Bass problem for my bookshelf speakers


Jan 8, 2016
Hello. Today I bought used bookshelf speakers IQ Lady Mini S-110. I have them connected to my Onkyo TX-SR603E receiver. I'm outputting the sound from my pc using an optical cable and well I noticed that most of my bass is outputting through the main speaker instead of the bass reflex. There is some bass coming out of the reflex but barely.. Could there be some problem with my speakers or maybe I need to change some settings in my receiver. I also tried connecting different speakers and the bass was completely fine which makes me think that there might be a problem with the speakers... Also the guy who I bought them tested them for me but he had the speakers connected to some radio and the songs didn't realty have any bass so I didn't notice the problem.
Oh and BTW I don't have a subwoofer right now.

On the side note receiver only outputs bass through the main left and right speakers or the subwoofer not all speakers you have connected right..?
If the receiver speaker speaker menu is set with subwoofer to none and front speakers to large then the receiver is OK. That will send all the bass to the front speakers rather than a sub.
There may be nothing wrong with the speakers.
The amount of output from the port vs the woofer is part of the design of the speakers. The choice of diameter and length of the port can be used to augment the lower part of the bass, where the woofer is rolling off, to extend the frequency response or it can be tuned to produce more bass in the same range as the woofer making for exaggerated bass.
Speaker designers can do either depending on what they think their customer is going to like.

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