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    Solved! Warm (bookshelf) speakers under $500 [need help]

    Hello dear tom's guide users... it's been a while since I used this forum and am more than happy to come back to this community! If you know the answer to the first part (1), second (2) or both, just put the number in front of your answer so they don't get mixed.. it would start looking messy...
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    Bass problem for my bookshelf speakers

    Hello. Today I bought used bookshelf speakers IQ Lady Mini S-110. I have them connected to my Onkyo TX-SR603E receiver. I'm outputting the sound from my pc using an optical cable and well I noticed that most of my bass is outputting through the main speaker instead of the bass reflex. There is...
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    How to connect vintage bookshelf speakers to PC?

    Hi. I bought a nice pair of vintage speakers (Technics SB-F2), and I'm wanting to connect them to my PC. I have no idea of how to go about doing this. From what I've researched so far, it looks like I need a receiver or amp I think...? The only connections on the back of the speakers are raw...
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    Connect Multiple Speakers to an Amplifier?

    I'm looking at buying a set or two of speakers. I'm no audiophile, but I enjoy having lots of sound when I listen to music. I currently have a set of JVC UX - LP5 speakers that works alright, but the display is shot. If I was to buy an amp like this one http:// and get a set of bookshelf...