Ben Lewis

Aug 11, 2016
I am sorry that this is under the section of OBS, but OBS is the nearest software to shadowplay! My problem is that when ever i record with shadowplay, no matter what settings, the video is always blurry and gritty! I have a GTX 1060 and an i5 6600k, my friend has a 980 yet he somehow records all games in ultra settings with 1080p! My current settings on ShadowPlay are 50mbps, 1080p, and 60fps! Thanks for all the help! I have an example, this is not the youtube encoding, its exactly how it looks on .mp4, you can really see the lack of detail on full screen: [video=""][/video]
P.S. Ive tried to use OBS, and I've had exactly the same problem, i posted that on the OBS forums, and they were no help at all, they ignored me and gave up :p. Hopefully you guys won't be the same.



What's your upload speed according to speedtest?


are my settings with a 2MBps upload speed.

Now that I think of it what does upload or anything with the ISP matter? This is a local recording that only relies on the hardware and software in use. You might want to try those settings and go from there. Increase to 1080p and see how things are. [video=""][/video]
is the result of those settings.