Sub woofer louder in certain spots. Can't find the right place.


Nov 24, 2014
I have a sub hooked up behind my sitting area and it rattles as it is but I find when I stand up suddenly the bass smacks you in the face and then when I sit down again its like "wheres all the bass gone too?" The bass also tends to be louder outside my room and in the corner by my door

Here is a roughly made diagram where it's all located too.

C=Computer/Sitting Area


The sub is ported wheres the best place I can put this so the bass is smacking me in the face while I'm sitting down instead of it vibrating my roommate outside my room and the bats on the ceiling.
A trick you can use to find the right spot is to put the sub at "C" and listen to it at each possible placement location. When you find the best spot place it there.
Most subwoofers are "one note" in that they tend to play one frequency much louder than the others. You can try closing the port to reduce the boom (stuff a pair of rolled up sox into the port). If it is a band pass subwoofer (the speaker is inside the cabinet and all the sound comes out of the port) you are can't do this but you can rotate the sub so the port faces a different direction.
Another trick if you are using your PC as the source is to use the EQ controls on the audio control panel or playback software to adjust the bass.
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