My Acer XC-605 boots up to lock screen page and stuck with no mouse, keyboards, USB


Oct 22, 2017
Hi my Acer XC-605 running on Windows 10 was working perfectly until I replaced a faulty front USB 2 days ago. PC still boots normally but halts at my lock screen page and both mouse and keyboard not working, in fact all USB connections are not working. I think it wasn’t due to the new USB work because it did work for a couple of hours when I first changed it.
I cleaned up all USB connecting wires, Ram memory cards, also I replaced the round battery happened to be low in voltage (< 1 volt). But the PC just refused to run normally --- all USB connections are not working although the 5v power is still on at all USB connection. Both keyboard and mouse are tested ok on other PC.
During the check I also found that after turning on power supply…
• 2 sec: the boot manager kicks in (can hear the beep), at the same time the wired mouse red light turns on (normal).
• At about 10 sec the red light on mouse goes off (and never on again)
• At about 52 sec the boot manager halts at my lock screen family picture (waiting for password I suppose) but unfortunately no mouse, no keyboard and no USB. There is no PS2 connection available for XC-605.
• I was able to enter Bios (with Del button during 2 to 10 sec) and keyboard functions normally during Bios (mouse and all other USB remain dead).
I would rule out any hardware failure but unfortunately no software checks (I suspect that USB drivers are corrupted) can be performed without mouse and keyboard (at the halted lock screen page). I was also hoping that I can run System Restore within “Bios” but it is not available.
Help please! Thanks.


Question from yaochang.lan : "Acer XC-605 USB ports not working"

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