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    Solved! Help with car amplifier! Calibration?

    Hi! I have the JBL S2-1224 12" 275 rms subwoofer paired with the JBL GX-A3001 amplifier. I had the subwoofer set at 4 ohms and the gain at 50%. Good base and it hit hard. Then I learned about clipping and that you should set the voltage from the amplifier to the subwoofer. I calculated the...
  2. N

    Question Need help to buy a new headset ( urgent, old headset broke :'( )

    Hello, That's now 3 days my old Logitech G230 headset broke, and I would like to buy another one. I've already bought the Sennheiser Game Zero, but I returned it, because it has literally no bass. I want to use it for gaming ( all types of games ) and also listening music. I know there's already...
  3. I

    Solved! Subwoofer/Soundbar or Subwoofer/Active Speakers

    Hey im looking for a sound system to get the most bass and clarity for my money. These are the two options I have right now. Feel free to leave other options. Sub/Soundbar - Active Speakers -...
  4. C

    Subwoofer to C/Sub in motherboard not working

    I have an Infinity "Entra Sub subwoofer" to connect to my PC for some bass. I already have two speaker which is plugged into my Line Out port and my "Infinity Entra Sub" plugged into my C/Sub port with a 2 male RCA to 1 3.5mm audio adapter. I'd tried a few things. I went to Device Manager and...
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    Solved! Wire to RCA for Subwoofer

    Hi guys, merry christmas everybody! So I have a very old subwoofer that my parents aren't using anymore until they decided to switch to a soundbar and new subwoofer that pairs with the soundbar for their Bravia 4k flatscreen TV a couple of years ago. The old subwoofer I have is an Infinity...
  6. D

    Multiroom audio, My Room has no Bass

    I have speakers from different rooms connected to an av splitter (which is connected to an av reciever). My room is the only room where the speakers have no bass. I need help on finding out why because it they where working fine a 2 days ago. Maybe it has something to do with the subwoofer.
  7. S

    Need to know (Logitech Z906)

    Hello everyone.. My question is about something different . Yesterday a cockroach entered into my bass speaker.. I'm not sure about this... But is it gong to any problem for me ???? :( :( Sorry for bad Englinsh
  8. S

    Looking for Headpones for College

    Hey everybody, I know this question may have been asked 1000 times already but I have been On a wild hunt for the right headphones and I was hoping someone could help me out here. I am looking for some over-ear, closed back headphones that I can use to Game and listen to music. Unfortunately, I...
  9. C

    Bass problem for my bookshelf speakers

    Hello. Today I bought used bookshelf speakers IQ Lady Mini S-110. I have them connected to my Onkyo TX-SR603E receiver. I'm outputting the sound from my pc using an optical cable and well I noticed that most of my bass is outputting through the main speaker instead of the bass reflex. There is...
  10. U

    Some videos on YT and VLC have audio issues (boomy)

    I noticed a few days ago that some YT videos sound is boomy (only bass and no high frequency tones) and some videos on vlc have the same problem. Win 7 64bit. I recently added my headphones and mic into the front pannel of my pc so that I wouldnt have to insert the cords everytime I need to use...
  11. C

    Powering an AMP with PSU

    Hello guys! I am planning to build a subwoofer for my room. I have PIONEER TS-W3003D4 subwoofer. SPECS: 600w nominal 2000w max 4 Ω Also i have PIONEER GM-D8601 APM. SPECS: 600w nominal 1600w max 4Ohm 24A I am looking for a PSU that can run my AMP. I am looking at CHIEFTEC ATX 2.3 A-135...
  12. aca94sss

    Amplifier barely produces bass signals after a lightning

    Hey guys! People who understand electronics should try to answer this, thanks. I've got 5.1 system hooked to a pc with AUX, Microlab A-6662. After a lightning that struck close to my house, I've noticed that my amplifier barely giving bass signals to a subwoofer (subwoofer itself is totally...
  13. Pakundo

    Game/Video recording is bass boosted (It's a bit of an annoying one)

    Edit: Solved, problem was Realtek HD Audio Manager headphone power settings changed from Balanced to Ultimate. Nvidia's capture server is directly affected by equalizer changes applied to my headphones, seeing as my headphones were set as default playback device in Windows. Recently I got my...
  14. IAmAZ3R0

    Best Bass Shaker and Bass Shaker Location

    I am interested in getting a bass shaker. I want I don't know which to choose. My budget is no more than $65. My current Amp is the Panasonic SA-HT940. If I were to get a small bass shaker, would it be better to put it on the bottom of my seat or back. I will be using this for my racing sim.
  15. RadeonMaster

    A stronger subwoofer?

    Hi guys, so I was thinking of upgrading my subwoofer but i don't know exactly which of these two is better? We have: "Magnat Stylus 7000 A" and This one which i don't know the full name...
  16. spray2000

    Best Equalizer For Music

    Hello, I'm wanting a good equalizer that I can mess around with for my headphones? Mainly since i'm getting a new usb to 3.55mm and people complain about high pitches and mids are loud.. Even though I have bassy headphones. I use the Razer app right now but it seems like I could use something...
  17. C

    good pc speakers under £40

    hi, i currently have some shit speakers for my pc and am after some good speakers(preferably with mini subwoofer of some sorts) for under £40 please help: thanks
  18. A

    Headphone recommendations under $120

    My current headphones are on their last limb, and I was wondering what headphones would be ideal for me, assuming the price is below $120. I mainly use my headphones for listening to music with lots of bass, like jazz. Also, I use my headphones for games, like Counter Strike: Global Offensive...
  19. Deluxe_Fox

    What amplifier do i need?

    So i have 2 bass shakers that have a max of 25 Watt RMS per channel and 4 Ohm. I have searched for a long time to find the right Amp but i can't seem to find it. They are made for low frequencies (under 25 Hz). I have found some amplifiers but they are running on the lowest of 80 Hz i am not...
  20. A

    Paper Inside My Subwoofer

    So one day I was playing with my subwoofer and I had the stupidest idea to put a piece of paper inside my bass reflex. The paper was then sucked into the sub and now I can't get it out. Will the damage the sub in any way? any answer is appreciated Thanks, Regards Arran Langton
  21. J

    Is it possible to boost the bass in Windows?

    I've been looking for a way to boost the bass in Windows (10) but I can't find anything. I believe it's a built-in feature (equalizer) in android, I can access it via Spotify for example. I don't want that windows sound (edited by moderator) because that doesn't work. Does anyone have any...
  22. M

    Need recommendations on a 2.1 set up!

    I'm looking to put together a 2.1 system. Currently got the razer leviathan (yes i know its not the greatest) and none of the already put together system out there (Logitech etc) cut it. I love bass, deep, clear, loud bass. 100w+ sub at least im thinking. Currently looking at these choices...
  23. K

    Sub woofer louder in certain spots. Can't find the right place.

    I have a sub hooked up behind my sitting area and it rattles as it is but I find when I stand up suddenly the bass smacks you in the face and then when I sit down again its like "wheres all the bass gone too?" The bass also tends to be louder outside my room and in the corner by my door Here...
  24. E

    Need help setting up DB Dynamics Sub with Sony MHC S7AV Hi-Fi System

    So I bought a Hi-Fi system second hand a few weeks ago and bought some speaker wires to hook up the two Sony speakers that came with it. Speakers are fantastic but the sub that came with it is not putting out any bass, The sub has a white and red RCA connection on the back and the receiver has...
  25. B

    Speaker Playing 5 Hz Tone

    Basically what happened was I got a base tone test on my phone which was plugged into my amp which obviously was plugged into my speakers. I pressed play and it played a 5 Hz tone. My speakers were moving A LOT and I almost instantly turned it off because I wasn't expecting that. The volume was...
  26. T

    Best car/home subwooferspeaker under 300 euro ?

    Hello guys i'm searching for a new subwoofer for under 300 euro ( i should like it if i can buy the sub in the netherlands ) minimum reqeusts : +500 w RMS reconigd brand NOT under 12 ''
  27. spiwar

    Logitech Z506 worth the upgrade over Z323

    I am now currently using the Z323 speakers and wondering if the Z506 speakers is worth the upgrade. I'll be mainly using it for gaming, movies, music, etc. and i want more bass without giving up the treble (Z323 default was okay but not good enough, had to EQ it for awhile to get a decent...
  28. Zuhayr378

    Is too much bass bad?

    Just as the title says, if I were to pump up the bass on my headphones to 100% via SBX control panel (Sound blaster X-fi) off my mobo, would the insanity of bass pop the drivers or something. They do vibrate a ton, but I'm scared all that bass my induce permanent damage. Does it? Thanks.
  29. A

    How do I turn up the bass on my headphones?

    I recently bought a studio microphone as well as headphones after my headset died. However, I have noticed an annoying lack in bass. Does anyone know any settings that I can use to increase the bass?
  30. V

    What Amp should i get for my Canton Chrono 5.1 system???

    Hey guys! really need some help with matching the right amplifier for my setup, I have no idea what to get. Heres the 5.1 system i want to buy for my new home thatre: two front: Canton Chrono 509 DC speakers two rear: Canton Chrono 501.2 speakers one center: Canton Chrono 505 Center and also: a...
  31. T

    SP2500 subwoofer quality nerfed?

    i have the corsair sp2500. i know they are not the BEST but still for the price they are ok. problem is i dont know how or where to play the sub for better quality rather than volume. at the moment i am getting alot of bass sound ( air punch or something) rather than a nice kick to really...
  32. PanicMaster85

    How to use Schiit Magni to amplify bass

    To start, Thanks for the help. [:panicmaster85] After recently receiving my DT990 pro 250ohm and schiit magni/modi setup, I am blown away by the quality and or clarity of the headset... However, the bass is lacking. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it would be nice to have a little...
  33. ITR521

    Best In-ear Headphones Under $60?

    Hello. I just wanted to hear some of your opinions on good ear buds (in-ear headphones) under $60. I want them to have good bass and I want them to stay in my ears when I jerk my head around. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  34. J

    Best 5.1 Speakers for 90$

    I want to buy some new 5.1 Speakers for my home, which have decent Bass. I will connect those speakers to my PC, and my PC supports HD audio as well. Any suggestions Excuse my English, ThankYou!
  35. C

    New speakers to replace existing laptop speakers.

    Can anyone recommend a decent pair of speakers that come at a reasonable price (~$60 and lower) that I can use instead of my laptop speakers? I have a Lenovo-Y510p and frankly I'm too used to my desktop's speakers' bass. I just want a compact and not too bulky pair of speakers (doesn't...
  36. A

    Looking for a headset for mostly music and sometimes gaming

    What I need: - Very heavy bass, minimal distortion yet still skull rattling. - Good build quality. - Great mids, highs don't really matter to me, I want to hear the singer and the bass. - USB connection, be it via sound card or whatever, my headphone jack is broken - Lightweight. - Shorter cord...
  37. M

    Looking for great gaming headsets for under 80 dollars

    Hay, I'm planning to buy new gaming headsets for under 80 dollars that have great bass so that you could actually feel explosions in games, a mic, and it would also be great if it had 7.1 or true 5.1. I have my eyes on the steel series Siberia v2, rosewill 5.1 surround sound headset, and the...
  38. DeathwolfX03

    Need advice to avoid possible damage

    Hello everyone. I got a new headset a few days ago, the Razer Tiamat 7.1, paired them up with a good sound card and they simply sound amazing imo. I need some advice though. So it comes with a controller that allows you to level specific drivers, I set the subwoofer to the max since the bass...