Question Purchasing and setting up a 3.1 system

Aug 21, 2022
Hello everyone.

I have a desktop PC. I have a Yamaha NS-C444 centre speaker. I have a SMSL SA-98E 2x160W amplifier.

I want a subwoofer. And I also want a pair of small bookshelf speakers that will sit under my desk (my positioning is very obscure). I was looking at Definitive Tech products. They have the DN8 subwoofer and ProMonitor1000 speakers. I also liked audioengine because they include cables with their products, and I don't know a lot about cables.

My question is: is this possible, and what amplifier and equipment would I need to connect it all?

I don't engage in mixing or dial-adjusting; it's set and forget.

My budget is $1500, so no problem.

On a side note, would a Dragonfly DAC help $20 earphones or is that a waste of money?

Thank you for your help.
I would not use the center speaker get the speakers, use them with the amp you have. That sub is way overkill also for PC use unless you are going to be using it for a full room audio vs just sitting at your desk. Having the speakers under your desk is not good since the audio waves will not be very ideal for listening and you are wasting the good speakers on a bad setup. Get something like the Klipsh ProMedia setup for like $100-150, sell the Yamaha and the SMSL amp. Spend the the other money to replace your cheap headphones. And yes using a $100+ DAC on a set of low quality headphones is mostly a waste, you are much much better off spending the $100 on better headphones.