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  1. H

    The best mechanical keyboards?

    Hey there, what's teh best mechanical keyboards you have ever used? which keyboard you will most recommend?
  2. Clonima

    Solved! Why do some of my keys act wierdly?

    I have a laptop that has been working perfectly for the past 7 years. But a few days ago I had a sudden problem. The keys : Enter/Return(scrolls down),Spacebar(stops a video on YouTube and adds random searches onto my search from the list shown and goes to the end of the line I'm typing) ...
  3. smartchin77

    Question Laptop keyboards (yes, multiple) malfunctioned a few days after replacing them. What should I do?

    I have replaced my laptop (Asus R558U) keyboard thrice but faced the same problem every time. After a few days of replacing the keyboard, some of the keys get pressed automatically. They keep pressing until I press some other key. Again, I don't think keyboards are the root cause here, it is...
  4. A

    Couldn't reassemble power button ribbon cable

    I recently took apart my HP laptop to clean four years of dust from around the fan, but putting the laptop back together again I noticed that I could not reconnect the power button to the main board because the ribbon cable was too short. It was running from the power button, *above* the metal...
  5. W

    Solved! Keys not typing what is on them.

    Keyboard keys not typing symbol on the key. On my wife's laptop, the key that types lower case ' and upper case " is instead typing LC è and UC È. The key that should type LC / and UC ? is typing LC é and UC É. These are the only keys that seem to have been "translated". This is a new one...
  6. C

    How to unlock keyboard, next book android

    Cannot get keyboard unlocked on android Next book tablet.tried removing keyboard
  7. M

    Keyboard has disappeared

    It is saying that my keyboard is not attached or connected to my Motorola Cruise cell phone had what steps do I need to take to fix that
  8. G

    Solved! most of my keys on my keyboard are not working

    hey some of my keys are no longer working I found a good thread but I can't find the drivers of my device on the internet I have a packed bell EASYNOTE_TE11CR if I go looking on the internet I can't find that type on...
  9. P

    Solved! My keyboard is writing the wrong letters

    when I try to write the letter L it writes le if I hold it down it writes lelelelelelelelelelelelelele and when I type the K it will start before the k, like if I want to say Keyboard it will say eyboardk
  10. H

    Solved! Laptop screen going black

    The laptop in question is starting up fine, but when she presses down on the front of her keyboard where the touchpad is located, it causes the laptop screen to go black and the keyboard to stop working. Any ideas?
  11. S

    Solved! RGB Sync across everything

    So I wanna sync my RGB lighting across MOBO RAM Keyboard and mouse.. The problem is I have a Gigabyte MOBO, a HypeX RAM, a HyperX Keyboard and a Logitech Mouse.. So almost everything is different.. Does anyone know any apps that will be able to sync all those together?
  12. Z

    Samsung Galaxy S2 keeps shutting off when trying to sign in

    When I turn on my Samsung Galaxy S2 to do my sign in, it shuts off. I have to turn it on at least twice before the keyboard comes up and stays up to sign in. Is there a solution for this?
  13. N

    Solved! how to get a mouse and keyboard paired with tablet

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to connect a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to my Samsung galaxy tab A 7.0. I am aware that i can only connect 1 device at a time, so i was wondering if a OTG (on the go) cable would work for a mouse and pairing my keyboard with the tablets built in...
  14. D

    Solved! Keyboard spamming buttons when keep pressed a key

    When I mentain pressed any key it starts to press that key like I was pressing constantly pls help (the keyboard is Thor 200RGB and the problem appeared random ant the keyboard was bought 1 and a half month ago and I have a pc with windows 7 ultimate
  15. R

    Are broken keys on keyboards covered by ASUS laptop warranty?

    Hello, I was reading a review about an ASUS laptop and according to one reviewer, broken keys are not covered by warranty? This was a review for the ASUS C202 on Amazon. Could anyone confirm if this is the case?
  16. A

    Solved! Pls help! My HP Pavilion screen is blank (not displaying), but fans working fine, and keyboard lights seems OK

    Since yesterday, I can't power my laptop. I've tried different methods, but none worked yet. Here is the problem: After pressing the power button, the keyboard lights on; The CAPS lock and NUMBER lock lights starts to blink; But the screen will not display anything; Moreover, the system won't...
  17. U

    Solved! My laptop is going crazy. Keyboard typing backward. Can't scroll. Can't seek a video.

    Whatever I select ,the mouse pointer selects only the first item on my windows whether it is file explorer or anything. Also whenever I scroll in file manager or chrome, it returns to the starting point of the webpage or window. Also my Keyboard types backwards and whenever I play a video on any...
  18. J

    asus x54c keyboard replacement

    apologies using onscreen keyboard . how do I fit a new keyboard to my x54c? the youtube tutorials are no help . I can't seem to get the ribbon in far enough and secure the latch properly . maybe ive broken the latch ? seems normal though . is there a knack ?
  19. V

    Laptop turns off when laptop keyboard is clicked

    I am have HP Spectre x360 15". Every time I click my on-laptop keyboard, the laptop justs turns off. No "Shutting down" or anything. I already tried resetting the laptop and it still happens. I hope it isn't a hardware problem because I bought the item abroad. Edit: I am trying to completely...
  20. K

    Keyboard and touchpad not working, keyboard connector seems to be broken

    After taking apart my laptop (Dell Latitude E7240) the keyboard and touchpad weren't working. After opening it up again I've noticed the keyboard connector on the motherboard seems to be slightly broken. Here's a picture of the connector...
  21. D

    Solved! Laptop Keyboard Shift Keys are Unreliable; Worth Purchasing a New PC?

    My Dell Inspiron 13 5368 laptop has been giving me some issues recently. First was an error with the power button which basically needed an absurd amount of force to get it to turn on. Then the backlit keyboard stopped registering when I first powered on the computer. Now I'm having some serious...
  22. N

    Asus laptop keyboard problem [Windows 10]

    Hello. Recently some keys on my Asus k50I stopped working (T and Y). So I got another keyboard (shop guaranteed me it was the correct one). When I connected it and logged in to windows, not a single key works correctly. For example L = Z, shift and control don't work. Not a single key matches...
  23. K

    Solved! keyboard and touchpad fail when I move laptop!

    Hi all I have this problem on my Dell Latitude E7450 laptop, where the keyboard and touchpad work normally - until I move the laptop! I can be working on it for hours, no problem. But I then say move the laptop to another table without turning it off, and the keyboard and touchpad will stop...
  24. R

    Solved! how to re-activate my keyboard on my laptop C70D toshiba?

    I de-activate my keyboard accidently on my laptop toshiba C70D and I want to know how to re-activate
  25. M

    Solved! Laptop Typing / Physical Keyboard Disconnected

    Hello, My laptop randomly began typing on its own. Different keys between reboots. / and the shift key. I removed the keyboard and rebooted and it's still spamming the / key. I can't even log in as I can't get past the security page. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Lenovo...
  26. romiflores

    Asus x540LA Keyboard problem

    Hello, I would appreciate your help with the following topic. After a fall of my laptop Asus x540LA stopped working the following keys: D, pause, imp pant, ¡, delete, enter, ' The other keys if they work ... Believing that it could be a keyboard problem, I changed it to a new one, but the...
  27. J

    Solved! remove Google's "Tap to Speak" half screen, which replaced keyboard entering for Message texting?

    Can't use phone keyboard when "Tap to Speak" takes over my messaging on Android 8 phone Previously, I always used keyboard and do not wish to use Google's Tap to Speak
  28. J

    Ctrl Key is being pressed even with external Keboard

    can anyone help me? the keyboard(external) works normally at first but after a few hours(sometimes minutes) of using it i noticed that the ctrl key is being held down but I'm not pressing it on my laptop or my external keyboard(which is new) and i cant even type.... I already tried the ff...
  29. _dawn_chorus_

    Solved! Weird helicopter/sputter sound with different ASIO drivers...

    So I have this weird sound coming from the keyboard of my new laptop. At first I thought it was the fans, but they sound like pure white noise from the vents on the bottom. During benchmarks, no weird noise. Only when I start FLtudio and load a project and play it do I get this weird like tiny...
  30. J

    Laptop keyboard problem

    I can't type numbers 5,7, and 9 on my acer aspire one notebook's keyboard. Please help...
  31. P

    Solved! Connecting RCA back together again how do you get to use keyboard

    RCA notebook once reconnect together will not go back to the typewriting on keyboard
  32. A

    Solved! Spilled water on my keyboard now its keeps repeating num+

    My laptop keyboard keeps repeating num+ after a spill and i cant log on to my laptop even with an external keyboard it still repeats num+
  33. J

    Solved! Gateway keyboard not working

    Gateway keyboard not working
  34. A

    Solved! Wireless keyboard for smart tv?

    I am looking for a wireless keyboard for an older lg smart tv. It wouldn't be used often, but when we need to get in and type logins and password and when we search for titles in netflix etc., using the tv remote is a pain. Thanks for any ideas.
  35. Y

    Keyboard Doesnt Work

    Lenovo G580 some buttons of keyboard stopped working one by one. Sometimes some of them work but some them never work. My problem is when i hold a key than push another key, hold key stops holding. So when you ctrl w or space w or w d space stuff; they do not work, hold buttons get canceled and...
  36. B

    Solved! I am expieriencing Keyboard problems

    Can you run the Lodi box without the keyboard. And just use the remote.
  37. K

    laptop screen won't turn on

    Hello I have a asus k7e3 laptop and it''s in pretty bad condition. I broke the keyboard and they I used a normal keyboard and I didn't like the touch pad because it was annoying. I took the flat connector out and then tried to put it back but it fried the wire so now the laptop turns on but my...
  38. B

    Solved! keyboard typing wrong letters and sometimes dosen't even type

    typed this with another keyboard,wont use it cuz its a keyboard not a laptop one this is a repost cuz idk if the old one got posted q dosent work enter dosent work t dosent work f11 makes it full screen and turns on caps lock 1 and 3 dont work n dosent work and MANY more but help me,i cant live...
  39. D

    Solved! Please help. Toshiba C55T-A

    Hello everyone. For the past month my laptop keyboard has been acting strange. When I type certain letters I get numbers. For example, when I type the g key, I get the number 5 instead. When I type b key I get the letter t. The backspace button doesn't work. And some letters I type produce...
  40. D

    Laptop Keyboard gone crazy after SSD Install (im goin crazy here too)

    I replaced my Optical Drive DVD to a Caddy with a SSD (SSD Kingston A400 120GB) and my Laptop Keyboard (a Acer E5-571) going alway's replacing some words: When i type z = zq When i type Space = space + j When i type v = vt When i type b = bu Etc. So idecided to open my Laptop and put directly...
  41. F

    Solved! Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet and physical keyboard not working

    Hello. I purchased a physical keyboard for the Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet. It works with my Android phone, but NOT with the tablet. Help, please.
  42. R

    Using external keyboard with my laptop, when I type 123 quickly it comes out 1222222222223. When I type a long word it will re

    I have a dell laptop, windows 8.1. I am using an external Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. When I type 123, for example, it comes out 122222233333. When I type now, it comes out nooooooo, and the w is missing. Have tried to adjust repeat delay and repeat rate with no success. Thank you in advance...
  43. M

    My rca tablet works with keyboard, however the keyboard no longer charges the tablet as a docking station

    I have a docking station that is also a keyboard for my rca tablet. I have only had it a month and until now has been great, however it no longer charges the tablet. It works as a regular keyboard but I have to charge the tablet separately now. Anyone got any ideas?
  44. C

    Solved! Asus T101 HA dont work some keys on keyboard

    dont work keys "0" "р" and "ctrl". I give it to cervice but they didnt find рroblems, after this keyboard work for month and now again didnt work correctly.
  45. T

    Solved! HP Probook 430 G2

    Firstly, my main charger (known to have issues in the past then never had problems till now) would not begin to "work", I'd have to fiddle with the charger in the laptop for up to 30 minutes just to find a spot that works, and usually when It failed I noticed a unsusual decrease in battery (very...
  46. L

    'A' an 'D' keys sometimes don't work - MSI GE62VR 6RF

    Hey all, Recently I've been having this weird problem where the 'A' and 'D' keys sometimes don't register. It's incredibly random and I cannot find any patterns whatsoever. The only pattern I could find is that it always works if I press rather hard on the keys. Sometimes they work completely...
  47. S

    Key board not working on my Acer Aspire laptop

    Hello, I have an Acer Aspire E15 and my keyboard suddenly stopped working. If i connect external keyboard, everything works fine. I tried uninstall keyboard driver, but it didnt help. Power button key works (it looks like it is part of keyboard but i guess it is not). Is still possible that its...
  48. V

    Cannot find Repeat Delay or Repeat Rate under Keyboard in control panel.

    Cannot find Repeat Delay or Repeat Rate under Keyboard in control panel. For Lenovo 900 yoga laptop
  49. L

    Solved! How to pause/play music on keyboard

    I've been a Mac (IOS) user for a long time but I've recently bought a MSI GS63 and I'm having trouble understanding Windows... But, more importantly my own keyboard, hehe. Apparently on the keyboard there isn't really a shortcut to just... Pause or play the music, or even skip a song. (You know...
  50. N

    Solved! Asus keyboard backlight flashing

    I have the Asus ZenBook UX430UA-GV414T, I left the laptop for around 30 minutes switched on, and came back to find the keyboard backlight was flashing. I restarted the laptop hoping this would help but it hasn’t. The keyboard has 4 brightness settings, and it stops when the brightness is off...
  51. M

    keyboard replacement for asus x550jx

    keyboard replacement for asus x550jx
  52. C

    Solved! Cant type my password in keyboard dose not wotk

    Can't enter my password the keyboard is locked
  53. E

    Battery, touch, and keyboard are off

    My laptop fell on the floor.. It won't open unless plugged in, so the battery doesnt work anymore or in not connected to the laptop.. I then tried to reconnect the battery manually as I tried it before using an online tutorial, but it didn't work. Instead! the screen touch stopped and the...
  54. Y

    Keyboard touch pad not working

    Hello i have an issue with Toshiba think pad E530 keyboard stopped working with a touch pad . i think its stopped working after i remove bios battery . However Keyaboard work in bios menu , also it will start work if laptop goes to sleep and wakes up , but only keyboard will work touch pad wont...
  55. K

    Solved! my DELL LATITUDE E6400 keyboard is not working, some keys like s,d,5,6 and even Ctrl are not responding... what can I do?

    my DELL LATITUDE E6400 keyboard is not working, some keys like s,d,5,6 and even Ctrl are not responding... what can I do?
  56. H

    Laptops keyboard is not working properly after cleaning without dissembling.

    i cleaned my toshiba Laptop without dissembling with minimum polishing liquid when it was in sleep mode. and when i turned it on it was making beeping sound and some keys are not working properly, for instance the arrow keys can be used once and 5 numerical key is not working at all. i checked...
  57. nsulkama

    Solved! Cannot for the life of me figure out how to type <>

    Hi, Sorry in advance as this is a really retarded question. Tried googling but can't find any straightforward answers. So I recently received a Macbook from work that I use for coding. The keyboard layout is Japanese, but since I am Finnish I most often use the Finnish keyboard language as I'm...
  58. P

    Samsung Laptop weird keyboard thingy

    Hello, the samsung laptop in question is Samsung NP530U3B, it's a kinda an old work laptop which i use for software testing, but the interesting thing is that the keyboard works normally if I dont press (Esc, F1-F12, Fn lock, insert, delete, backspace and Left Shift) If I press these selected...
  59. G

    Water spilled on laptop. Laptop turns off after 10 seconds

    Hello. I let my brother use my HP Envy 17t-J100 Quad edition laptop. He spilled iced tea on the keyboard. He says it was on when he spilled it, and then turned off after the spill. He also attempted to turn on the laptop multiple times and tried to charge it. He gave it to me after a few hours...
  60. R

    How to Increase the Divisions in the Volume Function on a MacBook Pro

    The volume function in a MacBook Pro is usually controlled by the volume buttons which are on the keyboard. While there is also a slider bar for controlling the volume in the menu which can be used via the trackpad, it is rarely used by MacBook users. The keyboard gives three different options...