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  1. M

    Lost Some Screws need size of screws

    Anybody possibly know the size of the screw on the bottom side of my Toshiba Laptop Satellite S55t - B5233?
  2. K

    Opening a screw in ASUS T200TA

    Hi I wanted to open my T200TA dock in order to clean its keyboard, however, I can't open this screw inside where additional HDD/SSD should be placed. (Actually, I'm not even sure if it's a screw since there is a circle inside it instead of a line, cross, star or something that can be rotated...
  3. H

    Microscopic screws in Sony Vaio laptop

    I'm trying to take the back off of a Sony Vaio. It has various size screws. One is so tiny, my case of minature screwdrivers won't fit it nor will my jeweler's screwdriver. Does anyone have any idea what I need to buy to fit it. I have a flathead screwdriver that is a bit larger than 1/16th...
  4. snake68

    ASUS N56VZ Hinge Problem

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong category. Feel free to move it if necessary. I purchased my ASUS N56VZ in back in 2012. It's a nice laptop performance-wise, but ASUS is not the best brand when it comes to quality of body parts. The lid was a little hard to open from the beginning. Last night...
  5. B

    Speaker Playing 5 Hz Tone

    Basically what happened was I got a base tone test on my phone which was plugged into my amp which obviously was plugged into my speakers. I pressed play and it played a 5 Hz tone. My speakers were moving A LOT and I almost instantly turned it off because I wasn't expecting that. The volume was...