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Nov 9, 2017
My dad bought a 4 ohm dvc sub not knowing what he was doing and wouldn’t listen to me and I currently have an unknown ohm svc subwoofer (I have looked all over the driver it’s not there) it is in an enclosure that is plugged into the wall and I am not sure what ohm the svc sub is and what ohm the sub driver powers and since that other sub I am stuck with is there anyway to wire the 4ohm dvc along with the unknown ohm sub together without sacrificing sound quality and sound output (sorry that it’s not very organized I hope it got the point across If not I’ll try to explain)

I have been using a subwoofer enclosure that uses wall power and the electronics in it have caused the subwoofer to barely function all bass is gone and idling without any audio input it pulses about every 2 seconds at a constant rate and when used as a normal subwoofer it sounds very bad and doesn’t output any bass the speaker makes crackling noises and other weird sound the speaker is perfectly fine as I have hooked up a separate sub and it doesn’t work if anyone has any idea what component could have failed I would appreciate it I know how to solder pretty well and have decent knowledge of circuit boards
You could certainly connect one vc of the dvc sub in series with the SVC subwoofer. That would be safe but very unlikely to improve the quantity (since the power would go down) or quality (since the damping factor will go down and there is no way to know how loud the dvc sub will play compare to the SVC sub or how bad it will sound).
Hooking it in parallel may blow the amp in the SVC sub and even if it works will most likely sound worse. If the dvc sub isn't in a cabinet then forget about it.
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