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  1. irsyadifaza

    Question Torn between the Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless and Corsair HS70

    Hello everyone, hope everybody is having a good day. I just have a simple question. Which one should i get for better wireless gaming experience? I know if i want to get the best wireless headset i should probably get the arctis 7 but i'm on a budget so those are my 2 options. I've read that...
  2. S

    RGB Fusion Perfomance issue

    My RGB fusion on my motherboard (z390 elite) paired with corsair vengeance rgb pro lags. Music mode is also doesnt work and is stuttery. Any fix?
  3. M

    PC sound goes through mic

    Hello everyone The problem is my PC sound is going through microphone but it happens when i unplugged it too. I use a 3.5 to USB adapter with it. Headset is Corsair HS60. I tried another headset with same adapter and it fixes it but couldn't understand how it is keep happening while microphone...
  4. N

    I bought a new Corsair M65 pro and my cursor will move but I cant use left or right click

    My mouse won't detect on the iCUE software and I can't use the left click, right click but the DPI, side, scroll wheel and sniper buttons still work.
  5. chibamarco

    Logitech G PRO vs Corsair HS60

    Hello everyone. Im just wondering, which headset should I buy? I need to change my "EXTREME GAMER!!!!!!!!" headset thing ASAP, cuz it makes an clicking noise when its moved, and the mic broke. So, here are my options: 1.Logitech G PRO Headset 2. Corsair HS60 Prices are...
  6. T

    Asus Strix Soar w/ Corsair HS60 Mic Issues

    So, I got a new sound card. The Corsair HS60 only has one 3.5mm jack. I've tried using Line-In and the sound card won't detect my headset. If I use the headphones jack, it doesn't detect the microphone. Am I going to have to get a 3.5mm splitter for my headset to work properly with my new sound...
  7. T

    Is there a recommended 3.1 Gen 1 and or 2 Front panel expansion panel?

    Into a Corsair 600T Graphite Series I installed an ASUS Prime X470 Pro M/B with a Ryzen 7 2700X. I would like to have all possible 3.1 USB Gen 1 and/or 2 connections available at front panel for VR controller/sensor usage. Anyone have any experience with this addition?
  8. G

    Solved! My cursor can move, but can't click on anything but the program I am on.

    Okay, so, my cursor can move, but occasionally, my cursor will be able to stop clicking, meaning I'll have to do Ctrl+Tab to move through programs. I'm on a Windows 7 laptop, 64-bit to be specific, and I'm using a Corsair M65 Pro RGB. Right now, my cursor can move, but won't click, and I can...
  9. M

    Help needed on choosing Gaming headset

    So I have 2 headphones in my list and im confused which one to choose. the first one is HyperX cloud 2 alpha and the other is HyperX Revolver (not the S). In terms of sound,mic and bass quality which one should I choose? Is there a big difference between them in terms of audio and bass quality...
  10. C

    Solved! Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless or SteelSeries Arctis 5? Help me choose one.

    Hello friends. I'm getting a deal from a guy here in home country. He's giving me "box opened" SteelSeries Arctis 5 for $75 which is a steal deal. On the other hand, I'm getting Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless for $100. Which one do I choose? I don't have anything for or against wireless...
  11. M

    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
  12. M

    what do i plug this into

    I have the corsair Hs50 headset and am unsure on which color jack i should plug it into. Thanks for your time
  13. L

    Corsair 7.1 stopped working suddenly

    I use the Corsair HS60 headset and have been for a while until yesterday when the 7.1 surround sound disappeared. I downloaded the latest corsair drivers and for some reason they seem to not work. I really want my 7.1 back as I'm extremely used to it but am still not sure why this is happening...
  14. Z

    Left shift hard to press

    I have a corsair k70 rapidfire, I just got it, everything looks and works just fine. But I am having a problem with my left shift key. I am having to press it really hard for it to register, can someone plz help me, thx.
  15. L

    Different max bandwidths on same brand RAMs?

    I have the same brand and model of RAM which is Corsair 8 GB x2. The problem is, now that I check it in Speccy, I see that one of them has a different max bandwidth. I will provide a screenshot below. When I do a memory check, Windows claims there is a fault within the RAM. I wonder if that will...
  16. A

    Solved! Can speak through headphones but not microphone

    I recently built a PC and bought the Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset - Carbon, but the detachable mic doesn't work, i have to speak into the headphone part (the part that the sound comes out of) for my friends to hear me. I really need a solution quick Thanks
  17. I

    I am stuck between two wireless gaming headsets.

    I am currently looking for a new pair of gaming headsets as my Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 are very close to death. The two headsets in that I mention in the title are the Corsair HS70 and the Steelseries Arctis 7. Both wireless, and that is the only type of gaming headsets I am looking for at the...
  18. X

    Budgeting Out a College Laptop and Graphics Card

    I just graduated from high school and I'm heading off to college. I'm looking for a good laptop for college and a graphics card. My budget between the two is $1,500. I want my laptop to be able to game some: modern games on high settings and new releases at medium-low settings, but I also want...
  19. Djak372

    Corsair VOID PRO or STEELSERIES Siberia 350 ? (Headsets)

    I need help deciding which headset I should buy. I only care about sound quality as I'm fine with the other features of both headsets. Corsair VOID PRO: SIBERIA 350...
  20. J

    Sound not working on Corsair Void

    I recently did some cable management in my case just to tidy up, and after I booted, I found that I have no sound whatsoever. No playback through my headset, no sound through the microphone, and strangely all of the applications that would show in volume mixer disappeared. I initially suspected...
  21. M

    Best gaming headest?

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me wich headset is better? The Hyperx cloud stinger or the new corsair raptor hs50? I have only 50$ to spend on headphones. Thank you
  22. P

    Conflict between Corsair LINK and AI Suite?

    Hello, My Asus motherboard uses AI suite to control the fans however my rgb RAM requires Corsair LINK to control the colours of the lights. Since LINK is also used for fan control, will I cause problems to the computer running both at the same time? Will they conflict? If so, what can I do to...
  23. O

    kingstone hyperx cloud 2 vs corsair void pro usb

    Which one should I buy? Personally, I'm a fan ouf corsair, but currently cloud 2 is a bit cheaper. (about 10 bucks?) So, what headset is better to buy?
  24. C

    I need an additioninal EPS power connector?

    I am trying to find a power supply for my computer: Gtx 1080 X299 aurora gaming 9 Corsair vengeance lpx 2666 ddr4 16 gb 1 tb hard drive 7800x When I enter these parts into pcpartpicker, and i put in a corsair cx750 power supply it tells me i need an additional EPS power connector 1. What is...
  25. M

    Can i connect my TV to Corsair void wireless

    My TV has an optical digital audio bluetooth that's the only audio outs that my TV has. Thank you I would like to know if I can connect my Corsair void or Logitech g933 Thank you Jj
  26. F

    How can i use a corsair void usb on my iPhone???

    Can i buy an aux to female usb like this: And then just connect the headset to it??
  27. X

    Mixing up RAM?

    So not late ago, I had one of my ram sticks die on me. I had the following ram: 2 x 4GB DDR3-1866 SODIMM Corsair Vengeance GX3M2B1866C10 Now I'm running on only one ram stick and quite honestly 4gb feels very sluggish on a 64bit windows 10. I was thinking about upgrading my ram and I checked...
  28. A

    Corsair RGB void headset no Audio/mic

    I just purchased the Corsair VOID RGB wired headset, I plug it into my computer and the headset recieves power, beeps and it even shows up in device manager, my volume mixer as recording and a playback device. Ive downloaded all drives and external corsair software, but no matter what I do I...
  29. D

    Laptop Bag for 17.3 inch laptop and corsair k70 lux keyboard

    Hi guys i am looking for a new laptop bag which can hold a 17.3 inch screen laptop and a corsair k70 lux keyboard all in one as i cant really seem to find any big enough. I live in Australia
  30. Ashbacher7

    Chrome Crashes when skipping around in videos.

    Been running into this issue since I put together my new build. Specs: CPU: i5-6600K Mobo: Asus Z-170A RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 3000 GPU: Asus Dual GTX 1060 6GB PSU: Corsair AX1200 Cooler: Corsair H100i V2 I've done all of the following: Completely reinstall Chrome (delete all...
  31. SuperShark

    Gaming headset under £60?

    The Corsair HyperX Cloud Gaming headset is £40, should I get it or another headset?
  32. EvooHD

    Gaming Headset (Budget) Help.

    Hello, recently i had so many problems with my headset it is cheap Walmart product under 5$ ... i know .. So i wanted bought Budget Gaming Headset about 40$ - 45$ or 45 Euro. so i find some headsets but i dont know if they are worth and good . 1) Corsair Raptor HS30-Y Gaming Headset...
  33. C

    Do I need to change my PSU? Corsair VS 550

    This PSU is serving me for more than 1 year and 4 months with my i3 2100 - 6GB RAM and GTX 960 2GB but now I'll be upgrading to 1060 3gb. Do I need to change it to Seasonic S12II 520w? I know it's a low tier psu but this psu has been with my for 1 year and 4 months and no issue
  34. S

    Gaming Headset with good mic

    Hey, Need help finding a good headset ( with surround sound ) and a high quality mic, I mostly use it to talk to my friends through Discord. It'd be great if it could be under 90 pounds. Thanks
  35. P

    Is it worth upgrading to 7.1 gaming headset?

    So I currently have the Razer Kraken Pro and they are alright. I was wondering if it was worth upgrading to a headset that supports 7.1 surround. Here are the ones I have been looking at, feel free to add any other suggestions...
  36. D

    any programs i can use for macros??

    i have a Corsair K95 keyboard with 18 macro keys. i dont really like corsairs program for the macros. the program seems buggy to me and forgets my macros sometimes Is there other programs i could use to assign those macro keys? thank you
  37. A

    Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum c or corsair void wireless RGB headset

    please can anyone help me i am really struggling to decide which one to get i will play various games but FPS games more i want one that is best for FPS games please help me if you can
  38. MartinEggman

    Suggested Headset for under £50?

    I'm looking for a replacement to my Plantronics 388 headset, I've been looking at these but not sure which one to get, If anyone has other alternatives then please feel free to share, thank you. Logitech G230 Logitech G430 Corsair Raptor HS40 Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P Turtle Beach x12
  39. SkoomZ

    Razer ManO'War or Corsair H2100

    Looking to buy a wireless headset as my current headsets wires seem to have split, looks like it'll save me money in the long run. I've never really bought either Razer or Corsair products, I only really stick to Logitech so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for, and I've already...
  40. M

    Moving On From Corsair h2100's, Looking For Better Quality Please Help

    Please help me decide, im coming from corsair H2100's, so im looking for upgraded bass/overall sound quality and comfort mostly. I have about 200 dollars to drop and im looking for the best wireless headset 200 bucks can buy. Simulated dolby 7.1 is important to me.
  41. F

    Wondering if my future rig will be good enough for VR.

    Hello all! I am fairly tech savvy, and am working on my first PC build. I was curious if my future rig could handle an HTC Vive, and have an enjoyable experience. Here's my list: Case: Corsair Carbide Air 240 MoBo: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII GENE CPU: Intel i7 6700K Heatsink/Cooler: Cooler Master...
  42. C

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones or Corsair Void 7.1?

    My Audio Technica AD700X broke, so instead of just replacing them I thought why not get something better (hard to imagine though they were that good!) I did love them, mainly how comfy they were, normally headphones and me just dont mix, I cant stand pressure on the sides of my head but the...
  43. A

    Upgrade build for virtual reality

    Gpu Sapphire Radeon R9 270 2GB Power Supply Corsair CX600 CP-9020048-US 600W Power Supply Motherboard MSI Computer Corp. A88XM-E45 Motherboard Cpu AMD Quad-Core A8-Series APU A8-6600K with Radeon HD 8570D Ram 2 x Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3 What would be my options for upgrading?
  44. K

    My Sony Headphones have a built in mic with only one cord, but my corsair case has a separate audio and mic slots. How do I ge

    Is there a reverse splitter or something?
  45. _Binz

    Corsair M65 RGB Button Not Working

    i got corsair m65 rgb, when i play csgo i relized that if i moving it wont shoot, the button doesn't working. but when i'm not moving the button working, i can shoot my weapon. Please Help!!
  46. _Binz

    Mouse not working

    I got corsair m65 rgb. When i was playing csgo, when i am about to shoot, the click button not working. But sunddenly i relized, that everytime i move n i wanna shoot the button doesn't working, but if i don't move the button working. It happen to all games that i played, but if i use my other...
  47. S

    Asus ROG GL752VW upgrade

    can i upgrade my Asus ROG GL752VW with Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 SATA 500GB and Corsair SO-DIMM DDR4 16GB PC19200 - CMSX16GX4M2A2400C16 (2X8GB) ?
  48. K

    Are the Corsair K70 non-RGB versions compatible with the Corsair Utility Software?

    I want to map my keys around a bit, but the Corsair Utility Engine that worked with the RGB version (which I had to return because it had the wrong switches, I bought the red leds for a cheaper price) would not work with the standard red LEDs. The software says the keyboard is not plugged in. I...
  49. ReadNotWrite

    Corsair 2100 Headset Failing?

    INFO: Corsair Wireless Headset H2100 Time Owned ~1 year Issue popping, crackling like sound prior to immediate drop lasting 1-10 seconds of no audio. Randomly occurs roughly every 20 seconds to 10 minutes. Attempts to Resolve: -Uninstall/Reinstall all Drivers -Install Corsair drivers/audio...
  50. L

    Gaming Headset HELP!

    Hello I want to buy a new gaming headset. I have some choices: Corsair Gaming Void Logitech G430 Razer Kraken Pro 2015 Kingston HyperX Cloud II Which are the best in term of sound quality in gaming, durability, comfortable, etc.? Pros and cons? Please help me guys. Thank u.
  51. D

    could an amp improve my headphone's soundstage

    hi i've bought a corsair h1500, i am noticing i can't hear some instruments. Actually only on one instance though, bought the thing for only a couple of days. i really can't tell you which it is(lows,mids or highs) cause i'm a noob with headphones. although tried equalizing with the driver...
  52. T

    Corsair Void Dolby 7.1 problem

    Hello all, I recently bought a corsair void rgb wired and I have turned on the 7.1 sound, but when I go into a game like CSGO or GTA, the sound switches back to stereo. When I alt+tab back to the desktop the sound goes back to 7.1. Anyway to fix this?
  53. X

    Plantronics RIG or Corsair H2100

    Mainly looking for a headset that I can use for Skype and gaming. I haven't been looking around on the market for too long but these are the two headset I was considering. I like the RIG for the mixer. I like the H2100 cause they're wireless and I can watch movies while not being stuck at a...
  54. M

    Best 2.1 Speaker System for Bedroom

    I've looked around and still can't make up my mind on a 2.1 speaker system that would be used in my room on my desk. By the way, I'm new to all the audio stuff. Anyways I would like to know which of these speaker systems would be the best for under 200 dollars or if there are any that I should...
  55. J

    Do I really need to spend much on a gaming perpheral?

    Hi. I got my new gaming pc, and now I just need to get a new gaming perpheral. I have already chosen the monitor, and now I need mouse, headset, keyboard and speakers. I wanna go for expensive perpherals such as corsair. I have the money for it, but I also wanna save some money for buying games...
  56. brandonclone1

    Liquid Cooling Impact on Noise

    I am interested in buying a Corsair liquid cooler in hopes of a quiet PC. That will leave me with an intake fan, exhaust fan, and GPU fans. From your experience, did you liquid cooler help with noise greatly or minimally?
  57. Joeysaurr

    Speakers made a gargling noise and are now extremely quiet

    As the title says, the speakers made a loud noise and since are only operating at far below usable volume even with the volume turned up full. I was hoping someone here could help find the fault and point me in the right direction of fixing it since I don't have the money to replace them right...
  58. G

    Best Budget Gaming Headset

    Hey guys, i just noticed these 4 headsets and i am wondering which one is better? Perhaps u guys can give me a pros and cons of each one ? The headsets are these: Razer Kraken (not Pro version) Astro G430 Corsair Raptor HS40 August EP640 I'll mainly use the headset for gaming and music...
  59. ITsonic

    Need a new headset can anyone help me choose one.

    My Turtle Beach EarForce Z11 headset is broken and out of warranty the right ear of the headset have stopped working and i'm looking for a new one. Your feedback is greatly needed it can also give me show me which headsets I should buy but I'm on a budget and my funds are not so great so here...
  60. V

    HyperX cloud2 Vs Logitech G430 Vs Corsair Void RGB USB Vs Roccat Kave XTD? For USB\PC only

    Hey, My old Sharkoon 5.1 (Xtatic) have been worn off for a while now, and I decided to buy a new headset for my gaming needs. Here are the mentioned models: Logitech G430 (cheapest) HyperX cloud2 Corsair VOID RGB USB Dolby 7.1 Roccat Kave XTD If anyone feels strongly about the Corsair...