Solved! Why do some of my keys act wierdly?

Jan 24, 2021
I have a laptop that has been working perfectly for the past 7 years. But a few days ago I had a sudden problem. The keys : Enter/Return(scrolls down),Spacebar(stops a video on YouTube and adds random searches onto my search from the list shown and goes to the end of the line I'm typing) , arrow keys( don't move across the letters perfectly and have changed directions and take huge leaps when I press them and they sometimes also choose from the search list),ctrl(takes a leap through the whole sentence) and backspace(deletes only one key at a time). A few days ago it worked perfectly. I have windows 10 installed. And I checked my Ease of Access Keyboard settings but all of it was off even the filter keys. Any suggestions why this is happening and how it could be fixed?(I had a big problem typing this question myself. Please help) Another thing just happened that my left mouse button is constantly selecting the letters I click and the letters I move through. What could be the cause and how can it be fixed?
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