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  1. K

    Solved! Massive screen trembling/shaking and fps drops after few minutes of gaming

    Hi everyone, I own an Asus Vivobook S15 S531FL. I sometimes game on it, usually Rocket League, but also other games. The laptop was definitely not designed for gaming, but it should run games like Rocket League pretty smoothly. I will leave the specs down. The problem is after a couple of...
  2. casiofx

    Question Acer nitro an515-52 gpu issue

    hello guys, i have some problem here. my laptop cant detect gpu (NVIDIA Geforce 1050) after reinstalling windows. anyone have some advice or have same problem with me???
  3. DocPr3dator

    Question HELP !! Black horizontal lines flickering

    I have an Acer Predator Helios 500 i7-8750H NVIDIA GTX 1070 16GB RAM DDR4 1TB HDD 256 GB SSD 1080p G-sync enabled 144HZ display and i have been getting flickering horizontal black lines all across the screen wile gaming or even when idling it keeps on getting worse upto a point that the screen...
  4. Mauriciowi100

    Solved! DropFPS while Playing CPU 100% GPU Down Usage

    I have a laptop Dell 7567 with i7 7700 HQ - 1050 Ti - 16GB RAM I've change the thermal paste and clean it about 3 weeks ago. The laptop was working fine, but when I formatted and reinstall w10 from 0, started the issue, when I playing, for seconds the CPU Usage goes up to 100% for seconds and...
  5. Jph5674

    Solved! My HP omen laptop wont use dedicated graphics for internal display

    I have the HP Omen ce018dx. It will only use the integrated intel gpu and not the nvidia 1050. The nvidia gpu will only work on external displays. I've tried disabling the Intel graphics and restarted PC. Thinking this would force it to use nvidia but it didn't. Instead some generic...
  6. Adrian.H

    Solved! When will rtx 3000 series come to laptop. And how much should you pay for a gaming laptop now that has a pre gen gpu?

    How much should i be paying for an alienware m15 r2 with a rtx 2060 + i7 9750h?
  7. A

    Solved! New laptop panel goes black with Nvidia drivers

    Long story short, I got a new panel to replace my laptop's current one. Same brand and everything. When I turn the computer On the screen starts normally, shows the MSI logo but as soon as it boots to windows the screen just goes black. Did a fresh drivers install with DDU on safe mode (the...
  8. M

    Solved! high-performance-nvidia-processor-not-working-properly

    I used to play gta 5 with very high graphics on my gt 820m. fps were good and i was enjoying. but then suddenly it started misbehaving. i run gta 5 and after a minute, the game fps goes down like hell. i think 10-15 fps not more than this. please help me
  9. Neyriz.Stok

    Solved! In hp pavilion 15-cx0056wm gpu 1050ti not detected

    Product: Hp Pavilion 15-Cx0056wm Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit) Hello my laptop is HP 15-cx0056wm and it's been a weird thing After I changed Windows and started drivers and then restarted the system GPU Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics have disappeared altogether Not in the management...
  10. D

    Solved! White screen while using Nvidia card

    3 days ago I updated my windows and my Nvidia driver to the latest version, after that whenever I launch a game using Nvidia, the screen is just white!!! I still can interact with the game, I can hear the sounds, but nothing is displayed. The games only works with the integrated card (Of course...
  11. A

    Question Use Nvidia GPU for Games and Intel UHD 630 for Games, separately?

    Sorry, I couldn't find a thread for "Desktops". I was wondering, if there is a way to use these two GPUs separately? My PC currently has a: -RTX 2060 -Intel UHD 630 -Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00 GHz -Windows 10 Home, ver 1903 and -32 GB (31.8GB) usable RAM I noticed that when I only...
  12. Z

    Question Can I change the laptop Monitor refresh rate in the NVIDIA Control Panel?

    So I ordered a laptop which was advertised to have a 120 Hz monitor, but I only see a 60 Hz option in the Display settings. I asked the providers, and all I got is this: This issues will be something you can solve by going into your Graphic setting and changing the refresh rate and the...
  13. Nitesh Poonia

    Solved! I reinstalled my window 10 , and graphic card doesn't run with any game .

    I reinstalled my window 10, this is usual thing for me , i do it every 2 month .....when i installed drivers and started game, the game started misbehaving , either games were not running with graphic card, or they were not running at all with some errors(i checked fix to those errors:-...
  14. K

    Windows 10 will not boot on Ryzen 3800X

    Not long ago I built a new PC on Ryzen 2700X, I just purchased a 3800X and swapped it out, but it will not boot into Windows 10. It sits at the Windows logo with circle spinning endlessly. Doesn't boot into Windows 10 normal mode on 3800X Boots fine into Safe Mode on 3800X Doesn't clean boot...
  15. NOOB2PRO

    Question Nvidia Surround with laptop display

    Hi! So I have 2 external displays that I want to use nvidia surround with my laptop display in the middle. Only problem is that in Nvidia Surround, the laptop display is always greyed out and I can't change the topology to 1x3. Anyone know a workaround or a fix? Laptop is an XMG PRO 15 / Clevo...
  16. S

    Question When I try to open Nvidia Control Panel on my Lenovo Yoga laptop it states that my display isn't attached to an Nvidia GPU

    Although Geforce Experience recognizes it completely fine, the Control Panel doesn't and won't even load up. It's obvious that my card is in working order, and it's still used every time I load up a game. Is this a problem with my GPU or the control panel itself, and how to I fix it? It's...
  17. R

    nvidia mx 250 not recognizing

    I recently brought a mi notebook pro 2019 from china and i reinstalled windows eng because default was a chinese version. i dont know what is the problem but nvidia driver is not installing its showing error and nvidia driver is not being recognized in display adapters too. please help me the...
  18. K

    Question My laptop refuses to use dedicated Nvidia GPU for games

    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134)(17134.rs4_release.180410-1804) System Manufacturer: Acer System Model: Aspire V3-571G Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.4GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M I've...
  19. M

    Question MX 150 isn't working as expected. Legging games too much.

    I have recently bought Asus S15 S530FN what has i7 8565 processor, 8GB ram, 256GB SSD, Nvidia MX 150 2GB. I have installed old games like NFS Hot Pursuit, Rivals, Most Wanted 2012. None of these are playing smoothly even with low graphics. In Nvidia settings I have also lower the graphics...
  20. J

    Solved! My laptop suddenly started having low frame rates while playing a game and eventually crashed.

    I have an asus laptop with an intel i3-8109u processor, a GeForce MX130 graphics card, and 4 gb of DDR4 ram. I was playing GTA V with medium graphics while MSI Afterburner was running, at the start I was having 30-40 fps and my gpu temperatures were around 50°C-60°C with only 60-70% usage while...
  21. J

    Solved! New Laptop Screen - stops working after Nvidia drivers installed

    Hello! I needed a new laptop so I bought an Asus Rog Fx502vm because it was for a really good price, however I do photography colour work and the default TN panel was really really bad. So I saw quite a few cases of people online upgrading the screen successfully so went ahead and got a...
  22. Marshall Honorof

    This Website Creates Scarily Lifelike Faces Using AI

    This Website Creates Scarily Lifelike Faces Using AI A clever new website uses complex AI algorithms to randomly generate a real human face for an imaginary person.
  23. A

    Gtx 1050ti vs Rx560X

    I found 2 laptops onewith (gtx 1050ti i58300h)hp, the other is (ryzen 5 3350h and rx560x) Asus TUF both are similar in pricing which one do you think is better??
  24. P

    Solved! Shadow Play help

    Hey, recently ive been trying to use shadow play for desktop and ingame and everytime ive saved from instant replay, i get this- http://prntscr.com/mg915j and this - http://prntscr.com/mgak0h these screenshots show that u can clearly see my mouse but not anything behind it... This is really...
  25. P

    Laptop Nvidia GPU 0% Usage At All Times

    Laptop was filled with bloatware and tons of issues. Instead of weeding it all out I decided to do a clean Win10 Reinstall. Since the reinstall my GPU stays at 0% usage no matter what I do. I've reinstalled drivers. Set global setting in Nvidia Control Panel to the GPU. Even when right clicking...
  26. F

    Lenovo 330s slows down when plugged

    I recently bought Lenovo 330s with i5 8th gen, nVidia 1050, SSD... My laptop slows down badly when i plug in charger. Power settings are set to max performace, running win 10. It's so slow that is hard to do anything, even windows slow down. Any suggestions?
  27. L

    Can i run GTA 5?

    Im using NVIDIA GeForce 940m with 2gb dedicated Vram Intel core i5-5200U $gb DDR3 L memory
  28. C

    Dell Precision M6800 very slow and ran out of ideas.

    I got a refurbished computer around two weeks ago and it is an Dell Precision M6800. It was working fine the first few days and then after a while it started getting slower and slower. Now it takes around two minutes for the file manager to open up and it takes like five minutes for chrome to...
  29. B

    Solved! HP Elitebook 8770w Rough condition or HP Elitebook 8570w Awesome condition

    Guys need help, I can find 2 laptops, 1st is an HP 8770w i7 3720qm with quadro k3000m 2GB DDR5, condition is rough from exterior and the shopkeeper is asking too much for it. $400 2nd is HP 8570w i7 3720qm with Quadro k2000m 2GB DDR3 ofc, the condition is awesome and is asking decent price, $290...
  30. J

    Laptop Graphic Cards Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 vs RTX 2060

    I want to play Rome 2 Total War in extreme graphics settings. Considering these two graphic cards for gaming laptops: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Which one would have the best performance? Thank you in advance.
  31. T

    Solved! ASUS TUF FX705GM or MSI GP63 8RE?

    Hey there, I’ve been researching a bit and I’ve come to a decision between 2 laptops both with similar specs and similar prices, the budget is £1200GBP and these both sit just below that, I currently use a desktop with an i7 7600k and GTX 1070, but need a laptop for when I’m not home which is...
  32. K

    Solved! Laptop with GTX 950m and a intel graphics 620

    Is it possible to make my intel integrated gpu work together with my nvidia graphics card (kinda like the way sli works) ?
  33. C

    Solved! the integrated video card is used more than the dedicated video card

    I have a laptop lenovo y520 I7 7700HQ GTX 1050 4GB 8 GB RAM in games I have selected gtx 1050 from nvidia manually but in games it looks like they use more integrated video card than dedicated !!! INTEL 70% and NVIDIA 30% use NVIDIA High-performance nvidia processor.could it be done?
  34. R

    Laptop extreme overheat 99 C heelp

    Hi everyone. I have a serious overheating issue with my PackardBell TS11 HR laptop. My specs are : Intel core i7-2630Q 2.9 gHz Dual graphic - Intel HD 3000 and NVidia 540M DDR3 1GB Ram 8 GB HDD 640 GB OS: Win 10 Pro x64 with latest updates installed When I gaming temp reaches 99 C and...
  35. R

    Solved! Intel HD Graphics or NVIDIA Display

    I have a clean install of the latest windows 10 recently and I don't know which graphics driver to install. I got this NVIDIA Display downloading in my Windows Update utility and Intel HD Graphics. I think this two driver caused the BSOD I experienced earlier or a driver conflict i think. . Any...
  36. A

    Solved! Laptop poor performance while plugged in

    Hi, I searched whole day for solution, but nothing seem to fix the problem. I get low fps on games while I plug the charger to my laptop ... I used to have this problem, but I fixed it somehow by discharging the battery completely. Few days ago I updated both Nvidia and Intel drivers and...
  37. M

    Solved! Nvidia graphics problem (Laptop)

    Hello I have a Dell Inspiron n3542 having Core i5 4210u processor with 1.7ghz, 4 GB ram, 500 GB hard disk and a 2 GB Nvidia Geforce GT 820m dedicated graphics. I have a problem regarding the Nvidia driver updating issue. Recently Nvidia released their latest driver version which is 417.35...
  38. D

    3d stereoscopic missing

    3d stereoscopic is missing on my Asus g75vw and I cant setup my Nvidia kit cause of that. I have the latest driver. any tips? Nvidia 670m core i7
  39. D

    Solved! CPU usage higher than GPU usage when gaming

    I currently have a Dell Inspiron 7577 with an Intel i7-7700HQ and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q. My problem is that the Intel Integrated Graphics usage is higher than that of the Nvidia. Is there any way to fix this? Things that I've tried: 1. Changed the preferred graphics processor to...
  40. O

    Which one to get (Acer vs Asus) (i7-7700HQ vs i5-8300H)

    Hey! I would like to get someone else's opinion about which laptop to get because they are so close: Acer 17,3" FHD Aspire 7 with intel core i7-7700HQ GTX1060(6GB) 8GB RAM 512GB PCIe SSD or Asus TUF Gaming FX504GM-EN025T 15,6" FHD 120Hz with intel core i5-8300H GTX1060(6GB) 8GB RAM 256GB PCIe...
  41. H

    Solved! Accidentally uninstalled nvidia control panel.

    I was trying to uninstall some unnecessary programs using CCleaner tool, and I accidentally uninstalled my nvidia control panel and now it's gone missing. I did some research into it and tried everything I can like reinstalling the drivers, reinstalling geforce experience, even did a DDU but my...
  42. A

    Solved! Laptop GPU under-performing

    So I just bought this new laptop with the nVidia MX130 gpu. I've searched for benchmark results online and most of them shows that this gpu should perform better than the GTS 450 in my old computer. but when I tried to run the NovaBench 2011 benchmarking software, my GTS 450 got 811fps on the 3d...
  43. S

    Solved! Upgrading to Lenovo Thinkpad T420S

    Hello I currently own an Acer Aspire 5742 and it has 4GB Ram, I5 450M, 250GB HDD. I find it to be a little slow and the visual condition isn't great anymore. I'm thinking about upgrading to the Lenovo Thinkpad T420S WIth an I5 2520M, NVS4200M, 4GB Ram (Upgrade to 8) and hopefully an SSD. Does...
  44. D

    4K Streaming Solution - Samsung TV, Shield, Options

    Hi All. I have a new TV; the Samsung NU8000, and it does not support DTS audio, among other things. I'm pretty new to all of this to be honest! I would like to be able to display 4k content on this TV from my PC. This 4k content is often in HEVC format, with DTS audio only. I'm currently...
  45. S

    Solved! Quadro fox 2800m

    Thanks for answering me Can I updarge my graphics card nvidia quadro fx 2800m it’s doesn’t gave me what I want and Also I want updarge can I ?
  46. G

    Solved! Is lenovo ideapad 330 available with a graphics card

    I have searched many sites but couldn't find any graphic card related info. I only found that it has Intel integrated graphics 620 UHD.
  47. 1

    Intel HD 630 Problems - I'm 1/2way to a fix, need help though!

    Long story short, my intergrated graphics card keeps failing with every driver except the barebones Basic Display Adapter. My laptop screen works in safe mode, but in normal mode with the intel driver, i just get a black screen. ------ I've tried everything from disabling/clean...
  48. G

    Nvidia’s Scary AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real

    New Nvidia AI technology defies belief by creating 100% realistic synthetic humans, cats, and even cars. Nvidia’s Scary AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real : Read more
  49. B

    How to delete old greyed-out nvidia 3D settings

    This has bugged me for ages. Usually after an update to current nvidia driver, I end up in the 3D settings for a current game, only to see a game being referenced from over a year ago in the drop down, with ZERO option to delete said game from the 3D settings as there's no option to actually...
  50. S

    Graphics card (future proofing)

    I'm thinking about buying the 1060 6gb version I'm just wondering for how long could I get away with using this card for high settings 60fps gaming? Can it last me at least 2-3 years?
  51. A

    Solved! Help with a new laptop for game development/gaming.

    Hi! Since my old computer isn't enough I plan to buy a new laptop for my hobbies and University work. I am from Mexico so I don't have a great budget and I can only afford to buy the laptop in one specific store. Also I can't afford any upgrades in the near future. Which after visiting the...
  52. G

    Lenovo y520 refuses to use gtx 1060

    Hi guys, im running out of ideas, recently i acquired a lenovo y520 and the problem is that the OS (windows 10 home) detects the gtx 1060 but refuses to use it beyond 10%... the specs are these: i5 7300hq 8gb ram ddr4 @2133mhz Nvidia gtx 1060 max-q 3gb Software: Nvidia Drivers...
  53. L

    Which Laptop should I buy Asus X442UF - FA006T or Asus FX503VD-E4099T?

    Which laptop should I get? I found two laptops that are within my price range but has different specs. I'm looking for the one with a better performance in processing huge data (maybe around 100 to 200 GB) in a software, specifically ArcGIS. Here are the specs: Asus X442UF - FA006T/ Core...
  54. D

    Gaming Laptop is Lagging Hard, please help ....

    I have acer nitro 5 spec : intel i5 7300 hq 2.5 ghz 8 gb ram nvidia 1050 4gb win 10 64 bit last week i can play dark souls 3 60 fps no problem but now the laptop cant even play skyrim at high what happened ? i dont know i panicked and format the laptop but the problem still persist please...
  55. D

    Secondary Monitor Help Needed

    So i'm using two monitors, A SHARP TV as my primary monitor (which works perfectly), and a secondary Dell P1913 1440 x 900 Monitor (DVI). My main monitor successfully uses my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, but the Dell monitor defaults to Intel HD Graphics and wont let me select the GTX. I tried...
  56. M

    Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti

    I had this problem at the beginning, where i would open the nvidia control panel, and there were missing options. The only available option was " 3d settings ". Read a few things about the issue.. So i uninstalled the nvidia drivers and reinstalled them, however it did not work. Not only did it...
  57. K

    Solved! Is it bad to update Nvidia driver updates using Geforce experience?

    Hello, My laptop is Acer nitro 5 model AN 515-52, having GTX1060 gpu, 8GB of ram, i5-8300H CPU and 1TB HDD. I'm experiencing many stutters while playing Mortal kombat XL and Arkham Knight in max settings.One of my friends said that it is something to do with bad driver updates.So I did some...
  58. D

    Solved! Good GPU, CPU, RAM, but low performance / FPS

    I just bought a new laptop (Asus Aspire 7 A717-71G-71UL) with the following specs: - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz - 16 GB DDR4 Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 Dedicated VRAM This seemed like a pretty good pc to me, but every game I run plays at about...
  59. A

    Intel app & nvidia app gone

    So recently i just made a hardware change on my laptop and everything is good, until i realize my intel app & nvidia geforce app is gone after windows 10 finish installing. So how do i get it back? I know i can't play video games without it.
  60. L

    Nvidia GeForce Experience is Failing again.

    So a new Graphics Driver came out like an hour ago (417.22). I downloaded it through GeForce Experience and did a Express Installation. It started to install the driver and after a while the error occurred saying that “Installation can't continue“. When you installing Graphics Driver, while the...