'll be a burden for the years to come. Regardless, these two are my options right now...
  53. BlueFireZ

    Best bookshelf speaker setup for ~$200 CAD?

    Hey guys, I haven't been on this forum in months, but I'm back and I need some help making a budget speaker setup. I have zero experience with speakers and the equipment that goes with them (I'm a headphone guy), so sorry for any dumb questions I may ask. Basically I want to get a pair of...
  54. I

    Solved! MSI GE62MVR 7RG vs ASUS ROG GL502VS GZ147T

    I'm considering to buy new laptop. I need very good graphic performance (cad, 3d modeling.) I know there are QUADRO workstations, but they're too chunky and heavy to carry around, and i think new Pascal GPU works even better. Help me decide
  55. J

    Quadro or GTX (Solidworks)

    I want to buy new laptop.I have two options,in which the only difference is the graphic card. The first one is Lenovo with GTX 960M . The second one is HP EliteBook 8570w with Quadro K2000M. Both have similar CPU i7 quad core. 16 gb RAM. The price is almost the same. I will work with...
  56. D

    DELL Inspiron 7567 for cad?

    Hi guys, Just about to purchase this laptop. My intentions for it is for university primarily and gaming (I don't own a desktop and don't intend to build one anytime soon). I'm just curious if this mdoelwill be able to run programs such as CAD, Photoshop, etc. These are the specs my particular...
  57. B

    When will the XPS 13 be available with a dedicated gpu?

    I work with CAD and would really appreciate a lite capable laptop to complement my DELL work station
  58. P

    Gs43vr VS Ge62vr

    Hello, I'm looking to buy one of these two gaming laptop, I'm going to get them refurbished so they cost around 1440$ Cad, which one is better? Is the 3gb of vram going to make much of a difference? I'll be using it for school work as well Gs43vr...
  59. H

    I am looking for a budget PC gaming headset with a quality mic.

    I bought my Turtle Beach P11's for $40 CAD from futureshop few years ago and used it on Ps3 for the longest time. When I switched to PC I still used it daily as I loved the quality and comfort of the mic/headset and especially the mic monitoring (where you can hear yourself speaking). However it...