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  1. demakris

    Solved! JBL Control SB-2 setup

    Hello! I have an ONKYO TX-NR686 AV Receiver I want to know if it is possible to connect two JBL Control 5 speakers to a JBL Control SB-2 Sub. The speakers are 4ohm. The sub is 8ohm (it says that Nominal Impedance is 8 ohms per input; 4 ohms total with both inputs paralleled). JBL Control SB-2...
  2. N

    Sub woofer driver with 2 plus and minus terminals. HELP!

    So my driver in my sub woofer decided to crap out on me during halloween, so I started looking for a new drive (here it is: I don't have that much...
  3. T

    Car Amp + Sub for Home Amp

    I have a unused Alpine SWD-3000 amp and sub combo. I would like to connect this to my home stereo amplifier a Pioneer VSX-321.I will be powering with PC atx PSU 400w. I cant find any cable that would allow me to use the rca line in from the sub to the single speaker wire on the home amp. Please...
  4. A

    Paper Inside My Subwoofer

    So one day I was playing with my subwoofer and I had the stupidest idea to put a piece of paper inside my bass reflex. The paper was then sucked into the sub and now I can't get it out. Will the damage the sub in any way? any answer is appreciated Thanks, Regards Arran Langton
  5. E

    Pioneer SW 8MK2 Sub-Woofer Not Working

    I received a SW 8MK2 Pioneer sub-woofer for Christmas this year. However, it does not always work. I have a Razer Tiamat 2 and Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II speakers attached as well, both work properly so far as I can tell. PC specifications: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA Z97N-Wifi CPU: Intel...
  6. E

    Need help setting up DB Dynamics Sub with Sony MHC S7AV Hi-Fi System

    So I bought a Hi-Fi system second hand a few weeks ago and bought some speaker wires to hook up the two Sony speakers that came with it. Speakers are fantastic but the sub that came with it is not putting out any bass, The sub has a white and red RCA connection on the back and the receiver has...
  7. S

    idx file settings not working on standalone media player but work on computer

    My idx file settings are not working on my "Asus O!Play Mini" media player but are working on my computer in Media Player Classic and VLC. I have an IDX+SUB file. It does in fact show the video with subtitles but they are on the very bottom and somewhat cut off when I play it on the O!Play Mini...
  8. E

    Subwoofer and amp wattage Question

    Okay so firstly I just purchased a Alpine Type-R 12 inch subwoofer and I have it wired to an 800 watt amp. The subwoofer can handle 1000 watts RMS. So I was wondering if it was anyway possible for me to even blow out this subwoofer since it can handle an extra 200 watts then my amp can even put...
  9. T

    SP2500 subwoofer quality nerfed?

    i have the corsair sp2500. i know they are not the BEST but still for the price they are ok. problem is i dont know how or where to play the sub for better quality rather than volume. at the moment i am getting alot of bass sound ( air punch or something) rather than a nice kick to really...