Nov 2, 2016
Hi everyone, I have very little knowledge on the inner workings of computers. I currently have a basic desktop HP Pavilion 20 All-in-one desktop Model#: 20-b314 and a HP Notebook Model#: 15-af027cl. My family has a small metal fabrication business and owns a CNC water jet cutting table and a CNC plasma cutting table and they use multiple AutoCAD Suites to design parts to cut out. They stated they could let me have access to the software and all login information but I had to supply the computer. I know I need to add more ram to both computers and I'll probably add a SSD 512gb to both but I was wanting to know if there is any way possible, without buying a new computer or new motherboard if I could remove the AMD processor and replace it with an i5 or i7 quad core processor? And secondly, the laptop has the processor glued at the four corners. I've read where you can place the motherboard in the freezer for 10+ minutes and the glue becomes brittle enough to crack and remove the processor but is there and easier way to remove it? I've tried contacting the HP support teams but it is like talking to brick walls. I can't buy a new computer due to being a college student with a part time job so any help or insight as to what I could do to improve the computers would be great. Thanks for you time help in advance!!!
EDIT: If the processors can't be up graded, if there a chance that the current one could handle the Autodesk Suites if I added additional ram and the SSD? Or is there a chance of finding a motherboard that would fit in the desktop and I could just swap everything over but put the i5 or i7 processor into it? Thanks!