no device for apt on words with friends


Jan 9, 2019
when I try and play words with friends it says my device is not compatible with this version and app not optimized for your device, says this if I try to download game only 3 years old
They are asking the exact model so one can check the specs of that device and compare it to the requirements of what you are trying to play. You can do the same by looking up the specifications of your tablet and then comparing it to the requirements of the app.
No one can access, damage, harm, etc., your tablet by just getting the model, etc., info from you. :) If you want help trying to resolve a problem, then information like that is relevant and necessary. Try to remember people here are trying to help, as you asked for help. If you don't feel comfortable giving said information, then perhaps contacting the manufacturer would be something you should try.

BTW, those of us that try to help through here would never ever ask you for anything that wasn't needed, no personal info, no email, or anything else. So you know.