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  1. ajbuilds

    Laptop for both heavy CAD work and gaming ?

    i'm a design student , so i use CAD software all the time , i like to play demanding video games , i need a laptop that is great for both, i thought of an alienware 17 or 15 with 4k display , but still can't choose what cpu should it include , a 7700hq is cheaper or a 6820hq that has more single...
  2. P

    GT70 0NC in 2017

    So I've been trying to get a good laptop for a while. I really don't have any money to spend on it so my budget is around 500$ CAD. I recently found this Gt70 0NC Msi laptop for sale at 650$ CAD, I'm going to ask for 500$. If they accept, should i get it? Will it be useful for light gaming for...
  3. L

    Can you make a tv only show in a certain portion of the screen?

    I am considering buying this Samsung un65js8500 4K tv because they are selling it for 100 CAD (76 USD) and i was wondering since the left part is the only damaged part, could i possible have the picture only shown in the part that is not damaged? Also, it sustained its damage from a fall on one...
  4. R

    Canon 24mm 1.4L i (old version)

    I have bought a 24-105 ($600 CAD) I have an offer for a 24mm 1.4L i, the older model for my 24-105 +$100. I'm not sure if the price is right or should I be looking into buying the newer Mark II version if I were to specialize in portraiture? Wondering if the price is a steal or is that how much...
  5. G

    Build for AutoCAD

    Hello there! I would like to ask if this build can run Autocad 3D smoothly. Intel Pentium G4560 (Kaby Lake) MSI H110M PRO-VD Plus AMD Firepro W4100 G.SKILL RipjawsV DDR4 2133MHz 8GB (2x4GB) 120GB SSD
  6. vdr369

    best laptop for autocad,revit for civil engineering student

    Hi, I am stuck between below these two, my friends brother need a laptop for his civil engineering his budget is 55k inr. i selected below two but have the doubts on gpu. which is best suited for cad, revit, and all 3d designs. he is going to use if for next 4years...
  7. J

    Need help with choosing laptop for CAD and 3D

    Hello, I need a laptop for CAD and various 3D rendering. I would be rendering images, not video animations, so nothing spectacular is needed, meaning an "OK" performance is sufficient. Budget: Ideally € 1000, perhaps slightly more, max. € 1200 Brand: Anything except Acer Resolution: 1980 x...
  8. A

    Looking for laptop for using cad software like catia

    Which one processor is better AMD a8 or i5
  9. F

    Best computer for Autocad 2016?

    Hello, I'd like to know what computer do you recommend, that works best with Autocad 2016 please. Thank you
  10. M

    Need help finding the perfect laptop before Black Friday

    Hello. First off let me say Happy Thanksgiving! Anyhow.. here's my issue: I need a laptop for some AutoCAD-to-go. I cannot find anything that will suite my needs which include: -i7 quad/dual core -skylake -under 3 pounds -13" screen or less Easy right? Well here's a catch -- money is an...
  11. K

    What mobile CPU would run dolphin and Maya?

    I have an engineering class where we have to use CAD products and Maya. I want to run the dolphin emulator for.... ya know... games. I have to be able to code java and run maya at max. Could a i5 4200u (surface pro 2). I like to play SOME games that are intensive but I highly doubt I would be...
  12. C

    Processor Upgrades for HP desktop and laptop

    Hi everyone, I have very little knowledge on the inner workings of computers. I currently have a basic desktop HP Pavilion 20 All-in-one desktop Model#: 20-b314 and a HP Notebook Model#: 15-af027cl. My family has a small metal fabrication business and owns a CNC water jet cutting table and a CNC...
  13. M

    Razer Blade Stealth vs Thinkpad X260

    Hello I need a laptop for high school and hopefully college if it lasts that long. I do a lot of engineering work. Of the two which laptop is better? I like the razer blade stealth because it is light but has a poor upgrade path. It is right on my budget ($1000), a decent battery life, and...
  14. N

    Recommend, $700 max, must handle Autocad and Photoshop software

    hi guys what can u all recommend for me here for my application. Coming from a MBP 15" i7 3720qm gt650m this did everything with exceptional performance but it has died and i cant acquire funds to repurchase that calibre of laptop anymore., i'm on a tight budget of $700 MAX and i'm in...
  15. S

    Beat headset for gaming under $200?

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new headset for under $200 CAD which means about $150 American. It needs to have a mic or if anybody knows an external mic for under $20 let me know. I would prefer to have true stereo sound, I'm no audiophile but I know that most offer to not have amplified bass...
  16. Y

    Suggest me a laptop

    I need a laptop for daily use: - I'll be using some CAD (Nx, Solid Works, Catia) and photo editing (Illustrator, Photoshop). - The weight is really important because I will be carrying it daily in my backpack. - I have 5GHz band router at home so wifi ac is needed. - SSD: idc if it comes with...
  17. P

    looking for headphones $70 CAD

    Im looking for some good gaming headphones. Ive got the logitech G230 and want something better.
  18. E

    Suggestion on Laptop for Cad and Casual Gaming

    Hi, Im a Civil Engineer and need a laptop for Running Cad and Casual Gaming. budget? $600-1000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 17 or larger. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Desktop Replacement Laptop. 5. How much battery life do you...
  19. M

    School laptop for CAD/3D

    Hey there! I am looking for a laptop for my sister. She turns 16 and attends a school for architecture. So she will be using CAD Programs and some other 3D software. So now my question: do these programs profit of multi threading(i7?) or is a good external GPU more important(960/70m?)? And...
  20. A

    looking for a middle budget laptop

    i need a laptop with requirments for 3ds max, autocad ,photoshop, google sketchup and illustrator. please prefer me as soon as possible.
  21. M

    Need help finding a laptop

    Hello. I am an engineering student and waited to buy a laptop in hopes of getting some good deals. Didn't go as planned and now I am in a pickle. Here's my situations: I use a crap ton of Creo for personal CAD work, school work, and some for my internship. What laptop specifications am I...
  22. X

    Best laptop under 700 CAD

    Hi, I am looking for a $700 CAD laptop. It will be primarily used for office work like word and excel because I am a student, and should be able to play YouTube with no difficulty. Specs: HD screen 1920x1080 Preferably has a DVD player 17 inch display That's it. Thanks a lot.
  23. A

    Lenovo Top Model

    I am an Architect and very much interested in using presentation and drawing programs such as AutoCAD, 3D-Studio, etc. and similar programs that requires high graphic cards as well as high memory and first is first very powerful processor. What is the Lenovo model you recommend to me? My...
  24. M

    Laptop for school

    Hello all, I am a high school student. I need an ultra book that is both portable and powerful. I have a fairly firm $500 budget, and do a lot of CAD work. It will not be used for gaming, only CAD work and some light coding. It is crucial that it is an ultrabook--I cannot imagine lugging a...
  25. L

    Best Bang For Buck Headset For Csgo? Hyper X Cloud 2

    Hey guys, I was looking for a great headset for CS:GO and found that the Hyper X Cloud 2 popped out a lot. At 100 dollars CAD, is this a good headset for csgo? Im reluctant to spend more than 150$ CAD on a headset, and these seem perfect, judging by reviews. If this isn't the best for the price...
  26. D

    Forcing AutoCAD 2016 to use 940m

    Hello. I have added the application to the nvidia control panel and i can't change the setting which is "High performance". Still running the application says the intel 5500 is used. ugh. How can i force it to use the preferred card ? This is on a Lenovo Yoga 3 14".
  27. M

    Adobe Illustrator Autocad

    Has anyone used Autocad, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop on a 13 inch macbook pro (latest 2015 model), if so do you get a decent experience with these programs even with Intel's integrated iris graphics (instead of a dedicated gpu)?
  28. S

    Dell inspiron 2 vs HP envy m7-n109dx vs HP envy m7-u009dx

    Which one is better for graphics work,CAD,Photoshop?
  29. R

    Is there any app which can help for opening CAD files?

    How to view or open CAD files on Mobile? Or any Mobile App which helpful for that ?
  30. M

    $500-$600 (used?) Sketchup laptop

    Starting school soon, and I need a laptop for Sketchup. I know a little bit about computers (I have built and upgraded a highish end gaming PC over the last year), but I'm sort of stuck on this one. Used is fine (sort of preferred since I'm only using this thing for a year), and I can do...
  31. R

    Looking for some laptop buying opinions

    First off I'm from Canada so ill mention both the CAD and USD prices and the laptop will be used mainly for web surfing, movies, etc. along with some gaming (not super heavy or intense) and lastly some autoCAD and/or civil 3D work. The laptop ive found is a lenovo ideapad 700 15" with an i5...
  32. J

    Looking for new laptop, have 3 different options

    Hello all, i'm looking to buy a new laptop here in Canada and my budget is around CAD $1000-$1300. For these prices I have found three suitable laptops and I wanted to get some of your input into which one you would choose and why? What is good and bad about each respective laptop. First...
  33. MSN740

    Laptop shopping $1600

    Going to keep this simple but clear :) I have $1600 CAD (tax must be included) and I'm shopping for a laptop that will game and edit. My backup laptop just in case I can't pull the $1600 is...
  34. steven cook

    autodesk photo realistic rendering Windows 10

    High, I've been self studying architecture for at least 3 years, mostly designing floor plans and elevations etc. different styles from different parts of the world and the history etc. etc. College is too expensive for me right now so I'm trying to learn it myself. I appreciate the self taught...
  35. M

    Laptop for engineering (€1000)

    Hi I need a new laptop for engineering. I will mainly be using programs as cad, solidworks. I have done some searching and noticed that there are 2 different types of graphic cards. Gaming gpus and workstation gpus that are supposed to have more accuracy Is the difference between the two big...
  36. R

    Need helping narrowing down a laptop

    I'm going to be using the laptop for gaming, autoCAD, and Civil 3d, along with movies and the general stuff. I've got it narrowed down to these 3 I think: Asus K501UX-NS51 ~ 679.99 usd Core i5 6200u 8gb ram Nvidia gtx 950m 2gb 1tb hdd and 128gb ssd Asus X550JX-DB71 (Refurbished) ~ 679.99usd...
  37. A

    Good Laptop Under $300 CAD

    Have to buy a new laptop for school on a budget. I will mainly be using the laptop to create word documents. browse the internet, and watch youtube videos. I am considering buying the following. Lenovo G80 W/ i3-4030u Processor, Intel HD 4400 Graphics, 4 GB Ram, 1 TB HDD. $285 CAD including...
  38. S

    installing educational softwares

    HELLO , I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF I CAN INSTALL AUTO CAD IN MY LAPTOP . MY SPECS ARE Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2957U @ 1.40GHz Graphics card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 RAM: 4GB
  39. G

    Best gaming laptop

    Hi, so I need a new laptop I am going to be using it for CAD and some gaming to I also need it to be thin and fairly lightweight. Also my budget is around 1000 to 1300 US dollars. I have found two that I like are they worth it or is there something better the HP omen...
  40. M

    Quadro vs gtx ( Solidworks )

    Greetings Well, I have come to this forum to find solutions to my quite tricky problem. I do want to buy a laptop for doing CAD, video editing and gaming but mainly Cad. I have previously worked on 3ds max and now would like to try solidworks but I don't know how much intensive application its...
  41. K

    Laptop for engineering applications and occational gaming

    I am currently looking to change my old laptop with AMD Radeon 5000 because it didn't seems to work well with CAD applications. I am looking for a laptop with graphic card that can handle both engineering and CAD software plus gaming. I am seriously into Skyrim mods and more likely to do so...
  42. R

    Fast Laptop for Autocad

    We need to be able to run Autocad and photoshop, no 3d. Want a fast machine - was thinking a hybrid drive (need at least 500gb and a 512 gb SSD is cost prohibitive). Budget upper limit is $1500, but would rather spend $1000-$1200. Would ideally run windows 7. Any machines out there? Dell xps...
  43. D

    Looking for a new Headphones + Mic (~$150 CAD)

    Hi, so my old headphones are getting really just disgusting at this point so I am looking to buy a new headset. I have been looking through the options but I honestly am not really an audiophile that really knows what "crisp highs" and "deep lows" really mean. I am looking for some headphones...
  44. G

    Autocad launches and seconds later it freezes

    Hi folks, I have been using autocad for a while. and every once in awhile it freezes seconds after launch(after the splash screen it opens i can move the mouse around if i opened a file everything appears but i can't do anything if i opened autocad from the shortcut or acad.exe not a saved file...
  45. G

    Laptop for light usage Autocad, Artcam, Catia 2012 700€

    Hi! My friend is looking for a laptop that could run Catia 2012, Artcam and Autocad. Price cap is 700€ (in Europe). By his words he is not doing heavy tasks. Right now he is using a laptop with i3-380M and HD 5650 which is quite old tech. It gets the work done, but is lagging. By that I assume...
  46. thechief120

    How can I use screensavers again?

    I recently installed AutoCAD to test out some of its features but then noticed when I tried to open up the screen saver "ribbons.src" it accociated all src files with AutoCAD. At first it'd open notepad and after installing all AutoCAD related programs it windows asks me to use a program to open...
  47. C

    intel 5200u vs amd a10 8700p

    Ive decided to buy a laptop and i am wondering which will better combo for gaming and cad . i have two options intel 5200u with gt 940m gfx card and amd a10-8700p with r7 m360 . i will use it for gaming low to mid settings high if achievable which i doubt it will and autocad , photoshop , revit...
  48. L

    Need expert opinions on laptops!

    I'm looking for a cad and light gaming laptop for school; just need to last 2 years and have a decent keyboard.. As I already have a built pc for the majority of work.. Questions that I need answered? 1) are the hd 520 or 5500 worth it? If so would you need a skylark Intel cpu? Are they more...
  49. A

    Laptop Comparison for Autocad : Asus G751JY vs HP ZBook 17 G2

    Hello everyone, I have an asus g751JY that i'm planning on selling soon because I have a desktop computer now. My brother uses Autocad software for his work everyday, he asked me to give my laptop to him. But I really doubt autocad would need the same requirements as video games would. Because I...
  50. V

    Laptop for Design Autocad

    I am looking for a laptop to use autocad, revit and sometimes 3D max. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series has following specs. Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core (6M Cache, Turbo up to 3.2 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 8 GB DDR3L / 256 GB Solid-State Drive would that be good? this is going...
  51. stl522013

    Good Chromebook $100 CAD

    What is the best Chromebook for around $100 CAD? Thanks.
  52. V

    which of these laptops is the better performer for 3D applications ?

    i need a laptop to study 3D modeling, Analysis and occasional gaming. which of these will be a better performer HP AB125AX - A10 8700P , 2GB R7 M360 Graphics & 8GB ram(1600 MHz)...
  53. V

    Laptop for Autocad drawing 3D and 2D

    Hey all at Tomshardware, It's been many years since i looked at laptops so i have little knowledge on which brands to go for. This is really searching for my dad. He is a mechanical engineer who works in the plastic molding industry who needs his laptop a lot as he reviews and give pointers to...
  54. D

    Laptop for Uni

    So I'm heading off to uni in about 6 months and going to be doing aerospace engineering, but I'm about to get a laptop and different people have said different things but thought I'd ask on here to see. I know I'll be using autocad and stuff but I want something not too slow/reasonably fast. I...
  55. V

    which of these will be a better choice ? DDR5 vs IPS Display delimma.

    i need a laptop for doing some graphical works with Autodesk, Adobe, Solidworks etc and some video editing i came across two models that meets my specification. http://ebay-lenovo y50-70 http://ebay Asus R510JX Asus R510JX got 8 GB DDR Ram 2GB DDR3 GTX 950M graphics card and FHD IPS Display...
  56. J

    Autocad 2004 what are authorization codes?

    I recently reinstalled windows and put Autocad 2004 back on there but it asks for an authorization code. It did not when I installed from disk. Just to be clear I am not asking for the codes, I just need an explanation.
  57. B

    Workstation Laptop CPU/GPU for CAD?

    I am looking for a mobile workstation for CAD, in the mid-range price zone (500-1000$CAD. I'd prioritize performance over battery life or peripherals or portability. Any suggestions appreciated!
  58. U

    Laptop under $600 CAD (quick help)

    Hi guys. My mothers laptop is basically starting to get very slow, loud and the keyboards spacebar no longer works. I am looking to pick something up for her for under $450 Canadian from She tends to browse the net, watches youtube videos, skype and play facebook games. Any...
  59. M

    Best Laptop For Civil Engineering Student and Light Gamer

    Hey guys, I need some help finding the best laptop for the upcoming years. i'm going into civil engineering and want to get a laptop that can run autodesk and solidworks well. I also want something that can play some games with my friends. Everything that seems prefered by others is around...
  60. H

    Hi guys, advice on what laptop to buy please

    I'll be using this laptop for 2 years,for autocad mainly,and I'll try learning 3ds max and other programs I need for my architecture major, 2 years, because within 2 years i'll have the budget to build a desktop. So please? What is a reliable laptop? Within the fair budget.. Thanks in advance...