Speaker Playing 5 Hz Tone


Sep 11, 2014
Basically what happened was I got a base tone test on my phone which was plugged into my amp which obviously was plugged into my speakers. I pressed play and it played a 5 Hz tone. My speakers were moving A LOT and I almost instantly turned it off because I wasn't expecting that. The volume was not loud at all (but of course at 5 Hz i couldn't hear anything). The speakers are 8.5 inch JBL speakers and they are pretty old but sill in perfect condition. They are very good speakers, not some cheap stiff. I believe the cones have been replaced once because the old ones dried out and were no good. There is no visible damage to the cones and I played fairly bass heavy music after and they sounded just fine. So my question is, Could the speakers have been damaged at all?

Thanks for any replies.


Could you make the question a little clearer? Do you mean damaged in the past so that they move with a tone that they are not designed to reproduce, or damaged now by playing that tone? And how do they do if you feed them something inside their range?


Sep 11, 2014

I meant, did I damage them by playing that tone? I'm not to sure how to answer that range question you asked. I have pretty much no information on the speakers because they were bought pretty long ago.
if you had damaged them to a high degree you would likely be hearing it now as distorted sound and would likely be able to see cone damage. do check by playing different types of content to see how the speakers compare with normal though.
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