Bluetooth Headphones Not compatible with Bluetooth TV?

Nov 27, 2018
So I bought a pair of JBL E55BT and was able to pair them with my samsung UN49KS8000 TV....Problem is the sound is choppy and unacceptable. Funny thing is I have a cheap pair of wireless BT earbuds and they work just fine with the TV.

JBL tech support simply says "These are not meant for use with a TV" and "Check your TV settings"

What am I missing? Every search I do says interference, or a pairing issue but why do the cheap-o's work just fine?
Nov 27, 2018
So I've looked at the TV user manual and it says Bluetooth headset support but I cannot find what version it uses.

It also says :
Compatibility issues may occur, depending on bluetooth device. (A mobile exclusive headphone may not be available, depending on the enviornment)

So I was thinking of trying an external BT transmitter, Thoughts?
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