Laptop Keyboard gone crazy after SSD Install (im goin crazy here too)

Jan 23, 2019
I replaced my Optical Drive DVD to a Caddy with a SSD (SSD Kingston A400 120GB) and my Laptop Keyboard (a Acer E5-571) going alway's replacing some words:

When i type z = zq
When i type Space = space + j
When i type v = vt
When i type b = bu


So idecided to open my Laptop and put directly my SSD replacing the Hard Drive... and the problem is the same. I tried to put with another enegy font, plug, etc... and the problem is the same.


When i install any SO in the HD, the problem is gone.
When i install any SO in the SSD the problem is back (even Ubuntu).

All SO in my SSD works perfectly, even games, etc... only kayboard seems crazy,

Im using a Logitec USB Wireless keyboard to write this, and works perfectly.

Please Help!
Jan 23, 2019

I've tested a on screen keyboard and works perfectly.

EDIT: When i press once z = zq. But if i keeping pressed "zzzzzzz" the keyboard go normal.
Jan 23, 2019
I got the problem: the problem it's the Keyboard.

I called a friend who knows about electronics, we tested piece by piece, we format and the problem kept even installing in Hard Drive (means that time that i format before was a moment who was working but i not wait that long) because this i tought was with the SSD. But indeed the SSD is perfect.

The problem is located or in the chip who controls the Keyboard or the Laptop Motherboard. Because this he said it's better i send to the Official Acer Assistence.

Anyway thank you for the attention.

P.S - I will NEVER buy a Acer Laptop anymore. Acer or any brand who keeps difficult replacement. They think they are the new Apple.
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