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  1. 7malligk

    Best Budget Video Editing Laptop

    Hi Everyone, I have done some pretty extensive research, but I am still looking for a good budget video editing laptop. Here are a few things I am considering. A. I am in Australia, and some ideal budget laptops in the US aren't available here or are more expensive. B. My limit is 1500 AUD but I...
  2. G

    Video editor for my low end pc

    I have 1.90 GHz i3 3rd gen cpu(the problem) with 1GB GeForce GT 740M and 12 gigs ram. Shotcut really pushes my cpu. Are there any video editing alternatives for my pc?
  3. S

    Uploading video quality issue to youtube

    Hello so I've been struggling for some time to get the quality on Youtube I'm happy with at first I put it to internet speed so I stopped trying for a bit (which was one problem at download 700kbs and upload 600kbs) now at download 29.5Mbps, upload 6.4Mbps. But I seem to be having the same...
  4. K

    videos on the internet having half of it with a border

    on some videos, online have half of my screen with a black border. this problem persists threw other browsers as I have tried watching videos on both chrome and edge. the problem is also not limited to one platform as I have seen it on both youtube and daily motion.
  5. S

    Instagram sound problem

    on 3/02/2019, while watching a video I wanted to increase my volume so when I increased the volume the sound of the video was gone, but speaker icon was there on the bottom right .so I closed the application and found that main my phone volume was also having fault after my Instagram sound was...
  6. S

    Seeking buttons on video cause lost remote

    Where are buttons
  7. A

    How to move photos and videos from sd card to oppo f5

    I transfered all my videos in the sd card of my oppo f5 but i cant see it anymore. I want to move my videos back to my phone but the problem is there is no settings of moving videos from sd card back to the phone
  8. K

    Internet speed halved when streaming videos or music (MSI GE63 8RF)

    I recently bought a GE63 8RF Raider RGB and I love it. Only problem is that, whenever I have a video going on Youtube or listening to music on Spotify, my download and upload speeds are consistently halved. They go down as soon as I start streaming something, and go back up as soon as I stop...
  9. O

    Windows 10 Audio Issues.

    So, weird issue here. I'm on Windows 10, and if I have any audio output device enabled in my PC, then I will not be able to play any video at all: any video played from my computer will freeze and only show a black screen for a video and not play at all, and Youtube videos will infinitely buffer...
  10. A

    Speakers crackling, clipping when PC audio mixing is turned up, but perfectly normal when increasing hardware volume instead.

    Video shows the problem. PC specs here: Speakers: M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Processor: Intel I7-4790K GPU: GTX 1080 SEA HAWK X Power: Corsair RM Series 650 Watt
  11. K

    Pictures and Video software organizer

    Hi all. I am looking for a software that finds both pictures and videos and allows me to transfer it in to a folder of my choice. Would any1 know of any good ones that a Full free version?
  12. T

    older model qsee dvr working great for several years. live stream works great, but unable to search for recorded past videos

    Qsee 4 camera dvr - live feed works but am now unable to search for video in the past
  13. E

    No audio between old Sony VCR & new Samsung smart TV

    No audio when using an old Sony VCR connected to a new Samsung smart TV. Suggestions please. These are not purchased videos but home recorded ones. Video is fine for such old tapes, just no sound.
  14. D

    Help retrieve data

    How do I get back pics, songs, videos, contacts from a phone that was stolen from me and put back to factory setting? Please please HELP
  15. P

    Sony Vegas 15, Huge Rendering Problem, rendered video is blurry, different color gradient and low FPS

    I just finished editting a video and when I render it, the post render is blurrier than the vegas preview, different color (slightly off) and feels like the fps is not 60 ( looks choppy). I have watched multiple videos of "best render settings" and copied those, but the post render looks the...
  16. S

    I have sound no video on laptop

    I have sound no video on laptop Netflix just sound help
  17. P

    Adding Q505UA ssd

    How do I get into this thing to add an ssd? 10 screws out. No hidden screws under the feet like a video showed with the q504. Can someone PLEASE help?
  18. E

    Fiio E10k loud static noise?

    So I've been having this problem for a few days now where sometimes my headphones will just blast this EXTREMELY loud static noise and sometimes the audio will just distort like the voices will be crackly or something? I don't really know how else to describe it. I don't really know what...
  19. J

    Amazon video stopped working on Samsung

    Two days ago, my Amazon video services topped working on my Samsung Smart ?tv Model number UE32ES550. I have contacted both Samsung and Amazon, and still not sorted the problem. When I go to the App on the tv, it tells me to go to Amazon customer services. Here is what I have tried so far: 1...
  20. S

    My vizo TVE48 - C 2 Power on and off button is broken and I don't have a remote how can I get my TV on?

    My video TV model number E48 - C 2 Power button is broken and I have no remote how do I get my TV powered back on?
  21. I

    Solved! Speaker making weird sounds

    My speakers recently started making weird buzzing sounds after 5 seconds of playing,even turning off and muting it doesnt stop it until i unplug it See the video below
  22. F

    I have deleted downloaded videos on my Netflix app but they are still on my iPhone

    Unable to remove Netflix downloads on iPhone even though they are already deleted in Netflix app
  23. A

    Dell Inspiron 1545 makes continuous beep when starting

    Hello Everyone i have a laptop dell 1545 which beeps continuously when switching it on and then after arriving to the windows startup it restart im adding a video so that you can understand it well and suggest me some solution so here is the link for the video:-...
  24. M

    Can you watch 1440p video on a Surface Laptop 2

    I recently bought a surface laptop 2 and was wondering it had a 1440p resolution.
  25. M

    Sony Vegas pro 15 rendering freeze

    When I preview a video, that later freezes it works fine, but after I have rendered said video, it then freezes for a few seconds in the video.
  26. B

    How to connect a VHS to Smart tv

    I have a very old VHS, and I wonder if it's possible to connect to a smart tv. Video Smart tv Cable that comes with smart TV Thank you very much. Best regards, Bruno
  27. J

    read books on glasses

    Looking for glasses that can show the video image from a tablet or kindle in the glases for boo reading. Anything like that out there?
  28. U

    how to fix crackling/stuttering in youtube videos?(chrome)

    how to fix the crackling noise in youtube videos in chrome? when i play movies that are on my computer, it's completely fine. so i think my laptop's speaker is fine.
  29. S

    In app video availability?

    Hey guys, I am trying to understand if there is a way to incorporate a video record & share feature within an AR App where the AR feature is activated by markers on a t-shirt and you aren't placing it on a open plane. Reason I ask is we are currently developing an app for Augmented Reality...
  30. Seaweed Monster

    Huawei laptop question, your experiences?

    Hello I am looking at the Huawei Matebook D, as a second system for web coding work, video streaming and internet use. I want something quite light, slim/thin and premium feeling body. Huawei appears a good candidate. I already have a beefy desktop system for gaming, so I am not concerned with...
  31. A

    Ideapad Y470 SSD installation

    Hi, I want to add SSD into my existing ideapad Y470, how to install and where can i find the spot of the replace/add. Any video or step really helps. Regards, Anandh
  32. D

    Insignia 50" TV no video

    I lost the picture on my 50" insignia tv. The model is NS-50D420NA16. I checked a couple of YouTube videos and learned that the backlight probably went bad. I found a possible replacement strip that needs to be replaced. However a Best Buy geek guy said I need to replace the entire panel to the...
  33. G

    Many TVs share the component video (3 RCA jacks) and composite video (1 RCA Jack) inputs. If it is set to component and you co

    I have gone through the TOSHIBA TV menu and can not find this option. Any thoughts?
  34. R

    Solved! I deleted all my photos an videos from my gallery how do I get them back. I AM USING REMI 4

    I deleted all my videos from my gallery how do I get them back
  35. S

    Pixel 3xl video mic issues

    My Pixel 3xl worked fine for a month, but about a week ago the video/top microphone went bad. Everytime I record video or try to video chat, it sounds like I'm standing next to a jet engine... loud static that drowns out everything. It needs to be RMAed, but I'm outside the US and need some...
  36. G

    compatibility issues with surround sound amp

    I have a surround sound amplifier with surround sound speakers. No HDMI inputs or outputs on the amp. Limited to RCA or s video. My direct tv box only has a video, hdmi, usb, or Digital audio options. Lastly I have a projector with hdmi inputs, s video inputs, and component inputs. I want to...
  37. C

    Random buzzing appears and cuts off other sound

    I have an Asus ROG GL703v. The problem occurs when i'm on discord chatting and playing a video game. There would a short buzzing sound, and after that sometimes the game's sound would be cut off and sometimes discord's would. It's easy to fix afterwards though. If the game's sound disappears...
  38. V

    Acer Predator Helios 300 no video anymore.

    I am having a very strange issue with my Acer Predator Helios 300. The laptop was working fine however after leaving it off for a week while I was away and now there seems to be no output whatsoever. Upon turning it on the keyboard lights come on and I can hear all the fans however the screen...
  39. T

    video temp files and other types of program questions?

    Do video editing programs create their own temp files that could fill up the OS Drive? Should they be move to another drive? Is there any other type of programs that may need to be moved off the OS Drive? What should I keep on the OS Drive and what should I relocate to another drive? Thanks...
  40. D

    Solved! help photos and videos are gone

    My photos was there and now there gone help me any one they where there one day and gone the next
  41. craftymelli7

    Android video to HD TV w/o wifi or computer

    How can I get a video off my Android phone and onto my HD TV without wifi and without using a computer?
  42. M

    Solved! How to convert a mp3 file into a video which can be uploaded to youtube?

    Hi i have some no copyright cds and tapes that i want to upload to youtube but dont have any software to convert it into video format from mp3, any suggestions of free software where i can add a photo so that its become a video format accepted by youtube or other solutions would be great
  43. S

    Lenovo Ideapad 320 lags at 4K

    When i try to play 4K movies at my Samsung 4K tv via hdmi connection,i have frame dropping issue.I have the intel i5 8250U with UHD620 integrated and MX150 dedicated graphics cards.
  44. S

    Does anyone know if there is a way to make YouTube load the entire video?

    Youtube no longer loads entire videos (presumably to save data) when you are watching. I want to know if there is still a way to bypass the DASH feature of Youtube so I can load whole videos on my computer. I know that Youtube Center exists, but it seems outdated and I cannot get it to work on...
  45. B

    Kodak PIXPRO fz43 video wont show on my computer

    I just purchased a kodak pixpro fz43 digital camera & when i try to view a video that i took with my camera on my laptop it shows up black, the audio plays but the video is somehow black. How do i fix this?
  46. A

    Video lag on Netflix and Youtube

    A few weeks ago I started having this weird problem on my Windows 10 laptop: when playing a series on Netflix, the video always freezes for a few seconds but the sound keeps playing, and then after some time the video just skips a few seconds, catching up with the audio again. The longer I watch...
  47. P

    During Video Laptop Goes Black Screen with wide green horizontal bar

    I recently got a new laptop, as my old one was getting slower and slower. Now that I got myself a Lenovo Ideapad 330, which had decent performance specs for a laptop which isn't too expensive. I got an issue now with, I believe, the internal graphics card of the laptop. Whenever I watch some...
  48. R

    Chromecast no longer casts streaming video from PC to TV

    It appears that Google has canned the ability to easily cast streaming video. I see numerous blog posts that complain that users can no longer cast to a pc. Is anyone having luck with this since Google changed the chromecast firmware?
  49. Z

    Canon EOS 800d or Sony a6000 ? (especially for video)

    I want to make product videos or close video shots on a flat surface. Other then that camera will be used for our personal photos. In my country, I can buy EOS 800d with 18-55 IS STM kit lens around 571 USD I can buy Sony a6000 with 16-50 kit lens around 540 USD I dont have any kind of camera...
  50. W

    View sonic projector

    I have a Viewsonic projector it's about 10 years old. It is connected to the AV receiver currently. It has S/Video, Video, VGA and RS 232 connectors. The AV receiver is broke so I want to by pass the receiver and connect it directly to Roku and connect Bluetooth speaker system. I want to...
  51. B

    streaming with Kodi and HD surround sound

    If I stream my mkv videos through Kodi, will the HD surround sound such as DTS HD MA be streamed as well? I would like to stream my movie selection from my Windows 10 PC to an android device such as Shield TV through my receiver.
  52. R

    pc play video but no sound ,,help me plz

    hp laptop play video but have no voice ,,,what reason
  53. L

    Creating DVD for DVD Players

    The only DVD's that will play on my DVD Player have a file structure with a file folder of Video_TS that contains Video_TS_BUP, Video_TS_BUP and Video_VOB files. I have an MP4 file and used video converters that say they will create mpeg_2 files, but they only produce a VOB file that will not...
  54. A

    Need Video Sample

    Can you give me a video sample of a camera below with 5 CMOS sensor? I just want to see how it shoots. Digital Camcorder
  55. J

    What do I need to get Prime Video on my 2004 52” Samsung TV

    I have an older model 52” Samsung TV. What do ai need to get Amazon Prime Video installed on it?
  56. T

    Solved! windows 10 hp desktop need sound separated

    i have a windows 10 hp desktop hooked up with two screens, I want to be able to listen to one video on one screen and one on the other, by speaker and headphone. My son watches you tube along side me when I am working. As long as I'm there he doesn't seem to mind that I'm not at full attention...
  57. T

    Prime video stopped streaming

    All of a sudden when I try to stream Pime video it just loops around to the home Sharp Roku TV menu.
  58. A

    Solved! I have galaxy note 3 and I can't play music nor videos and can't make call either

    It all happen just once I was playing game called Darkness rises all over the phone turn off it self and reboot that's all were the problem begins