Question How to stream audio and video to multiple receivers.

Jan 5, 2022
I stream audio via Tidal from my desktop computer using Windows 10 to the following audio products:
  • Marantz SR5003 Receiver via HDMI cable (my home theater)
  • Yamaha A-S801 Amplifier via a USB 3,0 cable
  • IfI Zen DAC connected to a SONY STR-DH190 Receiver via a USB 3.0 cable

Using the Sound settings I can send the audio to one of these three outputs but not to more than one.
How can I send the audio to multiple outputs at the same time?

In the future I would like to send video and audio to multiple receivers and televisions.

I have been exploring HDMI splitter boxes in the hopes the computer would recognize only the splitter box and allow to output to multiple HDMI output ports.
For the HDMI output ports that require only audio then convert the HDMI port to USB 3.0.
Need to find a common input on all the devices then get a splitter for that input. USB connection won't work.

For video and audio to multiple devices you would need an HDMI switch, and possibly other hardware depending on the locations of the screens and sources. For proper setup it's usually done through wall jacks from a central hub, possibly with ethernet adapters between the jacks to extend the signals.
The iFi Zen DAC and the Yamaha require USB cables. There's no other option.
Why won't a USB connection work?

USB to video connections are for PC only and those are external video cards that require drivers to be loaded. I'm not sure how your Sony receiver can see the iFi Zen DAC connected to it with a USB cable unless it has drivers build into the firmware to talk to it. Normally external DACs are connected via audio out cables not USB from receivers, TVs and such.