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    Proper Speaker Placement studio

    Here are the dimensions of the room I need to set up as a studio (pic link attached below). 10' 8" x 11' 10" (8ft ceiling) I have 2 KRK Powered Rockit 6's Can someone please tell me the technically proper dimensions I should place the speakers in the room, for the best flat response for the...
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    Where to place sub? 2 possible locations.

    Have a logitech z625 which I want to know where I would get best sub output. My desk is a ikea brusali (corner version) and right now I have the sub placed on the lower suspended wood surface of the desk. So it's about a foot above the carpet on on wood. I'm wondering if placing it on the side...
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    Sub woofer louder in certain spots. Can't find the right place.

    I have a sub hooked up behind my sitting area and it rattles as it is but I find when I stand up suddenly the bass smacks you in the face and then when I sit down again its like "wheres all the bass gone too?" The bass also tends to be louder outside my room and in the corner by my door Here...