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  1. K

    Cursor jumps around, deletes or highlights at random

    ASUS notebook with mouse, ■ without mouse or standiing on head! Looks like this if I type more then one character a second tanding headon ding e, stansg re mo te onhen charaecondper scter Please help! Removed
  2. T

    There are only lines and no numbers to represent what dpi it is ? How am i meant to know what dpi each line represents ?

    Mouse DPI problem, the lines on "Pointer options" do not display what dpi each line represents.
  3. V

    REALLY STRANGE USB PORT PROBLEMS (tried a lot of stuff to fix it)

    Laptop: ASUS K53TA bought in 2013 Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Keyboard: Logitech K120 regular business keyboard Headset: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum P.S. I usually play on a PC I wouldn't buy this stuff if i was gaming on this laptop but It's about 200 km away from me so this will do :)...
  4. S

    I need help

    Hi i have a samsung notebook and when it's turned on it has a black screen with the mouse curser
  5. A

    Dell Inspiron 17 5765 - Mouse issues

    I have a Dell Inspiron 17 5765with Win 10, the touchpad works but no other mouse will. I have three mice 2 are wireless and one is not, they work on other computers with no issues. I can use other USB devices on the Dell laptop including my printer. I have manually installed the drivers for...
  6. A

    mouse lag in games

    My mouse does not work during gaming sessions, it is wireless and often it lags, freeze or move jerky. I have already update all driver, tried to uninstall them and I tried everything i see in the internet. I usually play Rainbow six and the problem is very evident; my computer is an acer vx15...
  7. U

    ELAN Mouse Trackpad doesn't work

    Today I turned of some services and startup soft on msconfig and noticed that my laptops trackpad got messed up - only the tracking and the buttons work (but all the other abilities of the trackpad became disabled like the scrolling and double finger press etc.) I turned all services and soft...
  8. B

    computer does not recognize mouse and keyboard

    Hello! i know that this question was probably asked many times but i could not find a solution that fixed my problem, but i think this forum's community might be helpful. The issue is that if i connect a mouse and a keyboard do my computer, they won't work. My laptopt is HP ProBook 450 G3. I...
  9. L

    HP Notebook 15-an050nr: all USB ports stopped working

    Hi, This morning, I woke up and powered on my laptop to find that my mouse was not working. I plugged it into the 2 other USB ports with no success. My laptop is running Windows 10 64 bit I did some troubleshooting, here are my findings: 1. I tried the mice in another computer and it works...
  10. A

    Virus affecting my peripherals (mouse/keyboard)

    Yesterday, after I rebooted my PC my mouse pointer was gone. I tried to reboot again and this time there was a pointer but I was unable to move it. I tried other mice/USB ports and they didnt work either. Note that they all recieved power, but nothing else worked. When I looked in device...
  11. S

    Mouse pointer is moving but its not working.. I m sticker in opening screen. I couldn't even enter the password and even I can

    Mouse pointer moving but its not clicking on anything... M stucked on opening window screen. I have set the password now it's not clicking so I m not able to enter my password and even I can't shutdown and restart the laptop
  12. B

    USB mouse not working

    My mouse is not working for some reason. I plugged it in and its lights turned on for a few seconds and then off, while the lights were on the cursor couldn't be moved either. I tried to use another mouse and it didn't work either and the previous mouse worked on another PC so I think it's...
  13. C

    mouse right and left click not working on windows 10

    hello, I updated my Acer aspire r15 with Intel i5 processor to the latest version of Windows 10 and them all of the sudden my razer naga chroma could move but it could not use the left or right mouse buttons this also applies to the touchpad and any other external mouse I have tried restarting...
  14. R

    laptop touch pad not working

    hello my dell laptop mouse touch page has been not working i have try to download latest mouse driver and try to go to controls panel setting and mouse setting and try setting but my mouse touch pad is not workings.... my service tag is = removed by Moderator.
  15. A

    Notebook Wirless Mouse

    Hello Guys, My notebook was stolen from my room 3 days ago.. But still sometimes my wirless 2.4g mouse automatically got connected .... but its reviever(usb dongle) is with the notebook. so is that means someone use my notbook within the range and if it is then is there any way to trace my...
  16. N

    Mouse (touchpad)does not select anything on screen

    But: i got one problem that mouse moves but does not select anything on scree need solution for that????
  17. J

    whenever i plug in my mouse it wont work, but if i plug anything else into the usb ports it does, the mouse isnt broken

    whenever i plug in my mouse it wont work, but if i plug anything else into the usb ports it does, the mouse isnt broken. i need help
  18. B

    Caps lock indicator

    I have a Toshiba PA5226U-1ETB wireless keyboard and mouse and there is no "Caps Lock" light or other caps lock indicator
  19. M

    Macro multi key?

    Can I create a macro where if I click a button on my mouse the first time it does the wheel up function and if I press it again it does the wheel down function. So it’s a slot Switch Macro without a Delay(manually switching) or 1 Button with 2 Cycle functions. Please help
  20. D

    My Acer laptop has crashed and won't turn off what can I do ?

    I opend an app on my laptop and it has crashed anytime I press keys it's not doing owt and when I move my mouse it's not moving and it won't turn off
  21. K

    Laptop won't turn on when dims

    My laptop has been acting up since around 2 days ago. So my laptop will work normally, until I leave for a bit and it dims from inactivity. When it dims and I shake the mouse, keypad, or press buttons on the keyboard it won't respond, it'll keep that grey/dim screen and then I have to restart...
  22. P

    Ok, so I have a big black spot on my acer pc screen. When I drag my mouse into it it just, dissapears! Just like any other th

    Ok, so I have a big black spot on my acer pc screen. When I drag my mouse into it it just, dissapears! Just like any other things that are there! Help!
  23. W

    Right mouse button acts like it's constantly pressed, even if it's not

    2 days ago i was playing on my laptop (MSI Apache Pro GE62 6QD) and suddenly my RMB started acting up, at first it was triggering with the lightest pressure on it but after a while it was like it was constantly pressed. My guess is that a drop of sweat from my hand got under the button, if so...
  24. J

    mouse won't click on certain things (like option to choose amounts etc.) do I need a new mouse?

    my mouse won't click on some things (like the quantity option) I'm trying to buy something and it won't let me choose the size etc.. I have this problem on every website so I assume it's MY mouse
  25. W

    Gateway NE56R41U touchpad mouse isn't working. How do i fix this problem

    The Mouse touchpad on my Gateway NE56R41U Laptop stopped working . I don't know how to fix the issue. HELP PLEASE
  26. M

    Solved! USB wired mouse light not working, cursor not moving

    I have been using this mouse for about half a year and i haven't had a problem with it, until this morning i turned on my computer and the optical light doesn't turn on, but all the buttons work, and the laptop touchpad works too. I've tried plugging in another mouse, tried all the usb ports...
  27. G

    Storage not recognized in USB ports, but other devices(mouse) are.

    I have a lenovo Ideapad 700 laptop, and the two USB ports on the right side won't recognize my pendrive, but both will work with a mouse. (Update: they also work with a wifi adapter.) The said ports are said to be usb 3.0 compatible, while the pendrive I'm trying is usb 2.0, but this shouldn't...
  28. Tom Tancredi

    VR Help Please?

    Hello all, Been a but behind on keeping up on this part of the tech, but I seen the latest 'setup' is a 'holodeck' style involving the cameras, a real life room to walk around in, etc. I am NOT seeking that level of VR. What I am looking for is a simple heaset that does the following...
  29. A

    Hi- I have WIndows 8 and the mouse moves but I nothing opens- when I move the cursor way down to bottom of screen, I see a blu

    Using desktop Windows 8 and the mouse is moving but I can't get it to open anything at all---When I move cursor to very bottom of screen I get blue circle going around but that is the only action I'm getting-HELP!!!
  30. B

    my keyboard does not sink with my mouse

    my mouse does connects not my keyboard
  31. P

    I cant find my mouse after factory reset

    I set my acer Aspire one cloud book back to factory setting now I can find my mouse please do you think you could help me thank you
  32. R

    Fix My problem

    I cant click all in My loptop but the mouse is movinng Pls Help me what can I do
  33. D

    Keybord is not working

    My whole keybord stop working . Mouse is working . I tried many things like uninstall keybord and scan hard ware. No result. What can I do now?
  34. C

    Bizzare laptop keyboard/mouse problem.

    I've been having this really weird laptop problem which I've never found a solution to because no one seems to have it. Basically whenever I use the keyboard on my laptop my mouse is unresponsive for about 1-3 seconds. Although the mouse still moves (still responds to movement) if i try to...
  35. R

    Solved! Touchscreen not working in a small portion of the screen but with mouse I can click everywhere

    I just wanted to know what do I need to change on my tablet. The image shows 100% correct, so I suspect there are no dead pixels. The problem is that the touch is not responding in the bottom left corner of the screen and in some other spots on the left side. I tried to connect a mouse to the...
  36. C

    Laptop Mouse isn't working

    my mouse laser turns on for a split second then turns off when I plug it in into my laptop. Why?
  37. F

    no mouse shown on screen?

    I have an Acer laptop (model AO1-132 series) and there's no mouse shown on screen? it all works fine except there's just not a mouse shown?
  38. Akalanka Umayanga

    USB Mouse and Touch Pad not working

    I have a Lenovo G50-70 Laptop. When i plug in my laptop to the power the Touch pad wont respond correctly, and if i connect a USB Mouse when the power is plugged in the USB mouse also want work (USB Device not recognized ) Error, other USB devices works fine when plugged into power. And if i...
  39. P

    Mouse pointer lagging

    My mouse pointer is laggy after i updated my graphics driver what do i do?
  40. M

    Keyboard and touchpad lag

    Lenovo Yoga 3-1470. So I plugged in a USB mouse to use and after unplugging it, my keyboard and touch-pad mouse have severe choppiness. When I plug the USB mouse back in, the mouse is smooth but the touch-pad and keyboard continue to act up. I reinstalled windows 10 and it was working normal...
  41. P

    Chrome books for Word ?

    I use my iPad for everything except word processing. I need to use a mouse when creating documents. Would buying a chrome book be a good answer for me ? Will a chrome book give me Word or another word processor ?
  42. M

    Is there any wireless keyboard-mouse combo, which will not waste an usb port of my laptop?

    Is there any wireless keyboard-mouse combo, which will not waste an usb port of my laptop?
  43. H

    Being directed to: (xxxx being a multicharacter string) on mouse click...

    Recently, at random times and in random places, when i click on the screen, often just the screen itself, i get redirected to the above site...it only happens in Chrome... any help? bests
  44. D

    my cat walked across my acer AV5 and disabled my mouse pad

    Acer Aspire V5 mouse diabled by Cat
  45. M

    My mouse is not working

    I have a Dell Latitude laptop. I can get my mouse to move using the touchpad, but when I double click or right click, I can't get anything to open.
  46. P

    My Lenovo turns on but as soon as I touch the screen or move the mouse it turns black again?

    Computer help. Won't turn on properly then goes from black screen to normal.
  47. K

    Solved! Mouse pad program?

    So I just bought an open boxed Asus laptop from Best Buy. Seems good until I try to use the mouse pad. It's not working so I figure it's locked. I try unlocking it and I can't so I looo up various ways to do it. I've come to the conclusion that I don't have a mouse pad program? Because the touch...
  48. R

    Solved! Keyboard mouse unresponsive

    Hello, I have a MacBook 13" 2015 that started acting up lately. When I started my MacBook the mouse and keyboard wouldn't respond. I just brought my MacBook to an authorized apple dealer and they said my main logic board isn't working and that it will cost around 500 dollars to fix it. I'm...
  49. Y

    My Acer XC-605 boots up to lock screen page and stuck with no mouse, keyboards, USB

    Hi my Acer XC-605 running on Windows 10 was working perfectly until I replaced a faulty front USB 2 days ago. PC still boots normally but halts at my lock screen page and both mouse and keyboard not working, in fact all USB connections are not working. I think it wasn’t due to the new USB work...
  50. C

    ASUS laptop with defunct keyboard and touchpad- help!

    ASUS x555la laptop. Keyboard not working. Touchpad not working. Wireless keyboard and mouse combo not working. Wired USB keyboard and mouse not working. I want to save data off laptop but Help!! Ordered a Sata to USB cable but does anyone know of bios or other boot up options to reset hardware...
  51. T

    Touch pad issues?

    So I've used my gaming laptop ( Asus ROG g751j) with a mouse for about 3 years now, and I've recently started using the mouse pad but I've noticed a weird bug with it when i do use it. The mouse seems laggy and jumpy ( Never noticed this issue before) sometimes clicks wont be registered using...
  52. M

    Strange audio issues with mic and speakers(Really need helppp)

    my windows is up to date and i have a few moth old new bought laptop so no or not much hardware issues (i think ). but the problem is that my mic does hears the sound of my typing whenever i'm using it but wont listen to any voice i tried increasing the boost but none helped . and another thing...
  53. C

    RGB Mouse custom drivers?

    Okay so i have an rgb mouse, but it doesnt have a "scroll all colors" or something like that in its drivers, but you can choose the color freely, and it updates it in real time. is there a software that lets me customize its lightning more freely? my mouse: LVLUP Dexterity +3 (2015 edition)
  54. K

    My cursor is not visible in laptop

    My cursor is not visible in my laptop and I don't have a mouse
  55. B

    Mouse won't work on laptop?

    I'm currently using this old laptop for basic tasks such as browsing the internet since I'm on the go right now. I brang my own mouse and keyboard with me, but here is where the problem starts. My laptop detects only my keyboard, and not my mouse. I mean, the lights on my mouse activate, but I...
  56. D

    My screen is blank and I can see is my mouse. How do I get out of it?

    My screen is blank and I can see is my mouse. How do I get out of it?
  57. D

    No pointer displaying on startup

    As you can read by the title, the pointer does not display on startup. I'm using a laptop, windows 10. Last night it was working fine, we can say the whole day. Today, I booted it up and the mouse didn't appear. I can't make it appear by moving the finger around the touchpad. When plugging a...
  58. R

    Solved! mouse quit working

    the (builtin) mouse on my dell 620 latitude laptop. It quit working the pad, works to move arrow,but enter will not work either I plugged in an external mouse it works,but is a great hassell,I upgraded drivers.tried to get dell to help but tag (JB4HRC1) is 10 years old I bought it...