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  1. Marshall Honorof

    Review Roccat Kova Aimo Review: A Great Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Under $50

    The Roccat Kova Aimo is fully ambidextrous and performs well, making it an excellent bargain, no matter which hand you favor. Roccat Kova Aimo Review: A Great Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Under $50 : Read more
  2. H

    Could my USB ports be ''burned''?

    Hi, I’ve connected my Mobius usb cable to my laptop, in the same time my mouse was connected to the other USB port. As soon as I connected the Mobius, my laptop switched off. I disconnected the Mobius, and restarted my laptop. Now all of the USB ports work without that one some my mouse was...
  3. O

    Fix USB keyboard not recognized on all ports without reinstalling Windows 10

    When I connect my USB keyboard, the keyboard isn't recognised (on all ports). (screenshot) Screenshot from Device manager. Screenshot from Device Remover with details. Most probably this is due to some recent Windows 10 Update (There was a previously reported issue for KB4074588 update that...
  4. M

    Trackpad not working

    Please, i have an acer E5-511 Laptop, Windows 10 Home September 2018 update, Trackpad isn't working, i have tried almost everything; it wasnt listed in the device manager, an external mouse is working perfectly. But i am so bothered about the trackpad, i have also tried reinstalling windows 10...
  5. N

    how to get a mouse and keyboard paired with tablet

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to connect a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to my Samsung galaxy tab A 7.0. I am aware that i can only connect 1 device at a time, so i was wondering if a OTG (on the go) cable would work for a mouse and pairing my keyboard with the tablets built in...
  6. W

    Computer stop responding, but mouse keeps working

    Hi, I have an old notebook, HP 530 with Windows 7 Ultimate. It was working fine so far but sometimes the computer freezes, it doesnt respond to any key/command but i can move the mouse just fine but i cant click anything, also i can connect to that computer files on LAN OK too. And if i start...
  7. J

    My cursor disappears when I take the mouse out

    I have Windows 10 laptop can't use without mouse as no cursor appears
  8. C

    Acer computer won’t let me log in frozen

    My acer destop stays on start up screen mouse works No power button or restart. Mouse works fine
  9. A

    no DVD player for mouse

    I am thinking about buying a Redragon M601-BA Wired Gaming Mouse,I dont have a dvd player in my pc tho and in the pics it shows that it comes with a cd.would the mouse work if i dont put in the cd?
  10. T

    Touch Screen / Mouse out of Control

    I have Acer aspire R14 laptop running Windows 10. I've had this machine for about 8 months now and have loved it. Over the last while now I've had an issue where I suddenly lose control of the mouse - the cursor starts jumping all over opening random things. I get the grey circles as when one...
  11. B

    Dell e4310 problem mouse

    i have a problem with my usb Mouse laptop Dell e4310 windows 10 / 64 bits
  12. C

    Tried fn,f6 didn’t work on my gateway laptop

    My screens blue and flashing winzipdriver updates and still can’t find my mouse
  13. L

    enabling mouse for asus k751m

    unable to use mouse on asus k571m
  14. R

    How to Use the Mouse Toggle App on your Amazon Fire TV

    When you use your Smart TV, you may find it itchy sometimes that you have to press keys on your remote to navigate or type constantly. Well, in computers, the Mouse solves the problem. Similarly, Amazon Fire TV now supports the Mouse Toggle App which you can use once you are inside an app. It...
  15. A

    Can I use a monitors refresh rate?

    So I just got a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. So I was wondering if can use my monitors refresh rate it’s 75hz and obviously my laptops is 60 I was wondering if for games like cs I could make it 75 since I’m using my monitor and it’s all connected and working I was just wondering about that...
  16. J

    usb mouse not working

    I have Windows 7. I plugged in my wired mouse and it lights up, but it doesn't control the little arrow on the screen. I did right click and it opened a little menu. Any suggestions to get it to move the arrow on the screen? Thanks!
  17. D

    When I scroll it holds down on Left Mouse Button.

    Literally the title. When I try to scroll down a page it autoselects everything! This happens only when I use my scroll. Another example of this is when I play video games, I usually switch my weapons with mouse scroll. But since when I scroll it holds left mouse button It automatically shoots...
  18. M

    Solved! Just got a FX-3850 and windows crashes after 5 mins

    I just got my FX-3850 in the mail. Decided to throw it in the mobo, but after letting windows start and about 5 mins in. It freezes. Keyboard and mouse stop, nothing works and I have to do a hard restart. I have updated my bios, and just recently had to put my phenom back in to make this post...
  19. S

    My cat sat on my keyboard on my laptop and now the keyboard is locked up [SOLVED]

    Keyboard locked out on laptop. External keyboard still does not respond. Mouse not affected. Friend tried turning it off to reboot it and now cant even log on
  20. N

    I bought a new Corsair M65 pro and my cursor will move but I cant use left or right click

    My mouse won't detect on the iCUE software and I can't use the left click, right click but the DPI, side, scroll wheel and sniper buttons still work.
  21. P

    Hp laptop notebook

    Tripped over mouse chord, computer won't boot
  22. O

    Software that replicates mouse/keyboard presses ?

    opticalillusion Basically I need software that replicates mouse keys and possibly a few keys on the keyboard ...like 1-4 and Shift and A S D W F(but if thats impossible then it only needs to replicate one key--the left mouse button but would be better if both) into multiple windows or multiple...
  23. V

    When I turn on my conputer, it only says lenovo and nothing else

    Keyboard and mouse lighting work. No spinning windows loading thing, just lenovo. Computer Laptop is a lenovo y50-70 Windows 10)
  24. C

    I've cut my usb mouse wire and re attached it but mouse not working anymore

    So as i said i have cut my usb mouse wire in half (btw the mouse was working just fine before this) for a reason (i don't want to get into it to not make this longer) but then i tried to re attach it by splycing the wires inside the usb cable of both sides together each with its matching color...
  25. A

    Using Python to output keyboard strokes and mouse movement

    I don't know how to word this concept as a question, but simply I want to make a rubber ducky out of raspberry pi, and I was wondering if it is possible to output keyboard strokes and/or mouse movement from USB female connections on the RPi, using some kind of Python library or API that runs on...
  26. D

    Solved! Several steam suddenly do "hard exit"

    I have no clue why, perhaps it's connected to my mouse trouble (all usb powersaving is off and got updated driver, even got logitech gaming software 9.02.65). got 16 gb ram, 12gb accesible(according to sys info) asrock a58m-e mobo ryzen 7 1800x cpu radeon rx 580 gpu and the mouse is from the...
  27. G

    Solved! Trackpad doesn't work after unplugging mouse

    Hi, I have been using an Amazon mouse with my new GS65 Win 10 Home laptop and whenever I unplug the mouse the trackpad doesn't work. Also, is there a setting somewhere that will smooth the pixels of movies on Netflix? I rewatched Good Will Hunting just now and the image was made up of square...
  28. S

    My mouse problem

    Help, i have a problem with my mouse (Steelseries Sensei Pro). The cursor randomly stops working but the lights on the mouse is still lit. The only thing i can do is to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from my pc, but that sometimes doesnt work. It's getting really annoying and frustrating.
  29. S

    Solved! my hp envy ae008tx laptop, is making grinding, scratching, buzzing sound

    my hp envy ae008tx laptop, is making grinding, scratching, buzzing sound while scrolling mouse or playing any videos when i am using it without AC charger, when charger is plug in its working fine but whenever i am removing charger and scrolling mouse it starts again . I have even changed 3...
  30. rcfmitch

    Asus X751Na continually restarts , mouse freezes. Hard reboot.

    Asus X751Na continually restarts after Dec 13 th Win 10 Update, ( every 5 minutes on the clock) tried all kinds of power settings. and uninstall windows updates, notta. ths Asus had a full reformat with brand new WD HDD, 1 week ago.. i did get one " a critical hardware failure has occurred...
  31. C

    Solved! My Toshiba Satellite laptop

    My Toshiba Satellite laptop is stuck on a black screen with the mouse. I've tried sticky keys and using Alt Control Delete but nothing works. I cant factory reset using "0" or F12 thanks to the bios password. Someone help me please :??:
  32. T

    Solved! All usb ports are dead but my laptop still works

    I can still use my laptop but i can't use usb mouse because all of my usb ports are dead and my trackpad is also dead what solutions i can do to fix this?
  33. W

    Solved! mousepad and mouse problem

    my mousepad doesnt work and my mouse is almost broken what do i do?
  34. D

    Solved! Lenovo laptop win 10

    Weird start ups. Now mouse not working at all. Need to start in safe mode but forgot how. Help
  35. A

    My laptop has another screen on top that zooms wherever the mouse lands

    The laptop has a screen window on top of the other screen where the bottom one is normal but the top one zooms where the mouse moves to
  36. F

    The touchpad on my laptop is working to move the mouse only at the top of the pad and even sometimes it stops moving it. What

    Only the top half inch of the pad moves the cursor and when I do highlight something I want to click with the bottom of the pad it works so what's going on and what can I do? It is a Dell Inspiron 15, 7000 series. Thanks
  37. K

    Mouse Acting Wierd all the sudden

    Hi all Currently im using windows 7 on my laptop and use cheap mouse (i have no idea what brand) since im not using my laptop for gaming .lately my mouse or maybe my OS? acting really wierd ,if i click once my left mouse ,it act as double click so i though it because hardware issue or...
  38. F

    lenovo yoga 720 keyboard and mouse not working

    hello, I just got a lenovo yoga 720 15lkb ideapad, it was all good but keybooard and mouse stopped working, also keyboard backlight was off. I updated every driver with snappy driver installer, reinstalled windows and installed driver with driver booster, reinstalled windows and installed...
  39. D

    Solved! GIGABYTE m6900 isn't working when i turn on my laptop

    I use my laptop as a desktop PC so i have my mouse, a monitor and a keyboard plugged into it. The problem is that when i turn it on the mouse isn't working, it doesn't even light up. When I unplugg it and plug it in again, then it works properly. I checked the device manager and there isn't a...
  40. B

    Solved! I can't operate my Dell Inspiron 1100 I shut the mouse off and I can't get the keyboard to work at all ...only thing I know i

    Is there any other way to get the keyboard to work . I needed the mouse any wayy....My .daughter spilled some pop on it and it was starting to work a little but,I turned the mouse off and can't access it at all can you help
  41. D

    Problem on ASUS X551C

    Hello. I have a problem with a laptop, if you guys my assit me. Its a asus X551C. It has windows 10 pro x64bit on it. Now the Problem is the keyboard, And mouse. When upon first install of the OS and installing the drivers from ASUS Everything works fine, keyboard and mouse. Asoon as i...
  42. I

    Solved! Spilled water and keyboard/mouse messed up

    I Have a HP Notebook - 15-ay013nr and I recently spilled water on the keyboard. I did my best to clean it right away but after a couple of minutes my track pad would have problems, freezing up randomly. So I kept restarting it until my keyboard ended up messing up. Some keys would function, but...
  43. G

    Solved! Hp 8730w USB ports stopped working

    All of a sudden my mouse stopped working, then I noticed that all of my USB ports were not working. Used the Windows device manager and uninstalled the unknowns from my USB ports. When I reinstalled my devices new drivers were installed and most of my USB devices are working. But my mouse is...
  44. R

    Solved! USB Mouse Issue

    Lately, my mouse has an issue. So whenever I put my USB chip it and turn my mouse on the light turns on, and so I assume that my mouse works, but when I move my mouse the cursor on my screen doesn't move. I am really frustrated and I don't have any other mouses that I can use. If anyone knows a...
  45. P

    Vivo y69 cant connect to wireless keyboard & mouse

    I have problem with my device, after i connect usb dongle for mouse & keybord, there is no notification in notification bar, the mouse alredy on but no currosor in my phone, Thanks
  46. T

    The screen on my laptop flashes on and off. How can I stop this?

    My laptop turns on fine, but the screen flashes on and off. If I move the mouse, it comes back on again for a second, then goes black. Everytime I move the mouse the screen will flash back on again. The laptop isn't used everyday. It is purely to run my ribbon printing.
  47. Y

    i have problems with my mouse and USB ports

    I have a mouse that won't work all the time sometimes it works sometimes it will wiggle and not connect it also instead of it staying one color and changing it flashes.
  48. W

    How to get keyboard going on apple macbook

    Keyboard and mouse not working
  49. D

    MSI Leopard Pro Mouse not working

    so not too long ago I bought a new MSI Leopard Pro. At first, the mouse I used was my old one. It worked fine, but eventually started acting weird. And then it just kind of stopped working and I've assumed it just broke on its own. then I got a mouse for about 5 euros, from a store called the...
  50. S

    Solved! have nine monitor setup need to find a program that can manage the mouse better

    Hi all, I have a nine-monitor set up for my stock market trading. (below is a link of the layout on imgur) https://imgur.com/a/kzyYW9o In win7 screen resolution manager, the layout order I have is 6 screens joined together vertically then 3 screens joined to that vertical block in an L shape...
  51. M

    keyboard or mouse sleeps. One keystroke wakes keyboard up.

    Either my keyboard or my mouse sleeps. One keystroke wakes keyboard up. The keystrokes seem to fill a buffer and there is a delay before I see them often with the first one missing. I am on Win 10. I have tried all the advice easily found with a search.
  52. D

    Toshiba satellite mouse stopped working

    Mouse stopped working, unable to system restore...New battery inserted....
  53. R

    What will happen if the lenovo ideapad 100 mouse and keyboard isnt working?what will i do?

    What will i do if my lenovo ideapad 100 keyboard and mouse isnt working?
  54. M

    my new mouse prevent pc sleep !!

    I bought a new mouse for my PC but since I plugged it , the PC can't sleep.when I press sleep it begin to sleep then the PC immediately wakes up.I unchecked the checkbox which say "allow this device to wake the computer" but the problem not solved
  55. A

    Alienware keyboard problem

    I have a Alienware 14 and recently I have been having an issue where when my laptop sleeps the keyboards and mouse pad don’t work, the external mouse zooms if I scroll, and every time I open anything it asked for admin permission.
  56. C

    My usb mouse isn't working

    My wireless mouse isn't working, the light is on but it wont move. what do I do?
  57. C

    Keyboard and Mouse stuttering in laptop

    I've got a problem with my laptop. It's a few years Old laptop in which the keyboard and Mouse (as it can be seen in thread) freezes every second. What i did with this laptop was opening it and cleaning with thermal paste changing on cpu+GPU. I've did this many Times on other laptop without an...
  58. S

    Website Mouse Protection

    I'm running Windows 10, x86, on my Lenovo laptop. Today, I read an article about "Partnerstroka", the malware that hijacks the JavaScript and your mouse. That reminded me of a phenomenon that I am experiencing more and more, even on this great site, where, every single time you move your mouse...
  59. K

    How do I disable touchpad on Inspiron 1545 laptop

    Too sensitive and I like using mouse instead.
  60. M

    MSI laptop - right click and left click are switched for touchpad but not for mouse

    A while ago I temporarily changed the settings of my mouse: right button = primary button. Now I've changed it back to normal… But the touchpad doesn't agree: whatever I do, the touchpad does the other way around from the mouse. Change primary button to left: mouse uses left button, but...