Solved! Connecting a simple subwoofer to amplifier and speakers

Mar 25, 2022
Hi all! I am new here and in general into the audio set ups. But I have some question, on how to improve my set up.
I had some old speakers from someone (no brand or tech info on the boxes) that are currently connected to an Denon amplifier. They work fine but I would like to increase the bass level, so I got this idea to use the subwoofer from a small audio system (sub and 2 small speakers, like in the photo)
1.My first question is: do this worth it? it will improve the bass/they are compatible? It will loose sound quality or just add bass?

2.The second question, assuming it is worth to try, how do I connect them? Should I wire a cable from the "L" out subwoofer to the "L" speaker out in the amplifier together (at the amplifier end) with the cable that goes to the speaker? And from the "R" the same way to the R?
I have made a drawing, link below!

Thank you very much!
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I doubt it's worth it, but without knowing what speakers you are using it's impossible to know.

I took at look at that Woxter brand, looks like some low end speakers, I would not bother trying to connect them.