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  1. G

    ShadowPlay records at ~57fps not 60fps

    Hey, I am having a small problem maybe one of you guys know a solution to this. I started using ShadowPlay to record today and it does not seem to record at 60fps. I have set the recording setting to record at 60 but it only records at ~57fps, not any higher not any lower. I have multiple...
  2. Pakundo

    Game/Video recording is bass boosted (It's a bit of an annoying one)

    Edit: Solved, problem was Realtek HD Audio Manager headphone power settings changed from Balanced to Ultimate. Nvidia's capture server is directly affected by equalizer changes applied to my headphones, seeing as my headphones were set as default playback device in Windows. Recently I got my...
  3. B

    Help With Nvidia Shadowplay

    I am sorry that this is under the section of OBS, but OBS is the nearest software to shadowplay! My problem is that when ever i record with shadowplay, no matter what settings, the video is always blurry and gritty! I have a GTX 1060 and an i5 6600k, my friend has a 980 yet he somehow records...
  4. Mrcrazed

    Nvidia Shadowplay Red Slash

    So whenever I try to record with Shadowplay, the status icon has a green circle with a red line through it. Supposedly it's supposed to indicate that you don't have enough storage, but I have 500gb free. I've gone through at least 20 forums to try to fix this, but none of them worked for me. Am...
  5. S

    Nvidia ShadowPlay 60fps 2k res Issues.

    I am currently having issues with my Nvidia Shadowplay. When I record in 2k resolution, it will not record 60fps, even if i try to manually set it to do so. When I set the resolution to 2k, it only allows me to set the fps to 30. I had to redo my computer's windows install a month ago and...
  6. M

    H.264 Recording Issue (Green and Grey pixels)

    Not sure if someone posted before since i couldn't find it here. Anyway, I tried PlayClaw5 (build 3105, 3500 and infamous 3518) months ago, and NViDia ShadowPlay this month. I like both of them a lot but I decided to side with SP due to not affecting FPS as much as PC5. Here is the thing! I...
  7. T

    Questions about ShadowPlay, need immediate help D:

    Okay, so i recently installed GeForce Experience and wanted to try out ShadowPlay, however, i noticed i couldn't start it.. Here are some images: (click the link to open, for some reason i can't find the BBCode link..) My Specs: i5-4210 2.9-3.5GHz GTX 850M 4GB DDR3...
  8. D

    Shadowplay "missdetects" my card thus not working

    Hello guys and gals, I have a 840M wich is capable of recording with shadowplay, but for some short of reason it's not working. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  9. B

    Nvidia Shadow Pay's recorded game volume is too quiet.

    Whenever I record a video with nvidia shadow play, the game volume and the volume of my friends is much too quiet to be heard. I know it's shadowplay for sure becasue fraps doesn't have the same problem. I have tried turning up my system's volume and updating all my drivers but the outcome stays...
  10. Spaurtacus

    nVIDIA's shadowplay won't record the shadowtime! Red slash/line through the icon!

    I can record manually but not the shadowtime. This is what the red slash/line looks like: My rig: Gainward GTX 770 2GB i5-4460 8 GB ram 1080p, 144Hz Win 8.1 Driver version 337.88 (newest i guess)
  11. R

    Simultaneous Streaming and Recording w/ Quick Sync and Shadowplay

    I'd like to know if this is possible. If so, it's going to save my friend about $100 on his next build :bounce: If it's possible, he can just get a non-k 4670 and a 212 Evo instead of a 4670k and a H100i.
  12. A

    Nvidia ShadowPlay Vs MSI Afterburner

    I'm thinking of getting a MSI 290 when it comes out ,and wanted to know how afterburner would hold up against shadow play..