Game/Video recording is bass boosted (It's a bit of an annoying one)


Jul 9, 2017
Edit: Solved, problem was Realtek HD Audio Manager headphone power settings changed from Balanced to Ultimate.
Nvidia's capture server is directly affected by equalizer changes applied to my headphones, seeing as my headphones were set as default playback device in Windows.

Recently I got my self the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm headphones, and that's exactly when my problem began.

Specifically, whenever I record some gameplay footage, or even my desktop (using Nvidia Share (Shadowplay)), the sound appears to be bass boosted.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who's encountered this problem, so here are 2 videos someone else made that demonstrate my problem precisely.

First, a recording with more or less proper sound: [video=""][/video]

Second, bass boosted recording: [video=""][/video]

I've researched this problem online for hours now, and at this point I'm mostly confident I can say what the problem is: Apparently, the combination of my motherboard, the Z270 GAMING M5, and my headphones (mentioned above) is the cause of this.

Everywhere else I looked online, people managed to solve this problem by either switching from 7.1 surround sound mode to stereo (which is N/A here because my headphones are stereo) or disabling any and all audio enhancements in their windows sound settings (again N/A, because I don't even have the audio enhancement tab in the options window for my headphones in the sound settings).

Linked below is an image showing my current settings in Realtek HD Audio Manager.

I've checked and double checked all settings just to make sure, but nothing seems to have worked.
Previously I've been using lower impedance headphones, and I NEVER had this problem before, EVER.

What I genuinely don't understand is why the headphones I'm using are having an effect on RECORDED audio.
Maybe's there's a hidden bass boosting option turned on whenever my headphones are connected, but I can't find it.

Can anyone here help me? I'm at my wit's end here, and I would REALLY like to NOT have to use older, worse headphones whenever I want to play and record.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might help.


Jul 9, 2017
Well, for the sake of anyone who might look into this in the future, the problem was in the "Headphone power" setting in the Realtek HD Audio Manager. Simply put, having it on Ultimate apparently acted as a bass boost, which in turn boosted the audio of recorded footage AGAIN. I originally changed the setting from the default of Balanced to Ultimate because I thought the headphones were lacking in certain frequencies, specifically the lower ones (bass).

tl;dr found the problem, it was a solution to a different problem I had.


Jan 3, 2007

Yeah thats realtek for ya. Why not get a half decent sound card to go with your high end headphones?



Jul 9, 2017

No need, nothing Virtual Audio Cable couldn't solve.
All I needed to do was dedicate a virtual audio device as my default playback device, and have it set to be listened to by my headphones.

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