My laptop is going crazy. Keyboard typing backward. Can't scroll. Can't seek a video.

Feb 2, 2019
Whatever I select ,the mouse pointer selects only the first item on my windows whether it is file explorer or anything.
Also whenever I scroll in file manager or chrome, it returns to the starting point of the webpage or window.
Also my Keyboard types backwards and whenever I play a video on any player the seeker comes to the starting point and starts playing from start. It plays only starting 1 second in a loop. This happens only when charging. BTW IAM using HP pavilion 15- cc123cl laptop with Windows 10 x64.

I tried disabling touch,touchpad and reinstalling Windows.
Please help me.


Looks like your keyboard on the laptop is either faulty or has debris caught up in it's switches. If the problems persists with the keyboard disabled, then you may want to see if you have any BIOS updates pending, then see if your drivers are in order.
Jan 11, 2014
Are you plug any external keyboards to this Laptop? My laptops also do the same but not backwards i feel like it holding my Down scroll key every time so if i select the first one it will go to the last one. And same thing happening even if i stay on Desktop. But i noticed that this is not happening in BIOS or in Full screen game. I'm afraid i don't have a solution not even for my self but i found a temporary one. I don't use my Laptop usually but when it happens this is what i do.

What ever the key you feel like pressing automatically.. Just press that key and hold a little while so it should disappear.. I'm not sure but according to my case it does.