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    Mouse Lag / Freezing

    I recently got a problem where my mouse keeps freezing/lagging randomly... 3 days ago I moved my PC to a different room. Before moving it, I had no problems, everything was perfect... but after moving it and plugging everything back in, My cursor started to lag/freeze... I have tried many...
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    Fortnite Battle Royale - Mouse Sensitivity Guide

    Fortnite Battle Royale is just like other shooter games when it comes to mouse movements. You will have to experiment with different mouse settings to get the one that suits your style. So, if you want to know how you can achieve optimal mouse settings, then refer to the guide below: Turning...
  3. G

    Mouse stopped working, buttons don't work, lights don't work, cursor doesn't move.

    Hi, I just bought a new mouse and suddenly it stopped working. Cursor doesn't move, buttons don't work, all lights turned off. I have a mouse that has a setting where it lights up. When I use this setting there is 1 lamp that is flashing. I had the same problem with my previous mouse so I am...
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    Fortnite Battle Royale - Mouse Sensitivity Guide

    Fortnite Battle Royale is just like other shooter games when it comes to mouse movements. You will have to experiment with different mouse settings to get the one that suits your style. So, if you want to know how you can achieve optimal mouse settings, then refer to the guide below: Turning...
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    ROBLOX | Mouse Troubles

    Hello! I got a laptop - Dell Inspiron 7577, and I am getting mouse troubles, when i play any game, especially some First Player game, my mouse moving not that smoothly, it ran very smooth on old laptop that has very bad hardware, now I have good hardware, and I am still getting some lags, and...
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    Surface pro usb mouse and keyboard issues. Both show cursor moving but I can't click on anything.

    I have a surface pro and I have a usb mouse and the keyboard that clicks on. All of a sudden the mouse and keyboard won't work. I can move the cursor with both but neither will let me click on anything, even to save my document. I have tried control, alt, delete and it bring up the menu...
  7. U

    mouse or keyboard problem

    have trouble with keyboard and mouse.. I first notice it when I was typing in the search bar.. when typing sometimes after 4 characters it goes back from the beginning of the textbox.. and sometimes when highlighting it keeps going back on the top.. just like PAGE UP button do. trying using on...
  8. L

    A ghost is haunting my laptop's mouse

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvqEwBpovaE&feature=youtu.be A ghost is haunting my laptop's mouse, seems she does not want me to move the mouse, anytime i tried, the mouse goes back to the same spot, around 6pm spot, sometimes it apears as a balloon, sometimes as a square box, sometimes...
  9. M

    Internal keyboard and Mouse

    Hello, Internal keyboard and touchpad is not working properly while usb keyboard and mouse works fine.. Keyboard is taqking input when i press the keystroke for 2 or 3 seconds...like i press "a" for 2 second then after that a appears... same is for the touchpad..it is also responding late...
  10. K

    usb is not working , pen drive is not shown

    usb port is not working only mouse is run but pendrive is not shown
  11. J

    Hi guys I have thise laptop two years now and my mouse move but I can't touch on nothing

    Guys am into settings and help me plz fix thise problem my touchpad move but I can't klick on nothing
  12. L

    need help with lapptop mouse pad

    my mouse pad has been uninstalled by my friend and was joking around but couldnt get it back we tried installing it back on but hasnt worked, its been removed from my laptop and not showing up on my device manager! help?
  13. A

    Wireless USB Mouse Not Working

    Why does my wireless USB mouse not work on my laptop although it works on other devices and my laptop ports work with other things?
  14. J

    My Keyboard stopped working

    My keyboard stopped working, my mouse is working fine it's just when I try to type it doesn't put the letter or number it just does this weird sound.. I tried disconnecting it but it still didn't work, My keyboard isn't wireless and I'm on a computer.. Please help, if you can.
  15. D

    How to disable keyboard but still keep the mousepad

    Hi, I have this laptop that the built-in-keyboard does not work! I was hoping to disable this but still key the mouse pad. Please help me...
  16. A

    New Dell Laptop Mouse not working

    I have a new (just out of the box) Dell Inspiron 15 3567 laptop 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i3-7130U processor. I have done all shown updates for Win 10, firmware, etc. I cannot get a wireless mouse to work, have tried 3 different. I have put the dongle in the USB port and have the mouse right in front...
  17. T

    MSI afterburner 4.5 causing FPS drop with mouse movement

    so i recently builded my pc and i was testing some games with rivatunner overlay and it was working fine , and now suddenly when i use it , when i move my mouse my fps drop a lot, and when i close the program it goes back to normal ( this happened after i installed csgo but i dont think it's the...
  18. T

    Msi afterburmer crashed my pc

    I tried to use msi afterburner to overclock my gpu but I had no gpu and my pc froze now I have no mouse imput and no keyboard imput that means I cannot use my pc but the screen isnt groze because the time on
  19. M

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Controls for Faster Building

    In Fortnite Battle Royale, many players are often confused with what control settings should be used. The primary reason for this is because unlike the other FPS games, Fortnite has a plethora of functions and it can become frustrating to manage controls for all the functions. One of those...
  20. K

    My mouse or touch screen no longer works. I have reset everything, restarted it and still nothing so what can I do I have no p

    My mouse or touch screen no longer works. I have reset everything, restarted it and still nothing so what can I do I have no Pointer or touchscreen. I have to scroll up, down, side to side and tab my way around. Just bought it open box and it’s had everything I want but nothing is working! HELP!
  21. C

    mouse wont work with acer chromebook R11

    mouse won't work with Acer Chromebook R11
  22. P

    Notebook hangs out but keyboard and mouse can move but nothing can be clicked.

    So, i've been having this issue for around 1 year and i cant fix it...I tryed everything like chkdsk, memtest...I replaced the disk with other but continues to hangs even in safe mode....So what could be the problem here?I've cleaned the cooler and i put thermal paste in the gpu and cpu but...
  23. A

    how to control screen/ mouse

    can not control screen it drops to the bottom of the page and hitting home will bring it back to the top, but if I try to use the mouse it drops back to the botttom.
  24. A

    Solved! When i am turning on my acer NE4RS mouse isn't appearing and i am not able to click to insert my password

    When i turned on my acer gateway NE4RS it doesnt show the cursor and i am not able to click on my switch user account so that i can input my password ... help me fixing in it
  25. V

    Laptop freezes after turning on

    My lenovo idea pad 320 laptop turns on and after that my laptop gets freeze doesn't allow me to access my computer , wherever I click my mouse it gets that small processing circle on mouse and gets freeze please help what to do??
  26. B

    get my laptop to respond to clicks

    My laptop won't respond to clicks with the built in mouse or the cordless mouse.
  27. X

    Best gaming mouse under $40?

    Looking for a gaming mouse, my budget is around $40, I mostly play FPS games. Currently looking at the Corsair Harpoon, any suggestions or recommendations?
  28. W

    My Toshiba satellite keyboard or mouse pad won't respond boot on

    Laptop turns on but absolutely nothing else
  29. F

    Disappearing trackpad pointer in Dell XPS 13 2018 version

    I have the 2018 Dell XPS 13. The trackpad pointer disappears intermittently, sometimes the laptop also hangs when this happens. I have never tried using a mouse so I don’t know if this will also happen with a mouse.
  30. A

    Good mouse for gaming?

    I have large hands and i don't mind heavyweight mouse's. Please advise some good models. I am thinking about g502 or ss rival 310 thanks!
  31. P

    James Donkey Software Problem

    I'm using this James Donkey 007 mouse for a year. But for 1week, there is a problem about software which wont allow me to Log in with my account https://hizliresim.com/modVo4] And if i use 'Standalone' section software wont let me go into mouse settings and show me a buy link and reset link...
  32. H

    How can i use my keyboard abd mouse simultaneously while gaming?

    I cant get my keyboad and mouse to work at the same time and its irritating me while gaming does anyone know a fix to this? Windows 10 Asus fx553v
  33. T

    Trackpad isnt showing up

    I bought a new laptop yesterday and everything was working fine but today i turned it on and the mouse wasnt showing up on the screen when using the trackpad. When i use my mouse however, it shows up on the screen and is working normally. When i try do re-install the drivers from the asus...
  34. R

    what buttons will disable my touchpad

    I have a new mouse pad and I need to disable my touchpad on my laptop
  35. B

    My keypad mouse

    I have a touchpad on laptop and it stopped working
  36. P

    reboot wireless mouse by unplugging and replugging receiver

    My mouse just stopped working. Its a wireless... Bornd... and has performed flawlessly till now for about three years. There was no warning... it just stopped moving the cursor. I changed the batteries and carefully reinserted it... still no mouse. I consulted this site and another wireless...
  37. A

    Splitter not picking up boom mic only headset mic

    I have a mic in my headset which has bad quality but have a much better boom mic when I plug in the splitter for both no matter what it picks up only the worse one, however, plugged in separately (and awkwardly) the boom mic works, how can I fix this?
  38. P

    Solved! advice leads to non-functioning laptop

    I have an HP Folio 13 2000 running Windows 10. I've had weird issues, like * random erratic mouse movement * touchpad would stop working out of the blue * keyboard would stop working out of the blue I posted this on an hp forum. An HP intern suggested 2 things: * get missing drivers updated -...
  39. G

    Lenovo ideapad 300 all of the sudden the mouse won't work

    I'm suddenly having problems worry the mouse on the laptop. Installed my wireless mouse and that is working on and off
  40. D

    toshiba satellite c75d-b keyboard and mouse stopped working

    toshiba satellite c75d-b keyboard and mouse stopped working, how do I restart them
  41. M

    Can't find mouse DPI

    Hi. Recently I bought a gaming mouse, and I would like to know my DPI, but it doesn't show me in numbers. My mouse is Modecom Volcano MC-GMX3.
  42. Y

    Solved! System Administrator, can't log in and mouse doesn't work or clicking it had no affect

    So i rebooted my Asus laptop. But as i come onto the login screen. My mouse pad doesnt work nor can i log in. It just says con
  43. P

    water spilt, laptop's touchscreen not working nor keyboard and mouse

    My sister spilt water on my laptop about 6 months ago and i want to fix it. i ca turn the laptop on and the screen comes on but i cant use the touchscreen or the keboard or the mouse and they're the only things wrong i believe. can someone please help me , is it the motherboard, circuits? and...
  44. S

    Suggest me any mouse program software

    i got this mouse from anitech call ZX920. it has button which double left click and i click it. can i reprogram it?
  45. D

    Solved! Mouse pointer jumps around uncontrollably and remote tech support can’t fix.

    I have a problem with the mouse pointer jumping all over uncontrollably. Lenovo tech support has wiped the hard drive and reinstalled to factory settings. The problem persists. Would replacing the hard drive fix the problem?
  46. Z

    Touchpad doesn't work

    i cannot do anything with my touchpad. it doesn't work. i look for touchpad setting in my devices setting but it only shows mouse which i have just plugged in and i cannot find nothing about the touchpad in my setting.
  47. Shaun98

    Just bought monitor speakers and can hear my mouse movements and other feedback noise

    Hi, I have just bought two KRK Rokit RP5 monitor speakers as my friend has them and they sounded great however i just got my 2 setup and have horrible loud static noises running through them. Weirdly enough its as if when i scroll my mouse or move round my screen i can hear it worse. ive read up...
  48. M

    Mouse delay in games

    I have recently bought a laptop from my friend and the laptop came with all his files, I had to force reset by formatting the hard drive as it did not want to reset. Anyway, after I got windows installed I downloaded PUBG and Fortnite and in both of the games, there is mouse delay. It makes the...
  49. A

    Desktop Screen Issue. HELP!

    At the very top of my desktop screen there is a thin line where you can see the reflection of the task bar and when i place mouse at the very bottom of the taskbar i can also see the reflection of the mouse. can someone help me with this issue? thanks
  50. C

    My computer or mouse

    so i been having this problem with 2 mouses now that work fine on my other devices so it might be my computer but when ever i try to go down with my mouse it starts trying to go down like its being dragged really slow down the screen same when i try to go up but the weird thing is when i move it...
  51. S

    keyboard and mouse not working but hard disk is working

    what is problem please information
  52. packersfan036

    need help....mouse curser freezes sometimes

    my mouse curser freezes sometimes web page freezes etc, also right click on mouse takes a few seconds to come up on the screen. please help. windows 10 Lenovo legion y520 gaming laptop. also ive tried using a different mouse to. and mouse is hooked up to the usb on my laptop cooler.
  53. S

    Click mouse with voice using software for gaming?

    Any help would be great thanks Regards
  54. D

    Fix my mouse and keypad

    Keyboard and mouse stopped
  55. J

    cursor moves when typing or idle and opens up programs

    My cursor on my PC moves when I am typing and when it is idle. It opens up random programs. I replaced keyboard and mouse but it still continues to jump around
  56. M

    Razer Mouse Problem

    Hello i got a problem with my deathadder mouse i got it 2 years ago or something it is good but now it goes off every 1 min or something like this when i game but it doesn't when i'm browsing i tried to update the driver and it keeps doin this i tried to un plug it and re plug it same change the...