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    How ARM’s New Mobile Chips Will Handle 5G, VR and Folding Phones

    With ARM’s Cortex-A76 CPU and Mali-G77 GPU, the mobile processor designers want to define the tech that will appear on your smartphone in the next few years. How ARM’s New Mobile Chips Will Handle 5G, VR and Folding Phones : Read more
  2. M

    Lenovo ideapad 330 vs 520

    What is the difference between lenovo ideapad 330 and 520 considering that they both has Processor i7 8th gen 8550u?
  3. J

    Solved! it is possible to change my processor?

    my laptop is HP and my processor is intel(r) celeron(r) N4000 CPU@ 1.10 GHz can i change that to i3 processor with 3.00GHz it is possible.then my laptop model is (HP laptop 15da0099TU)
  4. L

    userbenchmark test fail on processor and vga

    I have a new laptop : HP Laptop 14s-cf0xxx, using userbenchmark test, it fail on two item: 1) Processor I5 8250U performance only 45%, normally 70-80% 2) Graphic animation doesn not show up, hence graphic reporting missing you Agus
  5. D

    Solved! Please help me

    Is it possible to upgrade the i5 processor chip in a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7537
  6. D

    What would I need to upgrade my boyfriend's computer for VR?

    Hey! So, I'm wondering if anyone could help me with what I'd need to purchase as a gift for my boyfriend to upgrade his pc. We own an HTC Vive, but I know what we're running it off probably isn't giving us the best experience we could be getting. Please excuse my lack of knowledge about...
  7. M

    Upgrading Compaq 610 Ram

    Hello, I Have an old compaq 610 laptop which has Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0 GHz, 800 MHz 1GB DDR2 800MHZ and wondering if upgrading ram to 4GB with this Processor, would be any good with programming on netbeans and browsing, or it will be worthless. thanks
  8. M

    Solved! Used laptop worth

    I have an asus gaming laptop 8G, 1TB, 15.6" screen, gtx 950m graphics card, win10, i7 processor. Bought nov 2016. What should i sell for?
  9. F

    Solved! Which specs are important to run Android Studio smoothly?

    I am trying to understand on which parts I can save money if I only want to use my laptop for Android programming (and use the Android Studio emulator). I could already figure out that an SSD and good RAM are mandatory. What about the CPU? Can Android Studio / Gradle leverage quad-core in a way...
  10. A

    Processor upgrade for Sony VAIO VPCEH1J1E?

    I've found my old laptop again. I love it. It still runs Windows 7 great (and to be honest, I think I prefer Windows 7 over Windows 10, I don't even know what extra features I'll get, or what'll be faster on Windows 10 but that's not the point of the question). However, I'd still like to upgrade...
  11. I

    Solved! What is the graphics card on an Acer aspire 6 with a core i7 processor

    What is the graphics card on an acer aspire 6 (that is not the acer aspire e15 or e5!!)
  12. M

    Looking my low budget laptop

    Which is the best processor amd a9 or celeron
  13. S

    Solved! Budget on processor

    I bought Hp15 notebook ba002cy amd quad core 2.5GHZ is it good for architecture students??
  14. S

    Solved! HP - AU620TX RAM Upgrade.

    I'm Having A HP AU620TX (8 GB RAM) Having Intel I5 7200U Processor, the Processor Supports Max 32 GB of Memory but on the Manufacturers Site (HP) They Say Max Memory Support is 16 GB So Should I Install Only 8 GB or Should I Exceed 16 Gigs Capacity?
  15. Z

    Solved! Which laptop should i buy?

    So there is many different acer aspire 5 models out there and I've found 2 that I'm interested in. One has a SSD and the other has intel optane memory, i need the faster option (so like which one boots faster and opens applications faster). The specs are below. 1st one: Processor Brand: Intel...
  16. G

    Help picking laptop under $850

    Hello, Since you all are experts I wanted to ask you what laptop you thought I should buy under $850. It needs to be touchscreen, 400GB+ SSD or Hybrid is possible, processor over 3 GHz (AMD or Intel), and have Windows 10 (Pro preferably). Main tasks on this laptop would be video editing, word...
  17. I

    Solved! Acer aspire e1 431 blank screen

    Hello guys, I just replace my laptop processor intel B960 to intel i3. After replacement i got blank screen, no beep but fan still running and on start up power led and hdd led are on but after couple of seconds hdd led turns off. What i should do. Thanks
  18. K

    laptop overheat after cpu upgrade

    Hello, so i have this old hp 655 g1 laptop which had a a4-4300m processor. Everything was running cool and silent. I decided to upgrade to a a10-5750m processor that i bought used on aliexpress. 1. 1. After i installed it i immediately noticed that the cpu fan spins at full rpm all the time...
  19. P

    Solved! which one should i buy? (same brand, same model, different specs)

    Okay so i have decided to buy a used "acer predator helios 300" laptop - i have found two different models and gotten them both down to the exact same price, but now i cant decide which one i should buy :P One comes with an Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ processor Four cores and a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX...
  20. Q

    Solved! HP Pavillion Notebook- GTAV/4?

    Currently using a HP pavillion notebook with just under 8gb ram, and and i3 processor 2.4 ghz, and a in-built graphics card. Is it possible to run either GTAV, or GTA4 if the former is not possible, even on very low quality play, on that device? Many thanks
  21. C

    Solved! Dell XPS 15 with i7-7700HQ Fixed down clock to 0.78Ghz

    I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 i7-7700HQ, lake processor GTX1050 and 16GB of RAM. I have it rased up off the table to help with cooling as I know this can be a problem. When I am gaming the temps get to about 75 Celsius but sometimes randomly the CPU will down clock to 0.78Ghz and keep it fixed...
  22. K

    Solved! upgrade from AMD E Series to I5 or I7

    hi I have a Toshiba Laptop Model : SATELLITE C855D-S5103 has AMD E Series and I want to upgrade to a I5 or I7 processor or if theres any recommendations or a better processor and videocard for my laptop. im building it to trade with and game
  23. S

    Solved! My laptop is Sony E series VPCEH16EN laptop with 2 .10 GHz processor can I upgrade it to 3 .10 GHz processor

    Can I change my sony E series vpceh16en laptop processor from 2.10ghz to 3.10ghz ??
  24. R

    How to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating (and Why It's Important)

    How to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating (and Why It's Important) am working near about 15Hrs in a day. My system Got overheating after few hours even am using extrernal fan to cool my processor.
  25. P

    Can I run PES 2019 on 1050 4gb, with 16GB RAM and i5-7200HQ processor?

    Hello, Can I play PES-2019 on my PC with following specifications::- GPU- NVIDIA 1050 -4GB CPU:- i5 7200 HQ(2.50 GHz, turbo boost upto 3.50Ghz) RAM:-16GB DDR4 If yes please tell me the recommended settings. Thanks in advance. Sorry if it isn't the correct thread.
  26. L

    Solved! Upgrade CPU of Dell Inspiron 14r 5420 from i5 3rd gen to i7 3rd gen

    I wanted to upgrade the processor for Dell Inspiron 14r 5420 from Dual core i5-3210M ivy bridge (3rd generation) with quad core i7 3rd generation processor. Is it possible to do so?
  27. A

    Can I play the sims 4 on an lenovo intel celeron N4000 processor??

    Ideapad S130-11IGM 32GB
  28. J

    Solved! Dropped something on top of where my laptop processor

    This happened months ago, I have a samsung laptop, core i3 intel, i dont really know much about these and i dont have enough money for repair, i have some tools and stuff for this, kind of a heavy object like a weight of a phone battery fell on top of where the processor was, i payed a repair...
  29. prince_xaine

    Quad Core Laptops

    Hello Community, As I'm sure we're all aware, Quad-Core CPUs in laptops seem to be rare. You see, I am a firm believer in value for performance, and in my opinion, dual core processors just aren't it. So my question is, where is the budget line-up for real Quad-Core Laptops? I'm not looking for...
  30. D

    Solved! Does 9900k fit in Clevo N350TW?

    Just now I saw the Clevo N350TW for sale. What I do know about it is that it supports Desktop processors of Coffee Lake such as the i3 8300 (62 Watt). What I am wondering however is whether it also would support something like the 9900k. Both CPU's are from CoffeeLake, but does this mean I can...
  31. A

    Solved! Dell G5 15 battery life?

    It's a gaming laptop but I don't plan to game on this on battery power, I just need it to last me at work for at least 6 hours - college work: web browsing, minor office apps, light video (YouTube). Moderate use, maybe? I know I could probably find an answer online but I was hoping if somebody...
  32. R

    Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 330 - 14IGM is it a good computer?

    Hi guys! I'm not very familiar with PC's, as I've always been a Mac user, so I'm a little lost here and I could use some help. I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad 330-14IGM (8GB RAM + 1TB HDD + intel Pentium Silver processor), I work as a Database Developer and this computer is mostly for DB...
  33. T

    Solved! Laptop cpu upgrade

    Hi i need help Can i upgrade the laptop cpu Processor laptop have: Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330 1.60GHz Cpu Package 478-pin micro FC-PGA 1.38" x 1.38" (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) Socket Model laptop Acer Extensa 5620Z. ___________________________________ I wanted to upgrade it, I know it is socket P...
  34. L

    Solved! Help Choosing a Low Budget Gaming Laptop

    Afternoon all, I have done some research and have chosen two Laptops which are within my budget and look technically quite good , however I need some advise making the choice since one has a better graphics card but less SSD, I will be playing games but nothing major so need enough for at least...
  35. C

    can a Intel® Celeron® N3350 processor run fortnite

    I am buying a laptop and don't know what to do
  36. M

    Solved! Laptop CPU Upgrade

    My current laptop has an i5-7200U processor, I wanted to swap it out with an i7-2620M. In theory would it work? Been looking for socket types but can't find any information. Thanks.
  37. K

    Solved! Laptop CPU switching

    Hi there, I have currently an HP EliteBook 8440p with an Intel Core i5 m520 2.40 ghz processor, I have a problem with it, it uses Iron lake graphics in its processor, which Is crap. Anyways, i have another laptop (Dell Inspiron 5520) With an i5 3210m Processor, with the somewhat "Decent" (For...
  38. T

    Solved! Can you change the CPU/processor of an HP pavilion Dv6 7xxx series?

    I have an HP ENVY dv6t-7300 CTO laptop and the processor sucks, I can't play any good games or run good video editing software. I was wondering if I could change the processor of the laptop to boost its speed? if so how? it would be helpful if you could tell me. thx
  39. B

    can i upgrade my laptop processor i have celeron(r) cpu n3060@1.60ghz 1601 mhz 2 core(s) can i increase it?

    i need to change processor i have CELERON(R) CPU N3060@1.6GHZ to I5 8th generation processor its possible? anyone plz ans me....
  40. M

    Solved! Change HP Processor

    Hi Everyone, I have a HP 14-am085tu laptop. and i have Intel® Celeron CPU N3060 @ 1.60GHZ with 4GB installed memory and 64bit operating system Can i change my laptop PROCESSOR to a BETTER one? OR should i change it with my motherboard as well? I shall be very thankful to any answer!
  41. A

    Solved! Can i upgrade my acer e1 531 processor to intel pentium 2030m processor

    Is if possible for me to upgrade my acer e1 531 processor to intel pentium 2030m processor
  42. A

    Solved! i am having i ball laptop and its keypad is notworking please help me,.....

    i ball laptop keyboard not working please help processor windows 10
  43. B

    Solved! How do I stream 2 webcams at the same time on one laptop?

    I want to be able to stream from 2 webcams from different angles at the same time using only one program from my laptop. Which program is the best to use, whether it's free to use or not? I have a Windows 10 laptop that is 2 years old with an i3 processor with a 500GB SSD. I have a Windows 7...
  44. R

    Solved! Can my laptop run the el gato gaming capture card?/recommendations

    Hi I wanted to know if my laptop could handle running the el gato gaming capture card for streaming to twitch. My laptop is a HP Stream Laptop 14-ax0XX Edition: Windows 10 home Version: 1511 Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3060 @ 1.60 GHz Installed RAM: 4 GB System type: 64 bit operating...
  45. H

    Solved! can i run tekken 7

    can i run tekken 7 with 2.8ghz processor.please help so that i can play this game.
  46. E

    Solved! Looking for solution For my laptop

    I have a Aspire V5/471G processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U @ 1.80GHz . Is it possible to upgrade the processor to atleast 2.5/3 ? Same goes to ram maybe upgrade since mine is is 4? Usually what is the price range for all of this?
  47. mjenderrun

    Processor ok for VR?

    Hello, I'm new here as a member but certainly not as a reader. So I'm looking into buying an Oculus Rift, and am wondering if I'll also need to look into upgrading my PC. I'm aware that I have a processor bottleneck, but am not sure if it's significant enough to matter. I Frankensteined this PC...
  48. H

    Can I run Black Ops 3

    Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.4Ghz Installed Memory : 8GB DDR 3 64 - bit OS, x64-based processor Win 10 Pro Nvidia GeForce 940M Is this good enough for Bo3 and what settings can I get the best fps
  49. M

    FIFA 18 not running

    I have acer aspire A5151-51g 7th gen i5 processor 7200U 8gb ram 2gb mx130 and it's not running FIFA 18..plz give me a solution?
  50. I

    Solved! Upgrading Intel Celeron (HP Laptop)

    hello, I'm using HP laptop with Intel Celeron N3060 processor. I accidentally bought it. Is it possible for me to upgrade it to any higher processor? I need to run and use SolidWorks 2013 on my laptop for my assignment. Or is there any other ways for me to run SolidWorks 2013 smoothly? Thank you.
  51. F

    Solved! HP Pavilion 15

    Can I change my HP Pavilion 15 cs0033tx graphic card and processor??
  52. A

    Solved! Laptop upgrade suggestion

    My HP Laptop has RAM : 2GB DDR3 PROCESSOR : AMD A4 3330 MX OS : Windows 7 32 bit If I use some big software editors ,almost 90 % of my physical memory got occupied and my system slows down but still could work . My question is do I have to upgrade my ram ,does that solve my problem or...
  53. W

    Solved! Upgrade the processor

    Sir i have a laptop (hp elitebook 8640p ) I contains intel i5 2520 m processor which is of 2 generation therefore I want to change my laptop's processor in the new generation processor So, kindly help me with that which processor I must buy ....
  54. K

    Looking for a non-gaming laptop, purely for University

    Hey guys. I need recommendations for a laptop that is <14inch (12 - 13.9 but not 14) that doesn't have gaming abilities. I just want it to run smooth(good processor) and have over 500GB of storage(preferably 1TB). Any recommendations? I have thought about the ASUS ZenBook UX310UA - but I'm...
  55. N

    What is better processor for video editing core i3 or amd a9

    Lenovo ideapad 330 core i3 8th gen 4gb ram,2gb radeon 530 or Lenovo ideapad 330 amd a9 8gb ram,2gb radeon
  56. J

    How to find out whether a cpu are soldered or not?

    I have a Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Processor in a HP Pavilion DV7 laptop, productnr LX262EA. How do I find out whether its solderer or not? PGA or BGA. The processor supports both but I find a bit hard to find out without opening the machine.
  57. I

    Laptop not getting ON

    I was watching a film in my Lenovo z560 i3 processor laptop. Suddenly the power goes down and appears a black screen. For past two days I couldn't recover it. Note: no battery backup. Some pls tell me what to do. My mail id- [email address removed by moderator] [Do not post your email address...
  58. K

    Solved! I need a cpu compatible processor for my laptob

    I searched a lot about my laptop and compatible cpu but i cant find any good answers so I decide to ask someone in this forum for help, I will give u all information u need My Laptop is Sony Vaio VPCEH2Q1E PCG 7181M ,the CPU is Intel Core i3 2350M 2.3GHz not soldered to the mobo TDP : 35...
  59. M

    Dell XPS 1530M

    Is it possible to install in a laptop Dell XPS M1530 processor Intel core 2 extreme 9300QX? Will the BIOS support it?