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  1. R

    laptop won't boot

    hello I'm just wandering what I can do here my notebook asus x200ca when I turn it on it says self diagnosing self repairing I tryed to factory reset but it gets to lol e 38 percent and restarts I tried everything if I let it self repair it just restarts in a loop and comes up with some error...
  2. Juaniblanco

    Notebook turning on black screen then turn off

    Hi everyone! First of all, i have been searching for a while, and there are some similar cases but not exactly what is happening to me. I have a Bangho BES G0304. The issue here is the boot up. Whenever i turn it on, the laptop turns on the screen backlight and after a couple of seconds, it...
  3. T

    My screen on acer aspire one notebook is black and when i turn it on it beeps and then nothing i dont understand

    My screen after turned on is black and computer beeps but nothing
  4. N

    Business and Entertainment laptop under 1.000$

    Hello, I initially bough a xiaomi notebook pro (i7/16gb ram,mx150), but the laptop never arrived because stock ended.After getting a refund I am lokoing for a laptop under 1000$ that can fill these requirements: -Clean look -Under 2kg(4.3lbs) -6+hour of screen time -Good...
  5. X

    Thunderbolt 3 on MicrosoftSurface Devices

    As a student looking for a new device, nearly every Surface device is a clear top contender for my next device; however, the lack of a Thunderbolt 3 port makes it impossible for me to pull the trigger. The ability to instantly boost performance at home with an external GPU is invaluable...
  6. W

    Computer stop responding, but mouse keeps working

    Hi, I have an old notebook, HP 530 with Windows 7 Ultimate. It was working fine so far but sometimes the computer freezes, it doesnt respond to any key/command but i can move the mouse just fine but i cant click anything, also i can connect to that computer files on LAN OK too. And if i start...
  7. R

    hp pavilion entertainment notebook has not been used for while. i tried to turn on but it wont turn on. power light and charge

    Laptop wont turn on even when plugged in. no lights showing on front of laptop saying its charging or power on. do I need new battery and charger
  8. B

    I have same issues

    I have same isues with my notebook, it cant boot usb windows 10 installation, but it can install windows 8, my notebook driver is only for windows 10, so all my hardware like chipset, audio, touchpad not working Pls help, thanks
  9. J

    Laptop keyboard problem

    I can't type numbers 5,7, and 9 on my acer aspire one notebook's keyboard. Please help...
  10. P

    Connecting RCA back together again how do you get to use keyboard

    RCA notebook once reconnect together will not go back to the typewriting on keyboard
  11. F

    alienware M17X 788F issues?

    So I'm planing to purchase following notebook with AMD HD 6900 graphics. I googled and from a friend who fixes laptops I've been told that most of the older generations of alienware particular with HD 6000/7000...
  12. C

    Dropping FPS in the SAME CONDITIONS? OMG :O

    OK, here are the notebook specs: Processor Intel Core i7-7700HQ (Intel Core i7) Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Laptop) - 8192 MB, GDDR5 Memory 16384 DDR4 2133 MHz Mainboard Intel HM175 I'm monitoring ALL data with Afterburner, temperature, usage, clock speed, everything is in check. I...
  13. I

    is it possible to replace a notebook with INTEL 945GM chipset with an INTEL GM45 or PM45 chipset

    I am faced with an unfortunate situation in which my notebook, a Lenovo T60 (uses DDR2 RAM), which has an INTEL 945GM chipset, the motherboard is faulty and probably has to be replaced. However, it is difficult to get the right one By chance, I have a spare notebook, a Fujitsu Lifebook S6520...
  14. L

    144hz with notebook

    Hello my question Is Simple i Have Asus g74sx And i want to know if i can get external monitor with 144hz And if i can how? Thank you.
  15. R

    How to get activation code for a aries 10 notebook

    I need a code for my are we notebook tablet thank you so much, please help me
  16. P

    buying a second hand laptop what to check for

    TL;DR I'm inspecting a second hand laptop tomorrow what to check? Device manager System information Benchmarks Long story: So my friend found a second hand laptop which seems a little too good to be true (It's just too cheap for what it is) and asked me what could be wrong with it. I know how...
  17. I

    Notebook Startup Problems (NEC Versa P8100)

    I have a 14-year old NEC Versa P8100, which, upon start up, this screen appears: and then it automatically goes to this screen: As you can see from the second...
  18. S

    Budget on processor

    I bought Hp15 notebook ba002cy amd quad core 2.5GHZ is it good for architecture students??
  19. GamerLackingKnowledge

    Gaming Laptop Fan Now Always Max and Started to Lag

    Hey community, Sorry for asking for help normally I can figure stuff out on my own but I have no clue how to even trouble shoot my issue. Issue: While watching a tv show on Media Player Classic, the tv show slowed down as if it was playing in 1/4 speed and the computer screen froze while...
  20. A

    CPU Underperforming on Dell XPS 15 9560

    My specs: Intel Core i5 7300 HQ @2.5Ghz, 8GB RAM, Intel 760p 256Gb SSD, 4K touchscreen. I have changed my Killer wifi card for an Intel 8260 due to BSOD crashes (it solved the problem). My original SSD was also swapped because it has gone bad after 1 month of use (Note: I changed from RAID ON to...
  21. A

    How much should I sell my laptop for?

    I own a two year old ASUS Notebook PC Model: Q524U. It is touchscreen and folds into a tablet. It runs perfectly and looks brand new with no cracks or scratches. What should my starting price be? I am negotiable.
  22. V

    Notebook HDD makes clicking sound only on battery when idle

    My laptop makes this strange clicking noise when idle (as soon as the screen goes off), and only when on battery. If it's plugged in, there's no such noise. It sounds like it constantly keeps turning off and on again. What could cause this and is this normal? It's a one month old 11.6" Acer...
  23. arthurdurand

    Dell Inspiron 3552 turns on automatically on AC power but doesn't POST!

    Hi I am dumbfounded by a Dell Inspiron 3552 Notebook PC that turns on automatically as soon as I connect AC power, but it doesn't POST! Here's what's happening: Without AC power connected and with the notebook battery removed: I connect notebook battery and the notebook remains off! When I...
  24. A

    1060 6Gb + 7700hq + G-sync vs. 1060 6Gb + 8750h + without G-sync

    For 1080p ~60Hz gaming what do you suggest? I would like to buy a notebook for 3-4 years of occasional, now high, later on the road medium-low preset 1080p gaming. I think the gtx 1060 would suit me fine, but I came across two configurations in my country for about the same price. Is G-sync...
  25. H

    Help mini laptop wont turn on

    My mini laptop won't turn on. It was dead but I plugged in the charger and only on led with the lightbulb symbol lights up faint green the other 3 led dont light up at all and will not turn on
  26. M

    Laptop crashing due to graphics driver when playing videos

    My laptop has begun crashing when playing any kind of video (youtube, lecture capture, Netflix, etc.). When a video begins playing the laptop freezes, then the screen turns white and it restarts (and sometimes the screen is multicoloured before restarting). After searching for a solution on...
  27. K

    i7 2670QM throttling

    hi, I recently bought notebook (used market)(acer 5750g with 8G ram) with i7 2670QM, it was at 80C idle and max 1.8GHz-2.2GHZ at 96C, so i cleaned it, change thermal paste and now it is on 70C idle and constantly at 2.2 but when i run anything (chrome, youtube etc. ) its like 80-90C and than...
  28. B

    Some keys and aux jack of notebook doesn't work. Why?

    Notebook keys and aux jack stopped working. After some moment it just stopped working. These buttons are bottom arrow keys, letter B, N. ? symbol. and also it's aux jack. Model of the notebook is Lenovo B50-70
  29. T

    Windows 7 BSOD: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (iusb3xhc.sys)

    Hi guys I recently encountered numerous BSODs, mainly when I was playing games (Dying Light, R6 Siege). I have a few screenshots of the BSOD and will transcript one of them in the spoiler. I'm using Windows 7 on a Lenovo Thinkpad T430 (I7-3520M, NVS 5400M, 12 GB) Attached is msinfo32, I'm...
  30. D

    Thinkpad price comparison

    I've read these reviews and I'm still not sure what justifies a 2-3x (depending on the configuration) price difference when the specs seem more or less the same. Could someone please elaborate? VS...
  31. Y

    Laptop won't turn on

    Guys my asus notebook is stuck in the booting process. When i turn it on, it shows me the asus logo but without a little rotating circle. Then the asus logo disappears and the screen is black for a while. And then the laptop turns of and then on again. It keeps repeating this process. I tried f8...
  32. V

    Lenovo Flex 3 or HP Notebook - 14s-cf0012tx

    My company wanna buy me a laptop, which one is better for programming while also can used for gaming? hp notebook 14s have this specification: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor (1.8 GHz base frequency, up to 4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 8 MB cache, 4 cores) Windows 10 Home Single...
  33. A

    Need some advice

    Bing: HP Notebook - 15-db0061cl Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support Can I use an elgato hd60s to stream my xbox or produce music with this?
  34. E

    Lenovo IdeaPad 700 display problems

    First of all sorry for my bad english, yesterday I was just watching film on my notebook, today when I turned it on my display was completely broken almost whole display was black with some shadows and vertical lines. I was scared so I connected it to my pc monitor and backed up everything to my...
  35. M

    HP Stream 11 Pro display panel has no images but backlight works

    The notebook got bumped a little. Since then there is no picture to the display, however the backlight works. Using an external monitor via HDMI I found that the notebook is operating as normal. Windows & hard drive function normally as do all on-board devices like USB ports and WiFi. The camera...
  36. A

    Got problem with Asus A455L, please help me

    I have an Asus A455L, my problem is when I charge the battery, my screen always error, is like distorted screen, and sometime will turn off my notebook spontaneously. Can someone know the solution for my problem
  37. P

    Hp laptop notebook

    Tripped over mouse chord, computer won't boot
  38. D

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad 330 HIGH TEMP

    I got my Lenovo laptop yesterday and i think it has some heat issues,as idle temp is arund 40-50C which i think is ok but could be better but when i start CS:GO temps go up to 96 C while having cooling pad under laptop.... and lets be honest i think cs go aint that much of a game to push cpu...
  39. D

    A Premium Ultrabook without Nosecam that Isn't a MacBook Air?

    Looking for an ultrabook. Don't love the Apple premium, though I've been using MacBook Airs provided by employers for the last decade or so. Love the slim bezels of the XPS and MateBook X Pro. But I do a lot of video-conferencing and can't abide the webcam positioning (and don't want to carry...
  40. A

    Solved! Lenovo Legion y720 - slow while multitasking

    Hello, I have a problem with my Legion Y720 notebook, it is very slow while multitasking. For example: if I have a game opened and then I start any browser and try to watch a video on youtube, it get's very laggy, I cannot watch the video. Before upgrading to this notebook, I had a much worse...
  41. S

    New Laptop Bad FPS

    I just got a HP Elite-book 840 g2 with a Amd A10 pro-7350b cpu and integrated graphics and 8 gb ram which has better specs than my old lenovo t420 with i5-2520m and a Nvidia Nvs4200m and 8 gb ram. Even thought the Elite-book supposedly has better specs it gets worse fps in game than the Lenovo...
  42. Quinco

    Toshiba Touch Screen

    Toshiba Touch screen in laptop not working. Does not appear in device manager. Display OK, just not the touch function. PSPQLA-005002 Satellite S50Dt-B Serial No:- 5E327606C
  43. R

    Laptop to TV gaming help?

    so recently bought a dell 7577 notebook with GTX1060 max q gpu, a decent gaming notebook i believe, i wanna connect my laptop to my 4K samsung tv ( 60 hz) and then play video games via streaming like some lightweight video games like dead cells, salt and sanctuary, hollow knight etc, the problem...
  44. I

    Notebook Display Issue(s)

    Hi all I have, recently, replaced the screen of my notebook (Fujitsu Lifebook S6520), with another that was working fine on the source notebook. The source notebook and (my) target notebook are the same brand and model However, upon replacing it, the display output was either horizontal or...
  45. A

    Solved! Laptop for sims 3 & 4

    Will any of these laptops run the sims 3 (all expansions + stuff) and sims 4 (all expansions + stuff)? I'd like medium-high settings for both. Acer Aspire ES1-533-C55P 15.6 in. Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz 4GB 500GB HDD Notebook Acer Aspire 3 15.6 in. Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz 4GB 500GB HDD...
  46. R

    Looking for a laptop, questionnaire filled out

    1. What is your budget? 700 CAD 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? A portable laptop 5. How much battery life do you need? At least 3-4 hours 6. Do you...
  47. P

    asus zenbook ux330u no speakers sound

    Im using the asus zenbook ux330u and since this morning i dont have any sound on my notebook anymore ... Yesterday everything was working just fine but now i dont hear any sound, the speakers button doesnt have a red cross, it looks like everything is working fine and i can also change my audio...
  48. R

    Tablet Notebook Teclast F5 - does anyone have hands-on experience with it?

    I've found interesting laptop with good specs to price ratio. Does anyone have hands-on experience with this model? It has decent reviews on the Internet. Here's the link to the shop and specs:
  49. P

    Solved! Notebook with good specs having low fps in CS GO

    I have a Toshiba notebook with: - Core i7 - 8gb Ram - AMD Radeon R7 M260 graphics - 250gb SSD I can't play CS GO, even in low settings. Also when using Revit or AutoCAD (architecture software) it gets really laggy. I have friends who can run both with lower specs notebooks. Does anyone know...
  50. H

    HDMI Laptop Notebook PC Model No.:EF20EA

    I was watching a movie and in a second it immediately the screen got black. I put my laptop in the charger and after a minute the power button is open but the screen is black and I’m trying to shut down the power but it’s not working. What can I do to fix it? Please I need help.
  51. SupChance

    ASUS Notebook issue

    I work at McDonalds and Im currently in school for network security, my co worker asked me if I could take a look at her "laptop" to see what the issue was. She said that it told her to insert a book disk everytime she turned it on. So I assumed that she somehow went into the BIOS and changed...
  52. D

    Audio Notebook with DVD

    Looking for an audio notebook. It should be compact, with an optical drive and a lighted keyboard. Any suggestions?
  53. B

    Android into notebook

    Want to hook my oh. Into my notebook to use as I do my android
  54. D

    Solved! Does 9900k fit in Clevo N350TW?

    Just now I saw the Clevo N350TW for sale. What I do know about it is that it supports Desktop processors of Coffee Lake such as the i3 8300 (62 Watt). What I am wondering however is whether it also would support something like the 9900k. Both CPU's are from CoffeeLake, but does this mean I can...
  55. P

    Asus Notebook X540S freezes up

    I need help with a friend's Asus laptop. At first it wouldn't allow me to enter her password. But I was able to do so after a few restarts. Now it freezes 1 minute after I enter the password. I can't even engage the Task Manager. Any ideas on what this could be? Any way I could update...
  56. O

    I need to upgrade Asus Notebook K53SV

    I need to upgrade only 1.CPU now is intel core i5-2410M 2.30GHz can i change to intel core i7-2760QM 2.My SDD now is 500GB 2.5"SATA 5200rpm/7200rpm but didn't know what brand in side , I need your help so I can buy the right one. I just want only 1TB 3.Do I need to change Graphic card now...
  57. S

    Solved! HDD and ODD no power and response

    i have a hp pavilion g6-2305tx notebook which i am using couple of years. i sometimes open it to clean the dust from inside it and i open it parts by parts. but things messed up the last time i try to clean it. after joining it together again when i turn notebook on by pressing power button...