Asus x540LA Keyboard problem

Jan 28, 2019
Hello, I would appreciate your help with the following topic.

After a fall of my laptop Asus x540LA stopped working the following keys:

D, pause, imp pant, ¡, delete, enter, '

The other keys if they work ...

Believing that it could be a keyboard problem, I changed it to a new one, but the problem persists in the same keys. What could be the problem?

Photo http://

*I try in BIOS and it doesnt work

*With external keyboard there are no problems
So the external works fine, but the attached does not. The new keyboard you mentioned. Did you mean that you disconnected and removed the laptops attached keyboard and replaced it with another one?

If that is the case, and the new one also had the problem, it may well be damage to the connection on the motherboard. Which, sadly, might lead to a replacement of it.
Jan 28, 2019
Hi, thanks for your response. I have effectively replaced the original keyboard with a new one, however those keys still do not work.
Is there anything I can do about the motherboard?
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