SP2500 subwoofer quality nerfed?


Nov 10, 2014
i have the corsair sp2500. i know they are not the BEST but still for the price they are ok. problem is i dont know how or where to play the sub for better quality rather than volume.

at the moment i am getting alot of bass sound ( air punch or something) rather than a nice kick to really "rumble" the desk or my chair even. i dont like when i turn the bass to max and just get distorted air punching sound . if you know what i mean.

my pod settings are :
program : NONE
input : LINE IN
Vol : about 3 bars up is loud . well normal.
Sub Vol : Green 1 bar for clean bass. Red 2 bar for max bass when listening to music louder, otherwise the Red2 bar makes bass sound like air punching(bad quality totaly)
Soundcard : onboard msi z97 gaming 5

my room layout is like this.SS taken with my own QuickScreen program.uploads faster :p


also happy christmas to everybody !