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  1. Gal Blech

    Solved! So, how many watts are my speakers?

    Hi, I got some old speakers that sounds really good and I need to buy an Amp. The problem is that I don't know how many watts the speakers are. We're talking about 2 speakers, each with: woofer: Philips AD8061/W8 tweeter: Philips AD0161/T8 mid-range: MEROT 5030S, 8 ohms, 20 W For the first two...
  2. evilhny

    Question Can I install WD Green Sata 2.5/7mm SSD on Acer Aspire E15?

    My laptop came with 500GB SATA III HDD. I want to install SSD on it. Will WD Green SATA 2.5/7mm SSD WDS240G2G0A be compatible with my laptop Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-31YC
  3. S

    Can I use eGPU in my laptop HP 15 r033tx?

    Hi everyone! I need to know if my Laptop HP 15 r033tx is compatible with eGPU?
  4. S

    Solved! Is my laptop Compatible with Crucial Ram?

    I have a HP Pavillion 15 AU006TX Laptop and I'm looking to fill up the extra slot of RAM With Crucial 8GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM CT8G4SFS824A Will this be compatible with my laptop? My laptop's CPU Z Config is attached here...
  5. K

    Solved! im looking for a subwoofer which is compatible with my sembrant sb750

    im not satisfied with the bass it produce thats why im looking for a subwoofer compatible to meet my criteria.
  6. R

    Solved! 4-gang smart light switch (Alexa compatible)?

    Does anyone know of a 4-gang smart light switch which is Alexa compatible? I have a 2-gang switch already and have found 3-gang switches online, but have not found a 4-gang switch. Thanks, Richard
  7. J

    R420S VivoBook Windows Hello?

    Hello I recently bought an ASUS Vivobook R420S (R420SA-RS01-BL) and I just looked up the specs out of curiosity and found a pic on google of the laptop with the Windows Hello greeting at the top of the screen and I went and looked in my settings and it says Windows Hello is not compatible. Am I...
  8. M

    Solved! Is Office 365 compatible with Office 2013?

    I do not have any Office software on laptop #1. My desktop has the expired trial of Office 2013, so I'd like to purchase the multi-device Office 365 for both of these. Do I uninstall Office 2013 on desktop before installing 365? My other laptop #2 has a purchased Office 2013 installed. This...
  9. G

    Solved! compatibility issues with surround sound amp

    I have a surround sound amplifier with surround sound speakers. No HDMI inputs or outputs on the amp. Limited to RCA or s video. My direct tv box only has a video, hdmi, usb, or Digital audio options. Lastly I have a projector with hdmi inputs, s video inputs, and component inputs. I want to...
  10. gagern

    Solved! Sound Card with S/PDIF 5.1/7.1 outlet that is also compatible with Win10

    I need advice with regards to a sound card for my PC that has Win10. I got a 5.1 surround system that I use via S/PDIF. On my Win7 PC I use a Sound Blaster Z, but I have read that it is not compatible with Win10. I am only going to use the card for movies, TV-series and music. So how well this...
  11. R

    Laptop battery compatibility

    Hi I have a Dell Latitude E5470(service tag: DFZGFC2). I'm looking for a replacement battery that matches the original(47Wh/11.1V), unfortunately I can only find one with the specs (51Wh/7.4V) I was thinking of getting it but the laptop manual only mentions the original battery and a 62Wh/7.6V...
  12. F

    Solved! Looking for Oculus compatible thunderbolt 3 or usb c hub

    Hello, I'm considering getting a dell xps 15 9575 2in1 for work purposes and VR gaming on the side. This is intended to be my secondary gaming machine but there's one problem. There are only 2 thunderbolt ports and 2 usb c ports. I've tried looking for a solution to this question but I wasn't...
  13. 7

    Solved! Is my Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Speaker set compatible with a HP Pavilion 23 PC?

    I have a Logitech Surround Sound Z506 system and am trying to connect to my HP Pavilion 23 PC. I have connected the green, orange and black cables to the subwoofer but am having trouble with the computer connection. The only holes are a green one and two no colour ones with a headphone symbol...
  14. C

    Solved! Can I use this TV Mount

    I've got an LG OLED 55B7P and I just bought an Atlantic 23-65" Full Motion Spring Arm TV-Mount (Walmart). I got home and my found out that the TV is VESA 300x200 compatible. This mount does not size for 300x200, but it does every other setup. could I tweak something to make it work?Is there...
  15. D

    Solved! New non bluetooth samsung UN43NU6950. I need to make this bluetooth compatible. Digital audio output. Needs to be reasonabl

    Turning New Samsung UN43NU6950 bluetooth Compatible.
  16. M

    no device for apt on words with friends

    when I try and play words with friends it says my device is not compatible with this version and app not optimized for your device, says this if I try to download game only 3 years old
  17. J

    Solved! Compatible laptop screen for HP

    Hello! My daughter broke my son’s laptop over the weekend. The touchscreen is cracked. I’m having a hard time finding the exact part on eBay. It’s for an HP 13-s128nr Thanks so much! Janet
  18. H

    Solved! Compatibility with Usb Grabber

    I have a swann srpro-t855 camera want it to work with my computer using a usb super dvr grabber. Is the camera compatible to this usb grabber
  19. C

    Solved! Need help understing compatibility between "M.2" form factor SSDs ?

    Hello! Trying to understand which M.2 drives are compatible with my laptop (HP 15-DA0014DX). Please correct me if I'm wrong but the options are SATA, PCIe, or NVMe but I'm not sure if these are interchangeable as long as the drive is an "M.2" form factor. A brief yes or no is good, but I'd...
  20. S

    Solved! BIOS and cpu compatibility

    Can i replace my laptops i5 2410m cpu with i7 2860qm? Even if the socket matches, i have heard that BIOS also needs to support the new cpu, but i have trouble finding information about which cpu`s my BIOS supports. If it isn`t compatible - which is the best cpu i can upgrade my laptop to? Its...
  21. D

    Compatible power adapter for Razer Blade Stealth 13

    I have a Razer blade stealth 13 i7-8550U and the male end of my type C power adapter snapped off yesterday. The Razer store doesn't ship to me. Would the 65W charger for the Lenovo standard AC adapter work? I can get this one shipped to me...
  22. K

    Solved! need to buy [legal] office 2013 licesnes

    need to buy office 2013 licenses. 2016 might work. these are for a client, they need older version for compatibility reasons. any ideas where i can get [legal] licenses from? also what happens if i use home & student licenses on 13 business pc's? will this violate MS licensing and/or put my...
  23. W

    Looking for a PC compatible VR Headset

    Alright, so long story short, I tried VR and I want a VR headset, not for gaming, but for videos/movies/TV. Sadly, most of the 'affordable' VR headsets require a specific phone... I'm not in the market to spend that kind of money, especially with the cost of phones these days... hell, that's...
  24. F

    Solved! Is roku compatible with my toshiba 26LV61OU tv?

    I need to buy a new streaming device by the next of Jan. 2019 because Nintendo will no longer support my Wii system. Does anyone know whether my tv, listed above is compatible with roku? Thanks a lot. Tara
  25. D

    Solved! PC Build and Pro Tools 2018

    Hello. I subscribed to Pro Tools and download Pro Tools 2018 for Windows 10 Home. However, whenever I try to install it, it immediately freezes on the screen where it tries to install the PACE Licensing. I've read that Pro Tools gets finicky with PC builds. I don't know if I have parts that are...
  26. M

    Acer: Replaced screen not compatible?

    I replaced the screen for the following laptop: Acer TravelMate 8572G-564G50Mnkk SNID: 04100510325 which was originally bought in Switzerland. The original screen had these labels: I tried to replace it now...
  27. S

    compatible old bt51 batteries?

    I have a motorola w755 flipphone; it seems like you can't get a really fresh Motorola BT51 - cellular phone battery; they all must be already somewhat depleted as they are quite old, since this is an old cellphone. Is there a contemporary replacement equivalent for this battery? and if so, what...
  28. D

    Solved! Is the Asus compatible with playing games

    Is the Asus x407MA compatible to play fortnight etc
  29. P

    Solved! looking for compatible upgrade parts for pc

    hi, like the title describes, im looking to buy a couple of pc upgrades but im not sure which is compatible with which. im looking to upgrade my 12 GB ram to 16 so i can use dual channel mode and HDD to SSD and if there is a way, maybe my integrated graphics card*. my pc is "HP Pavilion -...
  30. M

    Solved! SSD for Pavillion 15-cs0053cl i5 8th generation

    Does samnsung 970 evo be compatible with this pavillion. If not please give me a recomendation. HP recomend a more older SSD Samsung PM961 with is more power consumer and has less transfer speed. Thanks in advance
  31. B

    Solved! alexa compatible thermostat

    alexa compatible furnace thermostat
  32. D

    Solved! Does 9900k fit in Clevo N350TW?

    Just now I saw the Clevo N350TW for sale. What I do know about it is that it supports Desktop processors of Coffee Lake such as the i3 8300 (62 Watt). What I am wondering however is whether it also would support something like the 9900k. Both CPU's are from CoffeeLake, but does this mean I can...
  33. L

    Lcd screen compatibility

    Are Magnavox&Vizio tv screens compatible
  34. M

    Solved! Compatible devices for Android

    I have a Huawei p20 mobile phone but my TV isn't a smart tv. What device can I use to mirror my phone to my TV that's compatible I bought an mlc hdmi adapter for my galaxy tab A after being told the tab A was compatible only to find out it wasn'!
  35. D

    Solved! Looking for speaker compatible to my amp

    I have 250+250 8 ohms amp what wattage of speaker is compatible?
  36. T

    Will it work?

    I was wondering if all these parts are compatible: CPU: Intel Core i5-8500 3.0GHz (4.1GHz Turbo) Hex Core 14nm Coffee Lake Socket LGA1151 Desktop CPU Motherboard: ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z370 EXTREME4 RAM: G.Skill F4-3200C16D-8GVKB Ripjaws V 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4-3200MHz CL16 1.35V Black...
  37. A

    Solved! LCD Panels and components compatibility.

    Hey Guys How can I replace the electronic components of a Samsung LE37S62B (sound works but shows no picture) with the electronic components of a Samsung ue55h6290ss (broken LCD panel)? Are the components and LCD panel even compatible? Other options: Samsung le40c579j1s (defective components)...
  38. M

    Solved! Upgrading M.2 2280 SSD

    I'm planning on upgrading my laptop's SSD it came with a "MZNLN128HAHQ-000H1 Samsung PM871b Series 128GB TLC SATA 6Gbps M.2 2280 SSD" and I wanna know if I can use the "SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series M.2 2280 500GB SATA III V-NAND 3-bit MLC SSD" inreplacement of my old SSD, is it going to be...
  39. R

    Bluetooth Headphones Not compatible with Bluetooth TV?

    So I bought a pair of JBL E55BT and was able to pair them with my samsung UN49KS8000 TV....Problem is the sound is choppy and unacceptable. Funny thing is I have a cheap pair of wireless BT earbuds and they work just fine with the TV. JBL tech support simply says "These are not meant for use...
  40. D

    Solved! AMD A6-6310 Ram compatibility

    I recently found that A6-6310 only supports DDR3L 1866 ram on but my laptop run on DDR3L 4gb 1333 + 2gb 1333 is this safe ? is this causing laggy problem on my laptop ? thanks before
  41. H

    Solved! Msi screen upgrade

    I have an msi gl62m 7rex I was wondering if anyone knows of compatible 120/144hz replacement screens
  42. C

    Solved! Speaker, Projector, receiver compatibility?

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase a home theatre system and this is what I’m thinking of getting. Receiver: Speaker system: Projector...
  43. G

    Solved! Can't get Receiver to pass 4k

    I have a Yamaha RX-479 Receiver. when I hook Directv straight to my TV I get 4k. When I hook it to HDMI 6 and then HDMI out on the Yamaha, It says my TV is not 4k Compatible. Those are supposed to be the HDCP 2.2 compatible input/outputs. Is there a setting I am missing to get the correct...
  44. T

    HELP! Dell Latitude E7450 laptop says it is plugged in and not charging.

    Dell Latitude E7450 laptop says it is plugged in and not charging. I have put in 2 batteries that are not officially from Dell, but are "compatible" batteries from Amazon and that both did not work. I also then bought a new original OEM charger and battery and I still get the same problem...
  45. H

    Solved! Laptops compatible with elgato hd60

    As I am having trouble finding the answers for laptops compatible with the elgato hd60 I was just wondering if you guys could help me out and tell me if this laptop...
  46. F

    Solved! which Bluetooth transmitter model compatible with LCD Samsung TV LA40A610AJR - i need to be foe 2 headphones

    which Bluetooth transmitter model compatible with LCD Samsung TV LA40A610AJR - i need to use 2 headphones
  47. M

    Power adapter compatibility

    Will This power adapter work with an hp slimline desktop 450-a24.
  48. S

    Solved! 32Gsd card in dash cam

    My dash cam is compatible from 8G - 32G sd cards...I put in a 32G card but the camera is still only recording as if the 8G card was still in. Any ideas how to fix this? TIA!! SPower
  49. N

    Solved! Want to make my computer bluetooth compatible.

    I am getting a free pair of nice wireless headphones. I am wondering what I would need to allow them to connect to my computer. Preferably an adapter that allows the best sound quality. Thanks
  50. R

    Solved! GPS Trackering devices

    Need advice about how to track sim card in my bicycle tracking device. Which android apps are compatible?
  51. L

    Solved! Can I play the sims 4 on a HP 15-ba057ca?

    I'm trying to buy a laptop compatible with the Sims 4 and expansions, please help!
  52. R

    installing a different cpu

    can installing a (compatible) previously working cpu into my pc cause bios to display slower (after 5 or 10 minutes) and my pc to not recognise my keyboard to select delete to enter settings in bios?
  53. K

    Solved! I need a cpu compatible processor for my laptob

    I searched a lot about my laptop and compatible cpu but i cant find any good answers so I decide to ask someone in this forum for help, I will give u all information u need My Laptop is Sony Vaio VPCEH2Q1E PCG 7181M ,the CPU is Intel Core i3 2350M 2.3GHz not soldered to the mobo TDP : 35...
  54. M

    Solved! Which sound bar is compatible with a toshiba rigza model 42RV635D

    Wanting to buy a soundbar for my tv but don’t know which would be compatible & if I would need any accessories to make it work... model of tv is toshiba regza..42” model 42RV635D... any help is appreciated.. thanks
  55. J

    Solved! Serial number prefix

    So I’m needing a motherboard for my philips tv. Model: 50PFL5601/F7 B and serial: DS3A1710140183 (AZ7UEUH)! My problem is I can only find one for serial number prefix DS1 and DS2 which are compatible with each other! Mine is a DS3, as you can see! I cannot find any information on what the...
  56. K

    Solved! install error "Compatibility Assistant" Corel dvd moviefactory 7

    I downloaded the trial version of Corel DVD Moviefactory pro 7 from the developer site. i tried to install on windows 10 pro x64, an error "This app can't run on this PC" my system config. I used the application till windows 7. windows 10 pro x64 16 gb RAM Asus M5A99fx pro 2.0 1 TB HDD amd...
  57. B

    Solved! Total wireless cellphone

    Just need a plane flip phone my LG from att isn't compatible but they have a 3g LG about 30$ and it's 25$ unlimited talk and text not sure what carrier but They referred me to simply wireless because I had the att phone! Need to update anyway it's from 2015 they also have a Android flip phone 4G...
  58. K

    My 2-in1 has an AES screen, Are ALL active pens compatible with it ?

    So I have a Dell which has an AES screen, Dell sells an active pen that is compatible with it which I already own....I wanna know if ALL the other active pens work with my 2-in-1...Like Surface active pens or Lenovo's or Wacom bamboo's...I am asking this because the reviews say that Dell's...
  59. A

    Can I use a att prepaid sim card on a unlocked phone, like for example the Moto e5 plus?

    I want to put a prepaid sim card on a unlocked Moto e5 plus but I don't know if they are compatible.
  60. R

    How to Set up Equipment Control in Fire TV Cube

    The Fire TV Cube is literarily a combination of Fire TV and the Echo Dot into one helping you to cut the cost of buying the tools separately. You can set up your Fire TV Cube to control your TV, AV receiver, Sound Bar equipment, and cable box or satellite receiver. When set up, you can control...