Solved! New Laptop Screen - stops working after Nvidia drivers installed

May 1, 2019
I needed a new laptop so I bought an Asus Rog Fx502vm because it was for a really good price, however I do photography colour work and the default TN panel was really really bad. So I saw quite a few cases of people online upgrading the screen successfully so went ahead and got a B156HAN04.2 compatible panel.
I managed to install it successfully, however on booting after the Asus logo, when it gets to windows it goes completely dark.
-the display is working, just backlight seems to be off, as if I shine a light on it I can see it's working.
- with external monitor, laptop works perfectly fine.
-If I access BIOS, or on windows recovery screen, the screen works normally
  • I uninstalled the Nvidia 1060 drivers with DDU and after rebooting the display panel works well, so the backlight is only on when there are no Nvidia drivers installed. As soon as I install the latest GPU drivers or windows auto-installs the default ones, the display goes black again.
  • Nvidia 378.78 drivers are the last ones to work where screen backlight is on, however there are many applications that need me to run more current drivers. :(

I don't really know what to do at this point, so I'm really thankful in advance for all your attention and advice. Much love!
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I just noticed you said that older nVidia drivers work, that may be the issue, for laptops the only good drivers to use would be the once from the laptop vendor support page not the latest ones from nVidia.
May 1, 2019
You should contact the place you bought the panel from or the maker of the panel and see what they say.

Thanks! That was one of the first things I did but he confirmed it was a compatible model and that he is not responsible about Nvidia drivers.
(Which makes sense since the screen works well without the drivers installed).

I managed to make some progress
I found out that if I use "CRU" (Custom Resolution Utility), and I use the Graphics Driver restart feature, then close the laptop lid and open it back up again, then suddenly the screen begins to work! I documented this in this video you can see:

So if I restart Graphics Drivers while the laptop is on, put down the lid and back up the screen starts working normally. If I make it sleep, the monitor continues to work normally but if I restart the computer I need to do this process again.

I can't figure out why does restarting the graphics drivers would help? Is it possible to somehow see what setting is this changing or missing?