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  1. Ali06

    Question Video playing in the background at the same time while I was watching another video on YouTube?

    Recently I've been having searches on my search bar and videos being watched even though I haven't watched it. It usually came from the same channel. The videos are usually about tech problems and the uploader are indians. I haven't found what the cause of it yet. and NOW while I'm watching...
  2. asab1

    Question My youtube page keeps refreshing

    Hi, So whenever I put on any video the yotube page keeps refreshing. I use chrome. Is there any way I can stop it from refreshing?
  3. P

    Question All my YouTube comments I’ve ever posted from all my channels disappeared. What can I do?

    Can’t see my comments on YouTube, no comment history in Google Activity. No new subcomments arrive. I desperately need them restored as quickly as I can. How can I contact someone that has access to retrieve my data? All I could do till now is ask a general question on Google Support. Time is...
  4. SunyanF

    Solved! Dt770 pro with or without amp?

    I am thinking about getting the dt770 pros because I just got headphones that I don’t like. I’m not sure how many ohms I should but and if I would really notice a difference if I got an amp. It would mainly be used for gaming music and YouTube. Also my motherboard is a b450 gaming plus max and...
  5. Clonima

    Solved! Why do some of my keys act wierdly?

    I have a laptop that has been working perfectly for the past 7 years. But a few days ago I had a sudden problem. The keys : Enter/Return(scrolls down),Spacebar(stops a video on YouTube and adds random searches onto my search from the list shown and goes to the end of the line I'm typing) ...
  6. androidman994

    Question How do I install Youtube VANCED on nonrooted device? It worked before, but not since factory reset

    How do I install Youtube VANCED on nonrooted device? It worked before, but not since factory reset (Error Below) java.lang.Exception: Application is incompatible with this device at...
  7. K

    Question Audio barely audible on phone's speaker but fine on earpiece - multiple phones!

    I am facing this really weird phenomenon. This is from a YouTube live stream that I produced. There is a long chain with too many components to find fault with and I seeking suggestions and brainwaves to narrow down the search. The current situation is that watching live and playing back the...
  8. gorilaz2003

    Question How to play music from youtube on an old Sound/Audio/HiFi System

    Hello guys, I'm trying for some time to find a solution to the following problem, and i hope i will be as specific as i can. I have an old Sound/Audio/Hi-Fi System with great sound (Technics Amp + Dynaudio Speakers) and i want to be able to play music from youtube via Wi-Fi on it - i use...
  9. sevstrider

    Question Youtube videos thumbnails are too big?

    How do I go back to the regular smaller youtube video thumbnails? I'm using Google Chrome and I'm not zoomed in or anything.
  10. P

    Discussion Please, Google: Don't Replace Play Music with YouTube Music

    As an outspoken Play Music user, I was excited by the idea of Google's new music streaming service, but YouTube Music hasn't lived up to my expectations. Here's why. Please, Google: Don't Replace Play Music with YouTube Music : Read more
  11. Shahnaaz1309

    Question Youtube not working

    Hi. I have a 65" tcl 4k tv and when i open the youtube app, I can't search anything on it. It just says load more failed or no result. Please help.