Solved! Does 9900k fit in Clevo N350TW?


Jun 27, 2017
Just now I saw the Clevo N350TW for sale. What I do know about it is that it supports Desktop processors of Coffee Lake such as the i3 8300 (62 Watt). What I am wondering however is whether it also would support something like the 9900k. Both CPU's are from CoffeeLake, but does this mean I can just put the 9900k in the notebook aswell?

Moreover I wonder if I am able to put the 9900k in the notebook, do I need a new adapter? Currently I am looking at this notebook: (is the Clevo N350TW), and they deliver it with a 65 Watt adapter. Since the 9900k uses 95 Watt alone, I wonder if I'd need to buy myself a bigger adapter would I want to put a 9000k inside of it.

Thanks in advance!


I would ask Clevo about what CPUs that laptop can support if you can't find into in the documentation or find models with the other CPUs inside them. What can run depends on the laptop vendor, motherboard and BIOS capability. They should be able to let you know.
Mar 5, 2018
no,9900K even on beefier&more bullky one has heat/throttling issue(even with undervolting+repasting!!!!),let alone this kind of laptop,only 65W CPU is acceptable by socket&bios limitation, so you may be able to put 9900 or 9900T which would be coming next year but not 9900K 95W(read review,it's not really 95W in normal load but more than 100W usage,let alone heavy load); the nb50tk/nb50tj/n950kp models which are in the same league as n350TW,only support up to 8700 65W,chinese has managed to put 9600K in them (but not 9700K!)but that's because it' not hyperthreading and much less powerful than 9900k (2less cores) or 8700K for that matter, so your best safe bet is with 9900T(35W) which should bring performance equal to 9600K 95W or 9700 65W, or 9900 65W which should in theory be your best cpu which would still make it a CPU-monster Laptop.
although finding the right Adaptor would be challenging as well.
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