Question Dead keyboard on Clevo P750TM1-G

Sep 20, 2022
Hello everyone,

This laptop is just over 3 years old and, up til now, has been great.

Recently, the W key started getting intermittent. I sprayed some contact cleaner under the little rubber cup and it started working again for a short time then went intermittent again. I ordered a new key, cup, and hinges. When I installed them it worked fine but soon started going intermittent again, then quit altogether.

Something had told me that this was not just a key cap and hinge issue so I had ordered a new keyboard. I installed the new keyboard and the RGB would light up but none of the keys would work. I double checked the 3 ribbon cables to be sure they weren't inverted and were well seated. Still got backlight but no keys would work. BTW - am I correct that the small cable is for RGB and the two larger cables are for keyboard operation?

I reinstalled the original keyboard and now it was the same as the new one - RGB but no keys would work. I've tried all the remedies I found on the internet (update/uninstall/reinstall driver, check for filter key issues, reboot, etc.) but nothing got the keyboard working.

What's interesting is that it shows up in Device Manager which says the device is working properly. Also tried the troubleshooter in Win 10 but it didn't find anything wrong. Also ran SFC which found no problems. A USB keyboard works just fine.

If anyone has any ideas I might try, I would certainly appreciate hearing them. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Sep 29, 2022
I'm also having keyboard issues on a Recoil II gotten from Clevo, about 4 years old as well.

One day it just started typing random letters, from all over the keyboard.
There has never been reason to suspect physical damage, so I checked all the drivers, sfc scans, key settings malware, troubleshooting... nothing.

Opened it up to clean as throughly as I could, and it's still happening.
They seem to be random episodic moments, which stop on restart, and sometimes happen again the very same day - sometimes restarts a few days later.

I've had issues with the gaming centre ( and keyboard lighting control) from day one, and no one has been able to give me a proper version of this software (even came back from PC Specialist once with software that ended in errors and backlights not working anyway).

It seems to me it may have some relationship with the a link layer topology service, and even tried discussing it on the PC Specialist forums but got banned due to some power hungry mod refusing to hear about a problem affecting more people, because my clevo shop didnt give me any pc specialist ID or whatever.

I'm starting to suspect this software doesn't like windows updates, and may be responsible for my keyboard issues.
Oct 22, 2023
DId you ever figure this out? I too just replaced my keyboard on my clevo pa71es and it lights up but wont type. If you ever got it working please let me know.

****UPDATE: I did not seat the fatter ribbon cable correctly. The cable sits above the black locking mechanism that you pull out. It does not go underneath. This is for a Clevo PA71ES-G, in case it helps anyone.
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