Solved! Dell Inspiron 3552 turns on automatically on AC power but doesn't POST!

Jan 11, 2019

I am dumbfounded by a Dell Inspiron 3552 Notebook PC that turns on automatically as soon as I connect AC power, but it doesn't POST!

Here's what's happening:

Without AC power connected and with the notebook battery removed:
I connect notebook battery and the notebook remains off! When I turn it on I can hear the hard drive spinning up, but the LED doesn't come on end the laptop doesn't POST, I don't even get an indication (backlit LEDs) that the screen is on! After pressing the power button I can hear the hard drive powering down and spinning up again after about five seconds! This keeps on happening until I remove the battery!

Without battery:
Immediately after I connect AC power, the LED blinks once and the hard drive spins up at the same time, but no indication of screen being on and no POST! When I press the power button, the hard drive spins down and after about five seconds is spins up again and the LED again blinks once as it powers up again!

With battery:
The LED comes on as soon as I connect AC power and remains on while the hard drive spins up at the same time with no indication of screen coming on and no POST! Pressing the power button causes the hard drive to power off while the LED remains lit, and the hard drive starts spinning up again after about five seconds!

When I remove the CMOS battery or RAM I get loud audible error beeps, I can't get this laptop to POST! I did replace the screen a month ago, and now this!

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!
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