Question Wrong characters when using physical laptop keyboard

Feb 12, 2022
Hi. Several months ago my Dell Latitude 3379 motherboard died. I bought a refurb 3379 with the same hardware configuration. Both laptop SSD drives have Windows 10. I simply swapped SSD drives and had been running fine on the refurb laptop. Since then, the left button on the touchpad stopped clicking so I moved to my original 3379 laptop by swapping the SSD drive and motherboard. Everything works fine except I am getting wrong characters for some keys. Here are my findings after pressing all ]keys:
  • /k when I type k
  • ] for backspace
  • \k for \
  • ] does not work
  • Comma when I hit Enter. Strangely enough when I hit Comma it functions like the Enter key.
The onscreen keyboard works fine. I swapped SSD drives and have the exact same problem with the other SSD drive. I also tried the following:
  • Verified English - United States is the language set under Region and Language
  • Verified US QWERTY is set under English - United States,
  • Removed all keyboard drivers under Keyboards in Device Manager and reinstalled all drivers
  • In Settings, ran the Keyboard troubleshooter and did not have any errors
  • Ran regedit and verified that under HKEY_USERSK\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload that 0000409 was set for Value Name 1.
Hopefully someone will have some ideas for me. Thanks.
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