Solved! When I scroll it holds down on Left Mouse Button.

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Jan 8, 2019
Literally the title. When I try to scroll down a page it autoselects everything! This happens only when I use my scroll. Another example of this is when I play video games, I usually switch my weapons with mouse scroll. But since when I scroll it holds left mouse button It automatically shoots the weapon when I try to switch! To fix this I have to click LMB again.

But the problem is not in the mouse I believe. I tried to replicate this on my friends PC and my mouse worked fine without any issues. With this inmind I believe its something thats on my Laptop.
To fix this I have tried uptading the mouse drivers and resetting my mouse settings. Nothing helped.
What could be causing this? I literally makes no sense If the problem isnt in the Mouse. Any help would be appriciated!

Lenovo Y50 Laptop
Mouse is BLOODY V7

example of scrolling down :
Jan 8, 2019

Probably yeah. I might have to try it again confirm this though
What different settings can It have?

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