compatibility issues with surround sound amp

Jan 20, 2019
I have a surround sound amplifier with surround sound speakers. No HDMI inputs or outputs on the amp. Limited to RCA or s video. My direct tv box only has a video, hdmi, usb, or Digital audio options. Lastly I have a projector with hdmi inputs, s video inputs, and component inputs. I want to take the audio and video from the direct tv box, have the audio come through the amplifier, and the video go to the projector. Is this possible??
If your surround sound amplifier has DIGITAL AUDIO INPUT and your direct tv box has it too then ur good to go.

If your surround sound amplifier has only discrete multi-channel analog inputs L+R, Rears, Center, Sub blah-blah, then u won't be able to play surround, stereo-only, with the equipment you have. U got no Surround Decoder in the mix.
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